Catstages Toss 'N Dangle Frog Plush Cat Toy

By Catstages
Rated 4.7143 out of 5 stars
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This Item – Catstages Toss 'N Dangle Frog Plush Cat Toy
Rated 4.7143 out of 5 stars
$4.99Chewy Price

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About This Item


  • Crinkly toy keeps your kitty’s hunting instincts engaged.
  • Perfectly sized for batting, carrying, and swatting.
  • Touch-activated ribbit lasts four seconds.
  • Filled with catnip for ultimate irresistibility.
  • Perfect for cats of all ages.

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About Petstages Toys for Cats

Play Helps Cats Thrive

Cats love to play, and playtime is essential to your cat’s health at all life stages. Felines also need to exercise their brains to prevent boredom. You should provide your cat with a healthy amount of attention and stimulation to help avoid bad behavior and unhappiness. Petstages can help keep your cat happily playing. Choose from active toys, calming toys, scratchers, catnip and dental toys!

A World of Fun for Your Cat

Let your cat chew, bat, chase and scratch her way to happiness with Petstages cat toys and products. They can help keep your kitty active and feeling her best.

Catnip And Dental Toys

Great to bat and carry, these toys have catnip and unique netting that helps floss teeth and remove soft tartar as your kitty chews.

Tracks And Chaser Toys

Designed to satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts, Petstages ball and track cat toys a fun and interactive way to get indoor cats moving.

Scratchers And Hunting Toys

Scratching is natural for cats, and Petstages offers a variety of scratching and hunting toys to keep cats entertained and nails healthy.

Tower of Tracks

Toys like Petstages’ Tower of Tracks are the perfect way to give your curious kitty the mental and physical exercise she needs. Watch your cat paw at the balls and try to dislodge them—but don’t worry, the balls won’t come loose! Your cat will love the Tower of Tracks no matter how she chooses to use it. It’s perfect for solo play or interactive play with you or other cats!

Easy Life Hammock

The Easy Life Hammock doubles as a lounger and a scratcher. Cats stretch their paws to leave their scent and when they stretch, their claws come out and leave their mark. Scratching can also help remove the dead outer layer on your kitty’s claws. This lounge scratcher will not only help keep your cat’s nails tidy, but it can also help keep her feeling nice and relaxed.

Purr Pillow

If your cat likes to cuddle soft and cozy things, the Purr Pillow may be just what she needs. It has a touch-activated, integrated module that makes a gentle purring noise every time your cat cuddles it. The purring sound lasts for two minutes and can soothe and calm cats of all ages. It is ideal for separation anxiety or any time your feline needs extra comfort.

About Petstages

Petstages is made up of passionate pet lovers. Their mission is to create innovative products that solve everyday problems—whether your dog eats too fast, your cat is scratching something she shouldn’t, or you need a little help getting your pup in the water. Whatever you need to make life with your pet a little fuller, Petstages has something for you!
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LifestageKitten, AdultAdultAdultAdultAdult
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Rated 4.7143 out of 5 stars
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14 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By liza on Aug 2, 2023

Excellent construction

Got this toy for my cat not realizing it makes LOUD noises. He's enjoyed it a lot over the last few weeks and likes "hunting" it. One morning I woke up to find it had been in his water dish for an unknown amount of time. Squeezed the water out and went through about 8 paper towels, then let it dry on the windowsill. He later pulled it down and now that it's completely dry, it's croaking (almost) at the same volume as before the little swim.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By coopsmom on Jul 17, 2023

My cat loves it (unfortunately)

My cat adores this toy. He comes running when he hears it and side eyes anyone who touches it for a little too long. That said, I absolutely detest this thing. I can’t wait for the batteries to die. I didn’t realize it made noise, let alone such a LOUD one when I bought it. I realized my mistake immediately but it was far too late as my cat had already taken a liking to it and I don’t have it in me to deprive him of even the tiniest bit of happiness. Great toy if you aren’t bothered by loud noises.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Songbird on May 9, 2023

My Cats Love the Frog

I’ve had this toy for several weeks and my cats continue to play with it. I didn’t realize it made sounds when I bought it, but they actually love the croaking sound and come running when they hear it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kathy on Apr 25, 2023

Crazy Frog!

My cat goes crazy over this frog. Nothing excites her more. She loved her last one to death and I knew I needed to replace it. I often find it in my bed in the morning because she plays with it all night.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Patches on Jun 24, 2023


Cats love it. When I step on it it scares me.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Hange on Nov 18, 2022

my cat is obsessed

I have to rebuy this frog all of the time, it’s become an inside joke with me and my friends, it’s kind of crazy, my cat loses them, gets upset I rebuy them and then he magically finds all of them and plays them all at the same time

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Tara on Oct 25, 2022

Very Popular

This toy is one of the most popular here. I can hear it's ribbit every time it gets played with. If you're thinking of buying this, I recommend it. Nine cats here and most play with this frog.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Blue on Apr 17, 2022

Danny approved

My guy's favorite color is green (don't ask me why a cat has a favorite color, but he does), so I got it on a whim and it's ADORABLE. It also makes a cute little ribit sound when it moves which my guy likes better than the toys that make a higher pitch sound. Throwing it into the pile of brown paper my order came in resulted in him having a BLAST with it for days until I had to toss the paper. He still likes it though and it's still ribitting months later.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Monica on Mar 6, 2022

It ribbits LOL

I would honestly give this 5 stars but unfortunately mine came with one leg only LOL Other then that my cat absolutely loves it with how much I hear it ribbit across the house at all times of the day- safe to say I have to hide it before sleep or else prepare to wake up at 3am at the sound of frogs.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Boosmom on Jan 19, 2022

She loves it!

I passed the over once, but bought it for a stocking stuffer for Christmas, and I'm glad I did. My girl loves it! She barely has to touch it and it croaks at her and draws her in. She never gets c tired of this one.