Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

By Ever Clean
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Litter FeatureClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Unscented, Dust Free, AttractantClumping, Odor Control, Scented, Dust FreeClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Unscented, Dust Free, Low TrackingClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, AttractantClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Dust Free, Low Tracking
Packaging TypeBagBagBagBagBag
LifestageAdultAll LifestagesAll LifestagesAdult
Top IngredientsNatural Clay and Proprietary Odor-Control AdditiveNatural Clay, Herbal Blend.
Litter & Bedding TypeClay

About This Item


  • Fight litter box odors with Ever Clean Extra Strength unscented clumping cat litter.
  • Activated charcoal works to eliminate odors on contact, leaving your litter box with up to 14 days of long-lasting freshness.
  • This premium, fragrance-free formula forms strong clumps that help eliminate odor from urine, feces, and bacteria.
  • Made with a premium blend of natural minerals and clays, this litter helps create tight clumps for easy cleanups.
  • Ever Clean premium litter is made with your cat in mind, providing a high-quality clumping cat litter with maximum odor-fighting protection.

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Play Video: Learn More About Ever Clean From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Ever Clean From Our Team of Experts

About Ever Clean Litter

Ever Clean doesn't just know about litter—they were the first ones in the U.S. to develop a litter that actually clumps for easy scooping. They've come a long way since then; always at the forefront of new and improved products and innovative litter solutions. Ever Clean always puts your cat's health and happiness first, with strong-clumping, premium litters that are made to fit every pet family's needs.

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America’s First Clumping Cat Litter

As the first U.S. company to produce clumping cat litter, Ever Clean really knows what works in the litter box. Having a litter box in the house doesn’t have to be a burden, and it really isn’t when you’ve got premium litter to fill it with. These formulas use patented Carbon PLUS technology for maximum odor control—up to 10 days. With five different formulas to fit your kitty’s unique needs, scooping the litter won’t be the chore it used to be.

Three Steps to a Fresher Litter Box

1. GRAB:

Carbon PLUS grabs and holds ammonia and stool odors before they can circulate throughout the house.


A special antimicrobial agent controls bacterial growth inside the litter box that causes offensive smells.


Paw-activated plant extracts eliminate odors, leaving the litter box (and your home) smelling fresh.

Strong Odor Protection Without the Strong Scent

Ever Clean offers several odor-neutralizing solutions that work without fragrances that can irritate allergies. Extra Strength Unscented forms tight clumps to contain liquid waste and destroys odors with a powerful ammonia shield. Because it hardens quickly, the premium natural clay prevents urine from seeping to the bottom of the box. You can also get the Lightweight version, which is easy to lift, carry and pour. Just 15.4 pounds of this formula is equal to 22 pounds of regular litter.

Lightly Scented Solutions

If you prefer a scented litter but don’t want one that’s overpowering, try one of Ever Clean’s light scent formulas. Lightly Scented Extreme Clump offers premium clumping technology and releases a gentle, clean fragrance as soon as your kitty uses the litter. For households with more than one cat, Ever Clean made Lightly Scented Multiple Cat. It’s even stronger than the Extra Strength litter with more odor-fighting agents.

The Litter That Tracks Less

If you usually end up with more litter outside the box than inside when your kitty’s done pawing around, check out EverFresh with Activated Charcoal. This unscented litter is easy on your nose, and your vacuum, too. It uses larger granules of clay to reduce tracking throughout the house. To keep things fresh, activated charcoal is bonded to and mixed with the litter to soak up odors.

About Ever Clean Litter

Ever Clean doesn't just know about litter—they were the first ones in the U.S. to develop a litter that actually clumps for easy scooping. They've come a long way since then; always at the forefront of new and improved products and innovative litter solutions. Ever Clean always puts your cat's health and happiness first, with strong-clumping, premium litters that are made to fit every pet family's needs.

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Questions & Answers

16 Customer Questions

What are the main differences between the extra strength litter and the everfresh option? Which one is less dusty and most importantly which is best at odor control? Thank you.
Answer by ChewyJun 13, 2018
The Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter has an ammonia-shield, antimicrobial agents and plant extracts help to destroy litter box odors for you and your feline friend. The Ever Clean Everfresh with Activated Charcoal Unscented Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter has Carbon Plus technology clumps tight and grabs odors which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Do you have to empty the litter box totally when cleaning it? My husband just shovels clumps out and adds litter to replace what he has taken out.
Answer by ChewyJul 09, 2018
Scoop out clumps and solids daily and dispose of waste with regular garbage. The rest of the litter stays fresh. Simply add more Ever Clean litter when necessary to replace what you scoop out. Once a month, empty entire litter box and dispose in the trash.

