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Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

By Feline Pine
Rated 4.1522 out of 5 stars

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About This Item


  • Made of sustainably sourced pine shavings.
  • Effectively absorbs liquids and odors on contact.
  • Free of artificial dyes and fragrances.
  • Features a low-dust formula.
  • Its soft, lightweight texture is easy on your cat’s paws.

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Play Video: Learn More About Feline Pine From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Feline Pine From Our Team of Experts

About Feline Pine Platinum Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Feline Pine Non-Clumping

If you’re looking for a non-clumping litter that’s sustainably sourced, all-natural and healthy for your kitty, look no further than Arm & Hammer Feline Pine Non-Clumping Cat Litter. This no-fragrance-added litter has no harsh chemicals and is made from 100% natural, highly absorbent pine. The clay-free formula soaks up liquid and locks away ammonia odors to keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh and clean.

Odor Control

This non-clumping litter controls odors effectively and it works great with a sifting litter box for hassle-free cleaning.

No Harsh Chemicals or Fragrance

This natural, non-clumping litter eliminates odors with the odor-fighting power of natural pine. With no harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes, it uses simple plant-based ingredients like natural pine shavings.

Platinum Formula With Baking Soda

Feline Pine Platinum non-clumping cat litter is made with Arm & Hammer baking soda. The natural odor-neutralizing power of baking soda provides an extra boost of absorbent, odor-fighting freshness in your cat’s litter box.

No Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes can bother your cat, so this litter uses the odor-fighting power of pine instead.

Highly Absorbent

Highly absorbent pine fibers work like thousands of tiny sponges to soak up liquid and lock away ammonia.

Pine Promise

Feline Pine litter uses reclaimed kiln-dried shavings from lumber production, so no new trees are cut down to make it.

Pet and Home-Friendly

With low dust, low tracking and no harsh chemicals or perfumes, Feline Pine helps keep your home healthy and clean.

About Feline Pine

The Feline Pine Promise. In 1992, Feline Pine cat litter began as a healthy solution for cats and their litter boxes. Inspired by the lumber industry and sold locally one carload at a time, it opened up a whole new concept in cat litter. Feline Pine strives to respect all living things—especially the pets and people who rely on them. They focus on product quality and customer satisfaction while embracing a corporate duty to respect the environment and its resources.

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Questions & Answers

43 Customer Questions

How does this litter compare to the crystal silica nonclumping litter?
Answer by simonsmomMar 08, 2023
dont buy this if your cat is used to crystal litter i thought it would be better but none of my 4 cats will touch it they are used to crystal it would probably eliminate odors the same but they wont touch it its hard to scoop or sift i tried just in case they buried their poo but there was nothing its impossible to scoop or sift and i have large holes in my boxes n scooper but i love the idea and the cost

If the pee makes the pellets turn into sawdust, how do you remove it from the box? Thanks
Answer by ChewyOct 07, 2022
Sawdust byproduct from lumber mills is collected and compressed into tiny pellets. These pellets act like tiny sponges that absorb urine and break apart into sawdust. Scoop the solid waste daily, and gently shake the box so the good pellets float to the top and the sawdust drops to the bottom. Leave the sawdust in the box as it will still work to absorb moisture and odor. When the box is about 90% sawdust it is time to dispose of it and start with new litter.

Can this litter be recycled? And if yes, how is this handled - composted or ? Thanks for any and all info!
Answer by ChewyJul 13, 2018
Although this litter is 100% natural, it is not recyclable. The manufacturer recommends disposing of used litter in a plastic bag.

I am looking to purchase a container to hold the contents of the 40 lbs bag. What is the volume of the 40 lbs in quarts?
Answer by ChewyJun 20, 2018
There are approximately 18 quarts of litter in the 40 pound bag.

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Rated 4.1522 out of 5 stars
2352 Ratings
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2352 Customer Reviews

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By BowieandBeeGeesMom on May 16, 2023

Wish it was better

In theory this was a great choice. I wanted something natural for my kitten, and the price was great. In practice, this was a fail. Every time my kitten leaves his litter box, pellets stick to his paws and end up trailed on the floor. This wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker, however, our 14 week old chihuahua loves to chew on the pellets. This litter is also more annoying to scoop out the waste then traditional litter for me personally. It also really doesn't mask the smell of my kitten's waste, and it flows through our very small apartment. The litter itself smells nice and isn't too noticeable until it is used. I wouldn't recommend this litter.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Chana on May 17, 2023

Love this stuff

I can't take the dust of regular litter. The perfumes included in most of them are even worse. Pine litter smells far more natural and manages to hide the cat box smell without overpowering perfumes. All of our cats are used to the litter and have no problems using it. We do still have a little escaping the box from over enthusiastic diggers, but not the same as with a clay based litter. I've tried other litter alternatives such as the paper or corn ones, and none of them came even close to being able to battle the cat box smell.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Sarah on May 4, 2023

Ok in a pinch.

