Dr. Elsey's cleanprotein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

By Dr. Elsey's
Rated 4.3728 out of 5 stars
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Dr. Elsey's cleanprotein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, 6.6-lb bag slide 1 of 6
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Dr. Elsey's cleanprotein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, 6.6-lb bag slide 1 of 6

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About This Item

  • Over 90% of protein is animal-based to promote a healthy body mass and a satisfied appetite.
  • Primary ingredients are among the highest biological value proteins available.
  • Lower glycemic formula delivers just 4% of energy from carbohydrates.
  • Ingredient profile is no-to-low oxalate to help prevent calcium oxalate crystals and bladder stones.
  • 100% grain, gluten and filler free formula that’s full of vitamins and minerals like taurine and omega 3 fatty acids.
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Top IngredientsChicken, Dried Egg Product, Pork Protein Isolate...Beef Meal, Lamb Meal, Peas...Rabbit Meal, Peas, Tapioca...Lamb Meal, Fish Meal, Tapioca...Duck, Dried Chicken, Dried Egg Product...
Health FeatureN/AN/AVitamins & Minerals, Digestive HealthN/AHigh Protein
Special DietGrain-Free, Gluten Free, High-Protein...Grain-Free, Gluten FreeSensitive Digestion, Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain-Free...Grain-Free, Gluten FreeGrain-Free
Food FlavorChicken, PoultryBeef, Lamb, MeatRabbit, MeatLamb, Meat, Fruits & VegetablesDuck, Chicken, Poultry
Food FormDry FoodDry FoodDry FoodDry FoodDry Food

Questions & Answers

31 Customer Questions

Why use gelatin? What's the point?
Answer by ChewyOct 08, 2017
Gelatin is used as a gelling agent to hold food together.

Should I leave this food out all day for my cat? If not, how many meals should I feed this to my cat and how much per meal?
Answer by ChewyNov 16, 2017
The daily feeding recommendations are based upon the weight of the pet. For a cat weighing 2 - 5 pounds feed 1/4 - 1/3 cups, for a cat weighing 6 - 11 pounds feed 1/3 - 1/2 cup and a cat over 12 pounds should be fed 1/2 - 2/3 cup.

Are ALL of the ingredients in Dr. E's food made in the USA or are some of the ingredients outsourced and made in Asia? Thank you in advance for your honest answer.
Answer by ChewyMar 07, 2018
Dr. Elsey's ingredients are carefully sourced and chosen based on quality. All proteins are sourced in the US. They try to source as many ingredients from the United States, but many vitamins and minerals included in pet food aren’t manufactured in the US. While nearly 90% of the ingredients are from the US, they source others from Switzerland, Germany, France, China, Scotland and Canada. Dr. Elsey's are extremely careful with their selection of each vendor to ensure they stick to equal or greater manufacturing standards that we have here in the US.

Do you have "as fed" info on ash, magnesium, and phosphorus percentages? (Instead of dry matter basis)
Answer by ChewyNov 01, 2017
The ash content for this formula is 6.77% on an as fed basis. The magnesium content for this formula is 0.07% on an as fed basis. The phosphorus content for this formula is 0.99% on an as fed basis.

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Rated 4.3728 out of 5 stars
397 Reviews
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397 Customer Reviews

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By TNcats on May 5, 2022

Has Something Changed?

After being out of stock for what seemed like forever, finally was able to order more of the chicken formula. Immediately, something looked different. The shipping box was fine but the food was not in perfect little round bits but looked like it had been run over by a truck. Tiny bits and pieces with a few intact bits. Cat is not as interested and I usually have to mix with something else. He leaves all the crumbly bits. He used to gobble up this food. Has something changed ir is this an anomaly? I don't know. I'll order one more bag and if the same will again be on the hunt for a new food.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By ElviraMorningHair1967 on May 22, 2022

Used to be good

Originally, my cats liked the chicken-flavored dry food. After the formula change, the food was broken into little bits and my cats wouldn't eat the little bits, even when they were hungry. Odd but true. If it isn't broke, don't "fix" it. Seemed like good quality food and I wanted to give my cats something healthier. No can do in this brand.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Azkwan on Apr 15, 2022

So glad I found this!

