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Yesterday's News Softer Texture Unscented Cat Litter

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Our goal is to provide a more sustainable solution for your cat litter needs. We believe doing good starts at home and each step, big or small, has an effect on the world we share. And with Yesterday's News Cat Litter, made from recycled materials, you can feel good that you are taking a small step for the good of your cat, home and the environment.

Key Benefits

  • Softer texture pellets made with recycled paper, feel more like regular clay
  • Ideal for everyday use and designed for low tracking
  • 3x more moisture absorbent than clay
  • 99.7% dust free
  • Tough on odors


We want to remind those with suppressed immune systems and pregnant women that a parasite sometimes found in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis. Please wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat box filler. Encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces, is beneficial to overall water quality. Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains. Used litter is not recommended for garden use.

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    Non-Clumping, Unscented
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    United States


Use a moisture-proof cat box large enough to comfortably accommodate your cat(s). Maintain cat box filler at a depth of 2 - 3 inches for pawing and covering. We recommend removing waste areas daily. Clean the cat box with warm water and mild detergent between litter changes.

Transitioning Your Cat

While some cats can switch from one litter type to another easily, your cat might require a transition. If so, you should follow this simple transition schedule:

*Week One - Mix 1/3 Yesterday's News with your current litter *Week Two - Mix 1/2 Yesterday's News with 1/2 current litter *Week Three - 100% Yesterday's News

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Effective Litter With a Positive Impact

Yesterday's News is a safe and hygienic cat litter made from recycled material that includes old newspapers, magazines and phone directories. Instead of dumping these materials into a landfill, Yesterday's News repurposes them into an extremely absorbent litter with effective odor control and minimal tracking. Feel good about using a non-toxic, vet-recommended litter that is safe and healthy for your cat, your home and your environment.

Effective Litter With a Positive Impact
A Healthy and Safe Litter

A Healthy and Safe Litter

Besides being highly effective, Yesterday's News cat litter contains no harmful chemicals, making it a safe, non-toxic product for your cat. Your fur baby will readily accept the non-abrasive gentle paper pellets that are easy on his paw pads and won't stick to his fur. These pellets are also ideal for post-surgery cats who risk contamination from the fine particles found in traditional litter.

A Gentle Formula With Powerful Absorption

Effortlessly extend the life of your litter with Yesterday's News' sophisticated absorption technology, which soaks up three times the moisture by volume than traditional clay-based litter. Yesterday's News cat litter comes in Original, Softer Texture and Softer Texture Unscented formulas, so you can be sure that you will find the right litter for your kitty.

A Gentle Formula With Powerful Absorption
Breathe Easy, Live Well

Breathe Easy, Live Well

Enjoy a virtually dust-free environment with Yesterday's News 99.7% dust-free cat litter, which allows everyone in the house, including your cat, to breathe easier. Even better, this product has effective odor control and is designed with large pellets for minimal tracking so you can expect a hassle-free clean up every time.

Benefits Beyond the Litter Box

Yesterday's News is committed to helping the environment by always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world. Throwing away old newspapers can be harmful for the environment, so Yesterday's News encourages everyone to recycle their paper products as a healthier alternative. Besides using recycled newspaper for their litter, Yesterday's News supports a healthy environment by partnering with environmentally conscious suppliers and engaging with local communities for paper-collection programs.

Benefits Beyond the Litter Box
About Yesterday's News

About Yesterday's News

In 1987, Purina's Yesterday's News cat litter was created to provide cat owners with a unique litter alternative. Today, their litter has become U.S. veterinarian's #1 choice among eco-friendly cat litters. This brand is unique because they take materials that could potentially end up in a waste stream and transform them into cat litter that is healthy for your cat, your home and the environment.

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  • Back to the litter box

    By on

    As Titus the cat began to deal with his stomach cancer, he developed strange new habits, such as eating his clay litter and not using his litter box. His vet recommended this product, and he now uses his litter box and this litter as intended. It's worth having to change the litter frequently to have him follow a more normal daily routine. His medication stimulates his appetite, and as a result, he needs to use the litter box more and more frequently, so it's a relief (pardon the pun) to have him relieve himself in the litter box.

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  • Best litter ever

    By on

    I've bought clumping litters for years, but my cat had surgery and needed this type. First, NO dust. It is more intensive to remove used litter, but even the bits thrown out when cats cover are easily vacuumed. NO tiny grains on floor or in carpet and no odor. Cost just slightly higher than clumping, but benefits outweigh. Best cost thru Chewy, 30 lbs for under $17, lasts (even with 2 cats) longer than two 14 lb jug of clumping. Heartily recommend! Buy this for your cats and you!!

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    By on

    I have liked this brand for many years --- I don't like the dust created by the other stuff. This softer texture is nice for my kitties and they do a better job of covering their "business" than with the standard pellet version. Plus I really like the smaller bags --- easier for this 60-something lady to lift and handle!!

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  • Great litter

    By on

    Used this as advised by vet for post-surgical kitty. He adjusted well after some encouragement. I am thinking of staying with this. Eco friendly, kitty likes it ok, and the odor isn't as big as issue as I'd feared. Also, much cleaner/ less tracking and kicking out from box than my usual litter (s). It's a win for everyone!

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  • Not what I was looking for but...

    By on

    Not what I was looking for but for someone looking for a non-clumping litter it would be an okay option. I found it hard to tell when the pellets had been used and they kind of just dissolved into sawdust so it was hard to clean out of the box. I do appreciate the use of recycled materials though!

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  • Good Product

    By on

    I use this litter for my rabbit. I like this product other than it is messy. The litter itself is very absorbent and does not smell. My only complain is that when the litter gets wet it can be very messy to clean up as it just crumbles and falls apart and often falls out of my litter scoop.

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  • Yesterday's News Softer Pellet Litter

    By on

    I am impressed! I love the pellets because they are easier to clean but some can be so hard and uncomfortable on my cats paws. I do like these. They are softer than the regular ones. I will be using these for now on. Great buy! Cat loves it!

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  • Switched to this and I'm very happy

    By on

    Just recently switched to this and I'm very happy with it. Less dust and smell from the previous cat litter that I've been using for years. Cost a lot less and my cats don't seem to mind using it. Highly recommend it.

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  • Cats would not use this litter.

    By on

    Neither of my two cats like this litter, and I will be donating it to my vet hospital. My 15 1/2 year old cat pooped on it once, and that was the last time.

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  • For Bunnies too!

    By on

    I actually use this for my bunny cage. I have a high strung rabbit that would kick her paper bedding, cedar bedding, etc. out of her cage and onto the floor. I felt like I was forever vacuuming. I bought a bag of this for 2 new kittens after they were spayed/neutered and tried it in the bunny cage. Works great! It's heavier than paper/cedar so it doesn't wind up on the floor as easily and it is more absorbent too. She doesn't eat it, so we're good there. It's now my go-to for the bottom of Miss Rosa's cage.

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