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Catit Design SmartSift Sifting Cat Pan

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Say goodbye to scooping! Hello self-cleaning litter box! The Catit Design SmartSift Sifting Cat Pan takes the trouble (and the stink) out of litter box maintenance by doing the scooping for you. Just pull the lever and it automatically refreshes the cat litter pan. The SmartSift Sifting Cat Pan is large enough to accommodate multi-cat households. 

Key Benefits
  • Safe, quiet and easy system that does not require electricity to function - it is completely manual.
  • No more scooping! Simply pull the lever to sift the litter quickly, easily and quietly; clumps are deposited into waste bin, while clean litter is recycled back into the pan.
  • Integrated carbon filter helps control odors.
  • Comes with a swinging door that can be removed for convenience.
  • Great for multi-cat households.

Amount of litter should not exceed 11 lbs.

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    26 x 19 x 24.8 inches
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  1. Pull the lever to begin sifting.
  2. Clean litter falls through sifter, while waste clumps are deposited into waste bins.
  3. Clean litter is recycled back into pan.

To refresh the litter pan, all you have to do is pull down on the lever to activate a seamless and noiseless process that quickly and efficiently sifts and disposes the waste for you. When it's time to get rid of the sifted waste, simply pull out the waste bin, remove the filled liner, discard, and replace with another SmartSift Biodegradable Replacement Liner. To replenish the litter, simply open the maintenance access door and add new litter.

Overall Dimensions26 inches19 inches24.8 inches
Internal Dimensions19 inches13 inches17 inches

How do I avoid litter being wasted (or falling to the bottom of the waste bin) and the cat pan being over filled with litter?

The instructions provided with your purchase of SmartSift indicate that the amount of litter in the cat pan should not exceed 5 kg (11lb). There is also a maximum fill line indicated inside the cat pan to help guide you when adding or topping off the litter. In addition, the SmartSift liners have been improved to better fit to the cat pan and allow you to properly see the maximum fill line indicator.

Sifting too quickly can cause clean litter to fall into the bottom waste bin. To begin sifting, release the lever from its locked position and pull forward slowly. For optimal sifting results, the lever must always be pulled slowly so that the clean litter falls into the compartment which holds the litter and only the waste clumps fall into the waste bin below the cat pan. Once the sifting action is complete, the waste clumps will be deposited in the waste bin and the clean litter will be recycled back into the cat pan. Note: Never sift when the cat is in the litter box!

How do I prevent having waste stuck in the grill of the cat pan?

SmartSift takes the chore out of litter maintenance by eliminating the need to scoop. However, as with any cat pan, it will need to be maintained. Even with maintenance, there may be some particles that get caught in the grate; a simple tapping of the cat pan should knock them off. The SmartSift unit is extremely easy to take apart and clean.

How do I prevent waste from sticking to the cat pan?

There is a liner that fits into the cat pan base and into the pull-out drawer. The use of the liners will prevent waste clumps from sticking to the surface, especially in the case of messy situations. The SmartSift liners have been designed specifically to make life easier and reduce the amount of cleaning.

What type of cat litter can be used with SmartSift?

Any type of clumping litter can be used with SmartSift. For best results, use a quality clumping litter.

Is SmartSift ideal for multiple cat households?

SmartSift can be used in multiple cat households (maximum 2 cats); however more refill and maintenance may be required.

How often do I need to empty the SmartSift waste bin?

It is recommended that the waste bin be emptied on a weekly basis, or more often if needed. The frequency for waste removal varies depending on the cat’s litter habits and the number of cats per household.

Does SmartSift require electricity?

SmartSift is a safe, quiet and easy system that does not require electricity to function, it is completely manual. SmartSift’s no motor operation saves you the hassle and money of having to replace any expensive electrical parts.

The SmartSift entrance appears to be high, I am afraid my cat will have issues getting in and out. Does my cat need to be a certain size to use SmartSift?

Cats jump and will not have any issues getting in and out of SmartSift. SmartSift has been tested with a variety of cats in homes for over 2 years. For very young kittens and elderly cats, a little step may be necessary, especially at first. Also, the swinging door is easily removable if you want to give your cat easier access. SmartSift is suitable for most average size cats.

SmartSift appears to be too large, is SmartSift a lot larger than regular cat pans?

The base of the SmartSift cat pan has a similar footprint as our existing Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pans. The only difference is the height, which does not affect where you choose to place the cat pan. Additionally on the website, SmartSift is shown in a variety of home settings to specifically show that placement is versatile. The product dimension are 66L x 48W x 63H cm (26 x 19 x 25in).

What do I do if I see urine pooling at the bottom waste bin?

Urine will never leak into the drawer (pull-out waste bin) unless there is not enough litter to absorb the urine. You must first make sure that you are using a quality clumping litter as well as the appropriate amount of litter indicated by the maximum fill line. Also, please ensure to sift daily and try not to perform the sifting action right after the cat has urinated. The litter may not have had enough time to clump properly.

What do I do if I see urine pooling at the base of the unit (area below cat pan)?

Ensure the drawer (pull-out waste bin) is fully closed at all times, except when emptying the waste bin. If the drawer is even slightly open when the cat pan is being used, urine may leak into the base of the unit (area below cat pan). If the cat is urinating high or on an angle, the urine might end up on the sides of the unit, which can also increase the chance of urine pooling at the base of the unit. To prevent this from occurring, make sure the drawer is fully closed at all times.

My cat does not like to be fully enclosed, what can I do to make my cat feel more comfortable?

Enclosed cat pans can work well for both cats and owners. They provide the privacy cats like and the odor control owners seek. The enclosed cat pan helps contain odors, while the integrated carbon filter helps eliminate them. There is a clear-view access window on the hood of the cat pan that allows light inside the cat pan and allows for easy monitoring of litter.

If the light provided by the window on SmartSift is not enough to make the cat feel more comfortable, try detaching the easily removable swinging door, this will allow the cat to feel more at ease. The swinging door is part of a proven design on all of our hooded cat pans and can be removed for convenience or when transitioning cats to a new cat pan.

My cat tries to eat the carbon filter; can it be removed to avoid this?

The integrated carbon filter is part of a proven design on all of our hooded cat pans and has been added to eliminate odors. However, if the filter is interfering with the cat’s use of SmartSift, it can simply be removed.

What is the advantage of using SmartSift over a conventional cat pan?

SmartSift simplifies the task of litter maintenance with its cat friendly, no motor operating system. This innovative cat pan stands apart from conventional cat pans as it’s a convenient litter maintenance system that eliminates the need to scoop and reduces mess and odors.


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