This cat food is wonderful! I found it after I read a recommendation for it on a cat lovers's website that listed the 10 best foods for cats. Parker loved it instantly and no transitioning was needed. Since it's so high in protein and very low in carbs she doesn't come back to her dish crying several times a day like she used to wanting extra food. I also love that the food is small. It is smaller than some treats I've fed her, lol. The only thing I hate is that lately it's very hard to find. I would've ordered more but since it's so expensive, I wanted to wait to make sure she liked it and she absolutely does! I've wasted so much money on "good food" that she refused to touch. Yes, it is costly...but I would rather budget around this than feed Parker a food that is actually harming her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Chewy has this in stock when I order again.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Reeta on May 18, 2022

Dr. Elsey's Cleanprotein Chicken

Although pricey for the quantity, my finicky cat accepted this right away. I am very happy about that because I want to feed my cat cleaner grain-free cat food and this ranked high on a list from a website that reviews all things for cats. I hope Chewy keeps carrying it. It is often difficult to find in stock (as are so many other pet foods these days).

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By CatStuff on May 8, 2022

If they gotta have dry

Dry food is never the BEST option for your cat (thus the 4 stars, not 5), but there are some dry food addicts out there that have to have it in their life. I have one of them and she has no teeth. She still has her fave “acceptable by mom” dry food over this one, but Dr Elsey’s is actually the best nutritionally-sound kibble for those that, “gotta have it”. The pieces are also small for cats-many pet food companies seems to think they have jaws like that of a dog’s. So those who have had full dental extractions can easily and happily handle this food. About the price? Remember-it’s nutritionally dense which means you do not feed as much as you would those brands with the corn and wheat fillers. In the long run and including future vet bills, it ends up being much cheaper. I do not leave an all-day crunch buffett out for my cats (because dry isn’t the best option) and they’re supplemented with a rehydrated freeze-dried food found here on Chewy. Putting a cup out for munching works just fine. Moderation is key. This dry food is the highest in protein and lowest in carbs and with no starchy fillers and unnecessary fruits and vegetables, it’s the best option for those diagnosed with diabetes, pancreatitis and IBD-IF they HAVE to have the dry. If you’re still with me-thanks for reading.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By CatMommy on Mar 27, 2022

Excellent Product

I decided to try Dr Elseys after doing a little research looking for a food that might help my cat Henry"s irritable bowel and his allergies (that cause him to scratch his ears). I initially bought a 2lb bag of the chicken recipe. Henry loved it! By the time that bag was used up I'd noticed that Henry's scratching had drastically improved. He also had lots more energy and overall just looked great; no runny eyes, glossy coat etc. I do agree with other reviewers- Henry does eat less of this food on a daily basis than his old food, Fancy Feast dry, but I attribute that to the high protein/low carb content of Dr Elseys. I also agree that the product in the new bag looks slightly different from the 1st bag, i.e. it's a little lighter in color/pieces are just a little smaller. Made no difference to Henry, still loves it! Henry's digestive health has also improved. I definitely recommend this product.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By KahluaGirl on Apr 2, 2022

Closest thing to perfection in a bag

This is the only food I trust to feed my 5 year old kitten. With elevated calcium levels, there are very few options that I trust to keep her calcium in check. Super commercialized brands are basically fast food and lead to health problems. Cats use animal protein to fuel their energy. When there isn’t enough animal protein consumed, their body fuels itself through the cats own muscle tissues. So few cat foods have more that 40% protein. They’re carnivores not goats or dogs who can eat practically anything.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Dana on May 9, 2022

Cats do not like this flavor

I love Dr elseys but our regular is the rabbit. It has been out of stock so we tried the chicken. The cats are not a fan of this flavor. I give three stars though because Dr elseys is a great product. This particular one is just not a win for mine kitties.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Buddy on May 6, 2022

Crumbled mess

The food in the bag is mostly a crumbled mess! The box it was delivered in looked like it had been dropped several times but I'm not sure if that was the problem or it was manufacture error. I'll try another and then decide if I will keep buying this type

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Indygirl on Mar 8, 2022

Not the Same

Once I found out that my cat was diabetic, I had to find a high-quality low carb cat food. I thought I found the perfect cat food in Dr. Elsey clean protein chicken formula. Although only one of my cats is diabetic, I needed something that I can feed all 3 cats. This was the perfect food until they changed the formula. Even though they state otherwise. There are too many people on this site agreeing that the formula is not the same. The kibble is drier and crumbly. My cats' feces reflect this. It is now light brown/tan and hard as a rock. I don't know how he passes it. I am now looking for a high-quality low carb cat food to replace the 4 bags I had just purchased. I will be returning it. ( I felt lucky to find it, because it has been out of stock for months, now not so much) :(