Ever Clean Everfresh with Activated Charcoal Unscented Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 25-lb box

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This super premium litter with activated charcoal is a fragrance-free formula for cats and people sensitive to scent. EverClean is a highly absorbent litter that has granules and Carbon PlusTM technology that clumps tight and provides maximum odor protection.

Key Benefits

  • Activated charcoal and plant extracts provide maximum odor protection
  • Fragrance-free litter
  • Extra strong clumping formula for easy cleanup
  • Up to 10 day long lasting freshness
  • Antimicrobial agent inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria

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    Clumping, Odor Control, Unscented


  1. Fill the litter box with at least 3-4 inches of Ever Clean® litter. An average-size litter box will require about 14 pounds to get started.

  2. Scoop out clumps and solids daily. Dispose of waste with regular garbage. DO NOT FLUSH. The rest of the litter stays fresh.

  3. Simply add more Ever Clean® litter when necessary to replace what you scoop out. Once a month, empty entire litter box. Dispose in the trash.

America's First Clumping Cat Litter

As the first U.S. company to produce clumping cat litter, Ever Clean really knows what works in the litter box. Having a litter box in the house doesn't have to be a burden, and it really isn't when you've got premium litter to fill it with. These formulas use patented Carbon PLUS technology for maximum odor control—up to 10 days. With five different formulas to fit your kitty's unique needs, scooping the litter won't be the chore it used to be.

America's First Clumping Cat Litter

Three Steps to a Fresher Litter Box


1. Grab

Carbon PLUS grabs and holds ammonia and stool odors before they can circulate throughout the house.


2. Inhibit

A special antimicrobial agent inhibits bacterial growth inside the litter box that causes offensive smells.


3. Eliminate

Paw-activated plant extracts eliminate odors, leaving the litter box (and your home) smelling fresh.

Strong Odor Protection Without the Strong Scent

Strong Odor Protection Without the Strong Scent

Ever Clean offers several odor-neutralizing solutions that work without fragrances that can irritate allergies. Extra Strength Unscented forms tight clumps to contain liquid waste and destroys odors with a powerful ammonia shield. Because it hardens quickly, the premium natural clay prevents urine from seeping to the bottom of the box. You can also get the Lightweight version, which is easy to lift, carry and pour. Just 15.4 pounds of this formula is equal to 22 pounds of regular litter.

The Litter That Tracks Less

If you usually end up with more litter outside the box than inside when your kitty's done pawing around, check out EverFresh with Activated Charcoal. This unscented litter is easy on your nose, and your vacuum, too. It uses larger granules of clay to reduce tracking throughout the house. To keep things fresh, activated charcoal is bonded to and mixed with the litter to soak up odors.

The Litter That Tracks Less
Lightly Scented Solutions

Lightly Scented Solutions

If you prefer a scented litter but don't want one that's overpowering, try one of Ever Clean's light scent formulas. Lightly Scented Extreme Clump offers premium clumping technology and releases a gentle, clean fragrance as soon as your kitty uses the litter. For households with more than one cat, Ever Clean made Lightly Scented Multiple Cat. It's even stronger than the Extra Strength litter with more odor-fighting agents.

About Ever Clean

Ever Clean doesn't just know about litter—they were the first ones in the U.S. to develop a litter that actually clumps for easy scooping. They've come a long way since then; always at the forefront of new and improved products and innovative litter solutions. Ever Clean always puts your cat's health and happiness first, with strong-clumping, premium litters that are made to fit every pet family's needs.

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  • More dusty than I expected

    By on

    First off this litter is pretty dusty I don't know if it's just mine, but as I poured it from the original box into a container I have to store it in there was clouds of dust coming from the litter, also my cat sneezes when using it, I'm not sure if she's allergic to it or not or if it's because of the dust. It also sticks to my cats paws and I don't want them licking it off and ultimately eating the litter off their paws I don't think that's very healthy for them. It clumps pretty well and so far it has pretty good odor control, but I might try a litter that isn't dusty, makes my cat sneeze, or sticks to their paws.

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  • Really Good Litter

    By on

    I'm not a litter expert but I was using a scented litter from a main brand competitor. My little one seemed to be sneezing too much so this was recommended to me as a great non-scented litter by someone who has "tried them all". My two cats adjusted immediately to the new litter an no longer smell like Febreeze. There is no "kitty litter" odor in my house and surprisingly little dust if any at all. While there is still some tracking of litter, it is not very much at all. I highly recommend this litter.

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  • Totally Impressed

    By on

    I think this company is really wonderful and they've made a loyal customer out of me. I recently ordered something incorrectly not once but twice as I misunderstood what my vet told me. Instead of saying to bad so sad they credited my account for my error and had me donate the incorrect food. I made sure to let them know it was me who made the mistake and she continued on with the transaction. I will be a chewy client going forward for sure. The cat litter is a seperate issue - it's a great litter, the best I've found and I have 3 cats.

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  • Best Litter

    By on

    My cats seem to like this litter. It is unscented and has the smaller litter pieces. It does a very good job of clumping as well. They do NOT like any of the "cheaper" off-brands nor do they like brands with any kind of scent even if it seems pleasant to humans. Every so often I try something else for them but they let me know in one way or another that they are unhappy about it, so I always end up coming back to Ever Clean.

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  • Better than another low dust litter I used

    By on

    I am pleasantly surprised.. I used a different unscented a low dust formula for a few months.. I have six cats.. and although it smelled fresh.. I was very unpleased with all the white dust everywhere.. everything is covered.. the walls everything.. so I needed to find something else.. I'm on my second box.. and so far so good.. the dust is minimal.. so.. we'll see how the next shipment goes..thanks

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  • Absolutely amazing!

    By on

    This was recommended to me by my best friend and it is absolutely amazing. We tried everything including the World Best and every brand in the Grocer. Our new furbaby Freya had the kitten form of IBS whenever she ate Chicken or chicken-based products. This cleared up that smell wonderfully. Who would have thought we would have gotten the best product at an unbeatable price. Fantastic.

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  • Ever Clean kitty litter

    By on

    This stuff is fantastic, much better than anything else I've tried. I would have given it 5 stars if it still came in smaller boxes, but I don't see them any more. That's enough of a big deal that I've started experimenting with other brands on the market that come in smaller containers. My back can't take these 25 lb boxes any more. :( Seems to me that the makers of Ever Clean should consider all of the elderly 'cat ladies' who could be customers before they stop selling smaller containers of litter.

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  • Love this litter!

    By on

    I have 7 litter boxes! I go through a lot of litter. The Unscented Activated Charcoal litter clumps harder, it's not dusty, and does a great job covering smell. This is the best litter I have found. Chewy does a great job with delivery and takes extra precautions. When the litter arrives it's covered with plastic wrap.

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  • Best Cat Litter Ever!

    By on

    This is one of the best cat litters I have ever used! I have three cats, and you can't even tell that there are cats in my house. Anyone who comes into my home always says "I didn't know you had cats!" I prefer the unscented and I think my cats appreciate it as well.

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  • Best Kitty Litter No Smell w 2 Cats!!

    By on

    This BY FAR THE BEST kitty litter on the market! Low dust, No Fragrance (unscented) and the charcoal eliminates any ammonia smell! It is more expensive than the others but Chewy’s has an awesome price. I swear it seems to go farther than the rest so already it is paying for itself. Wonderful!

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