Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Dog & Cat Door

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Your trusty sidekick can come and go as she pleases through the Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Dog and Cat Door. This pet door has been designed with superior energy efficiency in mind. It features a magnetic seal for insulation that can withstand winds up to 50 mile per hour. The UV-resistant flap is made to prevent yellowing in the sun and won’t harden in the cold of winter. The secure locking cover offers extra security to prevent unwanted guests from entering your home. This premium pet door is also available in multiple sizes—perfect for furry pals both large and small!

Key Benefits
  • This single-flap pet door features award-winning energy efficiency.
  • Includes a magnetic seal designed to insulate and resist winds up to 50 miles per hour.
  • Flap is UV-resistant to prevent yellowing in the sun and won’t harden in cold temperatures.
  • Secure locking cover provides extra security against unwanted guests.
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.
What's Included

Flap Frame, Trim Frame, Locking Cover, (4) 1 ¾ Inch Screws, (4) 2 ¼ inch screws, (8) Hole Plugs, (2) Weather Strips (already installed in frame), Warranty Card, Installation Template & Installation Instruction Booklet.


Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Cats have been successful using the Small, however a few have found the Medium difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large or Extra Large sizes for cats.

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  • Item Number
  • Dimensions
    18 x 9.438 x 16 inches
  • Surface Compatibility
    Wood, PVC, Drywall, Metal, Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass
  • Flap Dimensions
    6 x 11 inches
  • Placement
  • Breed Size
    Small Breeds
  • Features
    Insulated, Locking
  • Material
    Aluminum, Plastic
  • Assembly Required

Wipe Clean.

  • Tape the provided template to the door. The top edge of the cut-out line should be 1-1/4 inch (or more) above the dog’s withers (shoulders) for the single flap door mount, and 2 inches for the double flap door mount. Be careful not to unduly reduce the strength of the door by cutting too close to the bottom of the door.
  • Mark the hole centers for the four holes and remove the template.
  • Drill the four 3/8 inch holes. Note Drill bit needs to be long enough to go through the interior and exterior of the door. It should be both level and straight when making the holes to ensure the two frames will align properly.
  • Draw lines to connect the outsides of the holes using a straight edge as shown on the template.
  • Cut along the line.
  • Install the weather-stripping into the groove on both frames with the start /end gap at the bottom.
  • If a single flap door mount, place the pet door trim frame on the outside of the door and the flap frame on the inside and skip to Step 14.
  • If a double flap door mount, assemble the four-piece tunnel by first bending the screw tabs down as shown in Figure 4 in the top and bottom tunnel pieces (the two identical shorter pieces). Note Only bend the tabs once, bending more than once may result in the tabs breaking off. Figure 5: Remove the four flap assembly screws
  • Remove the screws in the four corners of the flap frame assembly as shown in Figure 5.
  • Place the top piece on, with the bent tabs down and align the top piece so the holes in the tabs lines up with the screw holes in the flap frame and screw in as shown in Figure 6. Repeat for the bottom piece.
  • Slide in the tunnel side pieces as shown in Figure 7.
  • Bend the tabs down with your thumb or a screwdriver handle.
  • Place the flap frame with the tunnel attached on the inside and the other flap frame outside.
  • Select the 2-1/4 inch set of screws for 1-3 /4 inch doors and the shorter set for 1-3/8 inch doors. Insert these into the pet door from the inside. For doors with a thickness of less than 1-3/8 inch, see special instructions. For doors between 1-3/4 inch and 2-1/4 inch with the double flap door mount, use the 2-3 /4 inch screws.
  1. Start all four screws as shown in Figure 8, but do not tighten.
  • Before tightening down the screws, check that the pet door is level and adjust as needed.
  • Tighten the screws until the weather-stripping compresses and the pet door touches the door. Do not over tighten.
  • Hammer the hole covers into the frame using the wooden end of a hammer (or similar non metal tool).
  • For double flap door mounts, apply silicone along the inside of the tunnel where it mates with the flap frames to seal your pet door from the elements. Failure to seal your pet door can lead to severe water damage.
SizeFlap WidthFlap HeightFrame WidthFrame HeightFrame Length
Small6 inches11 inches9 7/16 inches16 inches1 inch
Medium8 inches15 inches11 1/2 inches20 inches1 inch
Large10 inches19 inches13 9/16 inchs24 inches1 inch
X-Large12 inches23 inches15 5/8 inches28 inches1 inch

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