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Hey, cats have a lot to be stressed out about: barking pups, passing feet… not to mention rocking chairs! Take the stress out of tough situations with Nature's Miracle JFC Cat Calming Spray. This non-sedating formula has soothing scents that naturally calm cats and reduce hyperactivity.

Key Benefits

  • Stress-reducing formula that promotes relaxation and reduces hyperactivity in stressful situations
  • Non-sedating formula, so you can feel safe using on your cat
  • Long-lasting, concentrated spray
  • Contains soothing scents, which help decrease anxiety from separation and travel
  • Effective and easy to use, just spray in areas your cat spends time


Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to pet.

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Spray Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray wherever your cat spends time when stressed as well as on carriers when transporting your cat.

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Home Sweet-Smelling Home

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Nature's Miracle proves that you can have a pet and a clean, fresh-smelling home too. While accidents are inevitable, whether it's a new pup that's training or a kitty that ate something disagreeable, they offer a variety of odor and stain removers that quickly work to save your furniture and floors—as well as your nose.


Since a clean home starts with a clean pet, Nature's Miracle has everything you need to keep your little buddy's skin and coat in tip-top shape.

Lather up

Lather up

Working to clean, condition and even soothe the skin, there are plenty of shampoos suited to your pet's needs.

Save water

Save water

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Mind Their Manners

Sometimes your little angel needs a little help in the training department, so consider Nature's Miracle your obedience school in a bottle. From sprays that discourage marking and scratching to sprays that help calm and control anxious behavior, you're just a few spritzes away from a peaceful home.

Mind Their Manners

When Nature Calls

What goes in must come out, so Nature's Miracle makes taking care of business as pleasant as possible.

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For the cats: Give the ruler of your kingdom a worthy throne with the best selection of litter boxes. Including disposable, covered and even corner options, Nature's Miracle is equipped to meet both of your needs. They also have an impressive lineup of litters, plus a litter caddy and liners to keep it all fresh.

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For the dogs: Keep your yard—and your neighbor's yard—clean with Nature's Miracle's handy poop bags and poop scoopers. They're designed to make cleanups quick and mess-free, so you can go back to focusing on the fun stuff.

About Nature's Miracle

Nature's Miracle has a motto that whatever your pet can do, they can undo it. Recognizing the importance of giving pet parents a safe and effective way to clean up after their furry children, they started with just a single carpet-cleaning product. After great success, they expanded their lineup, and today they're a go-to source for keeping your home and your pets spotless.

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  • Natures Miracle Cat calming soray

    By on

    This product seemed to help a little bit, but my cat still woke me up every hour at night with her "behind" in my face. She didn't "yowl" continuously, however. It is a bit pricey, given the results. The delivery and service were great.

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  • Seems to work

    By on

    My cat definitely notices the smell when I spray this in the room where she's caterwauling her head off. She seems more puzzled than anything, but it does stop the meowing. Then, she leaves the room.

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  • Helpful

    By on

    My cat has been over-grooming recently, I read pretty good reviews of this product and decided to give it a try. It takes time to help but I found some results. He slowly decreased his over-grooming habits but they have not fully stopped. Overall I would recommend this product as I did find that it helped.

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  • Works for my cats

    By on Top 1000 Contributor

    Both of my cats respond well to this calming spray.

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  • Ineffective

    By on

    We have two cats and we used this spray to try to calm them down, of course. We sprayed it on their favorite places to sleep and it did not make a difference at all. They didn't sniff the items we used the spray on it's like they didnt notice a difference, which is weird because they're so curious. Might as well be water.

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  • 2 cats, less fights

    By on

    I sprayed this in areas that both cats frequent: the litterbox and hallway. Previously, one cat would stalk and lie in wait for the other cat who was using the box, then pounce. Fights ensued. Now there is less stress between them, less fussing with each other. It was a rather remarkable change, I have to believe this product helped.t

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  • Didn't work for scaredy cat

    By on

    I have a cat who's scared of everything and have been trying to find something that calms her. She's a difficult case.

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  • didn't see a difference

    By on

    i choose to get this because my cat doesn't like traveling in a carrier and i travel back and forth 1-2 hrs once a month to see family. i thought maybe this spray would help calm her most of the ride at least, but it was to no avail. The most that happened is that meows were quieter than usual, but i'm not sure if that is due to the spray or maybe because this was her third trip and was "getting used to it"

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  • Great calming product

    By on

    Have 5 cats, a little hectic at times. Spray, wait 5 minutes and let them in. Several of them will sleep most of the day. Good product.

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  • Waste of money

    By on

    Does nothing. Cats are still anxious and peeing inappropriately. We bought ALL the recommended products. Got no results.

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