Dennerle Scraper's Soil Active Aquarium Substrate

By Dennerle
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About This Item


  • Active soil substrate for planted aquariums.
  • Consists of 100% natural raw materials and features a deep black color.
  • Crafted to provide the perfect base for strong, vibrant and healthy plant growth.
  • Formulated with a special nutrient blend to create a soft and slightly acidic water.
  • Made using various volcanic soils that supply essential minerals and trace elements.

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Questions & Answers

3 Customer Questions

Does my water have to be prepped a specific way if this is saying it creates soft acidic water.
Answer by ChewySep 11, 2020
Put the unwashed soil into the dry aquarium to a depth of approximately 3-5 cm (centimeter). Arrange decorative objects. Add plants (keep moist while planting by spraying regularly). Finally, carefully fill with water without disturbing the soil. Any clouding will clear within a few hours.

I have a 75 gallon established fresh water aquarium. Do I need to remove my fish to put this substrate in? Will it change my tank makeup so that it will kill my fish?
Answer by ChewyOct 23, 2021
The substrate Scaper’s Soil should definitely be used in an empty tank! It is burned earth, not gravel. Using it in a running aquarium would create havoc. Also the Soil changes the water values. It will lower the carbon hardness to zero.

Can this be used underneath other gravel/substrates? I'd like to use my leftover bag of Seachem Flourite Black as the top layer.
Answer by ChewyMay 10, 2021
Shrimp King Active Soil is not recommended for a combination with other materials. It is a special soil for plant aquaria with special features. Furthermore the mixture of the two products will become a big mess. The soil is not permanently stable like gravel. It will decay slowly but steadily.

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