Where is this product produced, country?
Answer by ChewyOct 09, 2018
This litter is made in the United States.

Is it ok to use in Litter Robot
Answer by ChewyJun 08, 2018
This product can be used with litter robots as it's a premium clumping cat litter.

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Rated 4.343 out of 5 stars
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1030 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Spoonerfive on Sep 24, 2023

This is the one!

After owning cats over 45 years, the EverClean unscented cat litter is by far the most effective odor controlling litter I've ever used, period. I've tried pretty much all of them, but none suppressed odor like EverClean. For those of you who complain about it being crazy dusty, make sure to try the four 10 lb. individual bags product. For some reason I've noticed that product is a lot less dusty than the 25 lb. box. I simply won't use anything else, even though Everclean is a little more expensive, it's easily worth it!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Ktty on Aug 13, 2023

Best yet.

We have 2 cats and a kitten and this has been the only litter that keeps the odor away. We come home at the end of the day to a fresh smelling home instead of the musty bathroom smell other litters couldn't handle. It is dusty, but it works so I can't complain. My husband and I are sensitive to fragrance so we cannot handle the scented litters for multicat homes. This has been a great buy and we hope to use it in a Litter Robot once our littlest baby is big enough for us to order one. Helpful tip: One thing I have found to help with the dust is to keep an air purifier near the litter area. It does minimize the dust spread and cloud.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lorraine on Sep 18, 2023

Ever Clean Cat Litter

I needed clumping litter that came scented and in smaller packages an so I could carry it. This comes in 4 10 pound bags which is ideal. The litter works great and my cat is very happy with it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By FlowerLady75 on Jul 24, 2023

What is in this Stuff

Since hearing of this product and my kitties are using it faithfully. I have Tidy Cat in another room, which up until now, they always used. They do not go near the Tidy Cat only use Ever Clean and with three cats that gets full real fast! I do like it because it isn't as dusty as claimed. Great purchase.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Gma on Jul 30, 2023

Great litter

I have been using everclean litter for years. It doesn’t have an odor & clumps really well. It is a little more expensive than some other litters but I find it totally worth the extra cost. Having it delivered from Chewy was super quick & convenient!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Easier on Aug 7, 2023

Easier to carry

These smaller bags are so much easier to carry than the giant, heavy boxes. Plus, they take up less room. But with multiple cats, I don’t find less tracking and the dust is the same as other cheaper litters.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Nessa on Jun 24, 2023

only for dusty households

I want to like this litter, it has a good smell and overall look to it but the problem is it’s very dusty. Whenever I pour new litter or clean the box a dust cloud comes up. It usually makes me and my cat sneeze for a solid fifteen after everything’s settled. I tried to switch litter but I think I’m going back to my old brand. If you don’t mind the dust it does do a very good job of clumping.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By KittyFinn on Jun 29, 2023

Favorite!!! No one realizes we have a cat!

We absolutely love this litter. Yes, there is a little dust when you fill the box, but after that we have no issues. I use a liner, scoop daily and only fully change the litter box once ever 4 weeks and we never have those nasty ammonia smells you generally smell when you walk in to a cat owners home. 100% would recommend this product!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Moonshine on Jun 19, 2023

Best Ever

BEST LITTER IN THE WORLD: My cat is messy and stinky. I have tried every litter under the sun to keep her space clean and smelling fresh. With other brands, she kicks litter all over her bathroom and then tracks it up the stairs. Worse still, my dog likes to eat "kitty cookies" from the box. Ever Clean is the only cat litter that takes care of all of these problems. I won't use anything else.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lori on Jun 10, 2023

The absolute best litter

I have 8 indoor cats. Most boxes are in the basement except 1, which is for my geriatric cat who can’t climb stairs. It’s in a public area. I tried literally every litter out there. Started with my usual and moved on. The only litter that wasn’t overwhelming with heavy perfume, doesn’t track, and actually covered the smells. In the basement I still use a cheaper brand, but for the box that’s nearby, I will only use Ever Clean. IT WORKS!