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Cat Litter

For the best clumping cat litter look no further than Chewy. What is cat litter made of? Whether you have a cat, or just seen one on TV, you might not be aware of what cat litter actually is. You might be surprised to learn that there are different types of cat litter. There’s clay-based, silica-based and biodegradable cat litter. The best cat litter for your cuddly kitty depends upon your expectations. Clay cat litter is the oldest type of commercial cat litter, and still widely sold. Clay is a popular cat litter substance because of its ability to absorb liquid. It’s also great for controlling odor, because it separates urine. Unfortunately, once clay cat litter becomes soiled, it can no longer absorb liquid which can lead to an odor problem. For this reason, it’s important to change cat litter at least once a week. Clumping cat litter, is clay cat litter that contains bentonite which allows the litter to clump when wet. This makes disposing of soiled litter easy, and prevents you from having to refill the entire litter box each time the litter becomes wet. This makes clumping cat litter more cost efficient as well. Silica cat litter is crystallized cat litters formed from silica gel. The gel is absorbent, and provides odor control, which makes it the best cat litter for controlling odor—especially if you are away from home and won’t be available to make frequent changes. Biodegradable cat litter is a safe option, and it’s environmentally friendly. Biodegradable cat litters can be made from recycled paper products or plant-derived materials like pine, wheat, corn, beet pup and soybeans. Chewy carries a variety of cat litter types from top rated cat litter brands like Frisco, Dr. Elsey’s, Arm & Hammer, World’s Best and Tidy Cats. Keep your home, and your litter, smelling fresh with cat litter from Chewy.