Dr. Tim's Aquatics Reef One & Only Marine Aquarium Cleaner

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Give your precious reef tank some extra protection with Dr. Tim’s Aquatics Reef One and Only Aquarium Cleaner. This aquarium cleaner works to prevent new tank syndrome by establishing a biological filter in your new fish habitat. It’s ideal to use when setting up a new reef tank since it helps to cure live rock. Toxic ammonia and nitrite are removed naturally with the use of beneficial bacteria and the formula cannot be overdosed. This completely natural cleaner helps make sure your reef is a happy and healthy place for your aquatic pals to call home!

Key Benefits
  • This aquarium cleaner helps prevent new tank syndrome by establishing a biological filter in your tank.
  • Helps to cure live rock—ideal for setting up a new reef tank.
  • Designed to remove toxic ammonia and nitrite with beneficial bacteria.
  • 100% natural and fast-acting.
  • Formulated so it cannot be overdosed.

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Use when setting up a new tank, after water changes and disease treatments and anytime there is ammonia and/or nitrite present. 100% non-toxic, can be added to aquaria already stock with fish. Dose 1 ounce per 30 gallons (30ml per 120 liters). Shake well before adding. Cannot be overdosed. Add to tank water, filter or sump. Turn off UV sterilizer and protein skimmer and remove filter socks before adding and keep off for 48 hours. Use with our ammonium chloride for a fishless cycling to start your tank's biofilter. Refrigerate for long-term storage but DO NOT LET FREEZE.

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