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Sometimes a pup just needs a little help remembering there's a time to go wild and crazy and a time to keep it cool. The Four Paws Quick Fit Muzzle provides a comfortable, secure fit to help pet parents curb their pal's biting, barking, and chewing. The machine washable muzzle is used by pet professionals and is available in multiple sizes making it perfect for any breed.

Key Benefits

  • Helps stop biting, barking and chewing and allows panting and drinking
  • Made of durable nylon and is completely machine washable
  • Fully adjustable with minimal straps for easy use
  • Used by professionals and is tough for dogs to remove
  • Available in 7 different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your pup

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    Medium Breeds
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Size Snout Measurements Dog Breeds
0 4.5 inches Teacup/Toy Breeds (Cavaliers, Miniature Dachshunds, Miniature Poodles, Yorkies)
1 5 inches Extra Small Breeds (Jack Russells, King Charles, Spaniels, Pugs, Standard Dachshunds)
2 6 inches Small Breeds (Beagles, Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels, Springers, Standard Poodles)
3 7 inches Medium Breeds (Bull Terriers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Retrievers, Setters, Staffordshires)
3XL 11 inches Boxer Type Breeds (short snouts)
4 8.5 inches Large Breeds (Bloodhounds, Danes Pyreneans, St. Bernards, Wolfhounds, Labradors)
5 9.5 inches Extra Large Breeds (Bull Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Large Boxers)

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  • Pyrenees Large Muzzle

    By on

    This muzzle is great. I have a great white Pyrenees and he is my world. He got abused by a vet when he was fixed and ever since then he does not like strangers and hates women. He nipped a couple of people but didn't hurt them. That's when I decided it's not worth a lawsuit or me having to put my dog down. This muzzle works amazing. It's so easy to use and just slides on. He doesn't love it at all but he isn't supposed to. He can still lick and pant and breathe good. Just can't bite. I can easily slide it on in seconds which is nice when I have to take him somewhere.

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  • Too big in length and in circumference

    By on

    I bought 3 or so for my grown corgis and they do not fit any of my dogs. I bought the size small so I guess an extra small would do. There is also just one strap that goes behind the head so any dog could easily paw that off. The length is very long and would have to be cut. The dogs tongue could barely come out because of the length. All of these are small and easy fixes but I'm not satisfied.

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  • Nice, easy on muzzle

    By on

    Well built. Easy to use. I only use it for vet trips. I just don't want them biting the hand that jabs them with sharp needles. It's only on for a few minutes. In my State you are responsible for the medical costs if your dog bites the technician. The muzzle is much cheaper.

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  • quick fit muzzle

    By on

    it's a nice muzzle, I just have to figure out how to cut it and make it fits around the nose just fine, but the length is almost 4 inches too long and the clip to keep it behind the ears is too long......I think my pup is just an odd size so no matter what I would have purchased I would have to make some adjustments.... The service what great and the time frame for delivery was fantastic....

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  • Inexpensive, good for an obedient dog

    By on

    At first my dog hated it, and could pull it off. Had to loop it through his collar and put it on for short periods and reward him for wearing it when I took it off. By the time my grand baby came the dog tolerated it well. Still, if he had wanted it off, he could distroy it.

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  • hard to find small muzzles

    By on

    Size 0 is perfect for my 5 pound yorkie. He has a shorter snout and is tiny so it's been hard to find a muzzle that actually fits.. this one fits perfect and does the job without being too bulky.

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  • Muzzles for My GPs

    By on

    I have 2 3yr old GPs who love to bark. I have tried the anti bark collars. They are effective somewhat, but I could not stand the shock they got when they began to bark. I am not real sure about that shock to their system. So, these muzzles were very reasonable, and thought "well as long as they don't have breathing difficulties, and they can still drink water, why not give them a try"? They work very well. The GPs do not like them. But I do. Quietness is so nice. I don't use them all the time. Just occasionally.

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  • Perfect fit

    By on

    We have a chihuahua mix and he's only 5 lbs. I was worried that the size 0 would not be small enough, but it was perfect. He's not afraid of the muzzle and it calms him when he is on a biting fit. He tried to take it off once and was unsuccessful and has not tried it again. He does very well with it and it fit his muzzle perfectly, it's not tight but its not too lose where it will just slide off. The material is firm but not rough and it's bendable so you can work it to soften it more if needed. Hope this review helps!

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  • Didn't work well for my boxers

    By on

    I have 2 boxers and got one for each of them according to the size chart. Both dogs had it off the first day I put it on them, and one had it chewed in half. May work better for dogs with longer snouts?

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  • Works well, but sizing wasn't accurate

    By on

    Good muzzle and works well for vet visit. However, our small Dane could not wear the size 4 as the description suggested. We are going to try the size 5 now.

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