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Door Buddy Door Latch

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Keep dogs and babies out of the cat’s liter box and food room with the Door Buddy Door Latch. Opening just wide enough to allow your cat to easily come and go, this innovative latch keeps dogs and babies from helping themselves to “kitty litter snacks” or getting into the cat’s food. It’s a great alternative to cumbersome gates that prevent the cat from accessing the room as well, and it installs in just seconds with a strong adhesive tape. Because sometimes keeping peace and order in a home full of kids, dogs and cats is tough, this handy little design gives cats their much-preferred privacy and you peace of mind. It’s simple and it works!

Key Benefits
  • Give cats privacy and prevent dogs and babies from getting in the litter box or food. Great alternative to gates and cat doors!
  • Adjustable strap allows you to customize the width of the door opening to the exact sizes of your cat and dog, typically between 2-6 inches.
  • Easy-to-use hook and latch provides adults with easy and convenient access to the room from either side of the door.
  • Installs in seconds with a strong 3M adhesive; simply peel and stick to the door and frame.
  • Made in the USA and compatible with all types of doors from bi-fold doors to pocket doors and even double doors.

Install on your door and door frame only. Do not install on your wall.

Now available in a set with the Door Buddy Stopper.

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  • Dimensions
    9.4 x 5.2 x 0.75 inches
  • Surface Compatibility
    Wood, PVC, Metal, Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass
  • Placement
  • Lifestage
  • Breed Size
    All Breeds
  • Material
  • Assembly Required

Wipe Clean.

  • Step 1: Remove paper backing from parts.
  • Step 2: Stick parts onto door and door frame.
  • Step 3: Insert hook into latch to lock.
  • Step 4: Adjust strap to desired length.

Let the adhesive cure for at least 24 - 72 hours for maximum strength.


What Is Door Buddy And What Does It Do?

Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that mounts to the door and door frame and holds any interior door open wide enough so cats can easily come in and out of the room as they want, but narrow enough so larger dogs, babies, and toddlers cannot enter. The easy to use lock and unlock latch provides adults with quick and convenient access to the secured room. With Door Buddy cats have 24/7 access to their needed supplies like cat litter, food, water, bed, and numerous other items but babies, toddlers, and dogs are kept out of those rooms.

How Wide Should I Set Door Buddy?

It all depends on your needs. The adjustable strap makes it very customizable to either accommodate or block depending on how wide you set the door opening (between 2 and 6 inches).

  • Widest width (approximately 6 in) - blocks large dogs and bigger toddlers from entering the room while allowing smaller animals to enter as they want.
  • Medium width (approximately 4 in) - also blocks medium sized dogs and babies from entering the room while allowing cats to enter as they want.
  • Narrowest width (approximately 2 in) - also blocks most cats and small dogs from entering the room.

Are There Any Additional Uses And Benefits For Door Buddy?

Yes! Door Buddy has numerous different uses and benefits in addition to those noted above.

Door Buddy keeps the door ajar allowing for proper airflow which will help regulate the temperature between rooms which may result in decreased heating and cooling costs.

Proper ventilation resulting from keeping the door ajar to rooms such as bathrooms and closets will help regulate the air quality and thus reduce mold and mildew buildup. Increased airflow will also help so that the air in isolated rooms will not become stuffy and stale.

Door Buddy is an easier and more convenient alternative to baby gates and pet gates to isolate certain rooms. However, we do recommend that you always use a baby gate to block access to stairs.

When your toddler learns how to open doors, Door Buddy is also a great alternative to door knob covers and door handle locks.

Older siblings love Door Buddy because they can use it to keep younger siblings out of their room provided that Door Buddy is installed high enough to be out of reach for younger siblings, but low enough so older siblings can easily operate the latch.

Door Buddy is very easy to use and the door operates normally when the latch is unlocked. You can also operate Door Buddy with one hand from inside or outside the room.

Where Should I Use Door Buddy?

Any interior room that has a door should work with Door Buddy. Keep in mind Door Buddy is designed to go on the door and door frame. Do not install Door Buddy directly on wallpaper or drywall. The most popular places to use include the Laundry room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Closet, Cat's Favorite Hangout Room, or any room that you want to isolate from access by dogs, babies, and toddlers and in some cases even cats. We recommended installing Door Buddy at least 10" above the door knob or lever or high enough so that Door Buddy is well out of reach for children. Always remember when it comes to child and pet safety, a product should never be used to replace adult supervision. Similarly, Door Buddy is intended to be a deterrent only and was not designed to replace proper adult supervision.

Will Door Buddy Work On My Door?

Yes, Door Buddy works with standard and non-standard doors and doors with all handle types. It works great on pocket doors, double doors, and even bi-fold doors. Door Buddy also comes with 3M VHB tape which is specifically designed to adhere to the majority of door surfaces. Our 3M tape was designed by 3M to be versatile, durable, and has aging resistant technology so it does not wear out and lose its strength over time. With a solid core center and elastic edges, it provides the perfect bond with the door surface.

How Do I Uninstall Door Buddy?

There are a few different ways to remove Door Buddy from your door and door frame. To prepare for the removal, heat the adhesive with a hair dryer for several minutes to soften the glue. You can then use your hand and twist the plastic part clockwise or counterclockwise so that the plastic part separates itself from the adhesive that is still attached to the actual surface. Once the plastic is separated from the adhesive you simply take your fingertip and roll the adhesive into a ball and remove it from the surface. Alternatively, after heating the adhesive you can use fishing line or dental floss to slide side to side between the adhesive and the door/door frame surface. This works really well to remove without any damage.

Will Door Buddy Work For My Large Dog?

Yes! Provided that Door Buddy was properly installed and the strap is adjusted to the appropriate distance, Door Buddy will do a great job keeping your large dog out of the designated room. However, you should NOT use Door Buddy to contain aggressive animals and you should NOT use it to separate children from animals for protection.

Will Door Buddy Keep My Small Dog Out Of The Cat Litter Box?

It depends on the size of your dog in relation to your cat. If your dog is smaller than your cat (measured primarily by head size) then Door Buddy may not work very well because your small dog will be able to fit through in addition to your cat.

Will My Dog Be Able To Defeat Door Buddy?

Although rare, if some aggressive and very large dogs run into the door and exert excessive force it may cause the 3M tape to become separated from the door and/or door frame.

Will My Toddler Be Able To Defeat Door Buddy?

It is also rare for a toddler (1-3 years old) to defeat the Door Buddy. Door Buddy is an excellent deterrent because the trouble area or room will be out of sight and therefore out of mind. However, if excessive and consistent pressure is applied to the door or a child runs and bumps into the door with great force, it may cause the 3M tape to become separated from the door and/or door frame. Door Buddy's purpose is to make the lives of parents and pet owners easier by providing them with a simpler and more convenient alternative to baby gates, pet gates, covered litter boxes, top entry litter boxes and also litter box furniture.

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