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Dog Rocks Lawn Burn Patch Preventative, 2 months

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Keep your lawn looking fresh and clean no matter where your dog does his business with Dog Rocks Lawn Burn Patch Preventative. These unique, lawn-saving rocks are a 100% natural and safe product that helps save your lawn from those unsightly burn patches caused by dogs when they urinate on your grass. Dog Rocks filter out impurities in your pets' water, like tin, ammonia and nitrates, creating a purer water for your pup. This protects your grass from the chemical burn and even allows your dog's urine to serve as a fertilizer for your beautiful lawn.

Key Benefits
  • This Australian-mined product helps prevent those nasty yellow urine burn stains from appearing on your lawn.
  • When placed in water, Dog Rocks help purify the water by removing the nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements like tin and copper giving your dog a cleaner source of water.
  • Lowers the amounts of nitrates found in your dog's diet, therefore lowering the amount of nitrates expelled in his urine that causes the lawn to yellow.
  • Dog Rocks are a 100% natural, proven, and hassle-free prevention to canine lawn urine burn patches.
  • No medication required and safe for all household pets.

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Naturally occurring Paramagnetic igneous rock.

  • Place 200g of Dog Rocks into 2 liters of water.
  • Ensure your dog's water bowl is the main source of drinking water.
  • Feed your dog a premium dry food and keep uncooked meat to a minimum.
  • Replace rocks every 2 months.
  • Make sure you wash rocks thoroughly before placing in your pets water bowl to get any dust residue off.

Save the Grass

Dog Rocks was created to ensure that the grass really is always greener—on your side of the fence. Offering an easy solution to those dead, yellow patches that occur from your dog's urine, Dog Rocks went straight to the source—the water. It works by filtering out impurities from the water, which means not only are grass burns eliminated, but dogs can enjoy a cleaner source of water that actually fertilizes the lawn.

Save the Grass

Easy to Use

Saving your lawn and providing your dog with clean, purified water is as easy as 1-2-3! When used properly, you can expect to see the results on your lawn in three to five weeks.

Rinse your rocks

Rinse your rocks

Keep in mind that Dog Rocks come straight from the earth, so you'll want to wash them first. Each package is sized for one dog bowl that holds up to 2 liters of water.

Fill the Bowl

Fill the Bowl

The rocks need a full bowl of water to stay effective, so remember to keep the bowl filled with 2 liters of water at all times, which is equivalent to half a gallon.

Add the Rocks

Add the Rocks

Allow the rocks to stay submerged in the bowl for 10 hours, and replace every two months to keep the water as pure as possible.

How it Works

How it Works

Your dog's water is typically filled with impurities such as nitrates, tin and ammonia. When these impurities are passed through the urine, the result is yellow and dead patches on your grass. Dog Rocks work by filtering the water, and in return, your dog can actually help fertilize the lawn.

About Dog Rocks

It was 13 years ago when the founder of Dog Rocks noticed that his dog was leaving "burn" patches all over the lawn. Upon a tip from a friend, he tried purifying the water with a special rock from an Australian quarry. To his great surprise, his lawn cleared up in just four weeks, and the wheels were soon in motion. He performed three years of testing to be sure the rocks are completely safe, and he's been saving lawns and purifying dogs' water ever since.

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