My number one, biggest complaint is of the packaging itself. Both bags fell over, and popped open, spilling litter. Just very poorly sealed. Which is extremely frustrating when you’re dealing with a somewhat unwieldy item. :-( The litter itself is fine and does its job. The pellets are almost twice as big as the brand I usually get, and my cat was not a huge fan of the size. This brand is also much milder in the pine scent, which I found to be a drawback, but others might find it a pro. I kinda like the litter boxes smelling like a hamster cage, vs a litter box, but that’s just me. I had gotten this brand because my usual pet store was out of my usual brand, and we were heading out of town, and Chewy delivers. It’ll work in a pinch, but I (and the cat) MUCH prefer my usual brand for its better smell, smaller pellets, and sturdier packaging.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Tina on May 16, 2023

Best smelling litter

I’ve been using this litter for years, now with a second cat. I have a sifting litter box so when the litter disintegrates from getting wet, I can shake it so that the powder goes into the under compartment. Regardless of what type of box you’re using, it smells great, even after use. Realistically change the whole box once a week if you don’t have a sifter, once every two weeks if you do have a sifter. Love this litter!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Jenzi on Apr 19, 2023

Game changer!!

Why did I wait so long to try this?? I bought some when I first got my cat as a kitten, she seemed a bit weirded out by it and wasn't keen to use it, just went back to her second box that was the old litter. I put it in the back of a closet and forgot about it until I was low on litter one day. Gave it a try and still wasn't convinced. She was a little skeptical and moved it around a bit. Once she went she'll ONLY use this one exclusively for pee. She won't poop in it which I actually prefer because it just sits on the pellets and you have to pull a little out to get it. I keep the second box with other litter. One pee box and one poo box, it's awesome. You HAVE to have a sifting litter box, no way to scoop the "sawdust" that is the result of liquid, you just lift sifting pan, use scoop to move it around a smidge and it falls through to the "dispose box", saves so much litter! NO urine smell whatsoever! Litter itself has a pleasant wood smell as expected, not so powerful that I can smell it unless I'm scooping though. GET THIS LITTER.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Melbel on Apr 18, 2023

It works for ferrets

Our 3 ferret babies are potty pad trained in their cage and playroom which would have to be switched out daily (sometimes twice bc with 3 ferrets it adds up) I felt like I was adding so much waste to the environment, wasting time with constant changing, and the smell was still always stinky. Tried out the pine since ferrets can’t have any dust particles and they took to it like a breeze. We use it mostly in their cage bc in the playroom it becomes a fun game of rolling around and tossing it out the bin! I love the earthy pine smell especially in comparison to the soiled liter pads- I now only have to take out the corner that they use which can be done every 2 days! Time saver and environmentally friendly.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Katie on Apr 25, 2023

Favorite litter type

I love this compared to other litter. I had the breeze system before, then tried clumping litter, and now pine pellets. It's be far my favorite. Very easy to sift after pee hits it, and my cat has managed to cover her poop with it. She wasn't sure at first, so after 8 hours I added some of the clumping litter to it to entice her to go there and she's been using it fine since. She does kick out some of the pellets and thinks they're toys to hit around. But I love that there's really no smell, and I'll take picking up pellets over tiny pieces of litter.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Baires on Apr 16, 2023

Thank Goodness it did the job!

I had accidentally got a clumping litter for my litter box that I received from the animal shelter and realized that was not what I needed. I wasn't able to get the non-clumping litter that comes with the box. This stuff though was a great substitute! It doesn't make the house smell at all, and my lil' guy hides his business with the pellets pretty well! Though my fella also sometimes knocks pelleta out the box and plays with them, so I guess it also makes a fun temp toy. 😅

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Grantwriter on Apr 19, 2023

Rosie is happy with his new Pine Litter

Problems in the Household! After twelve years, Rosie would not use their communal box. Disasters on the carpet!! I called their on-site vet, who suggested a separate box for Rosie, so went the extra mile, and decided to try a different litter too. Filled the 2nd box with Feline Pine, and HE LIKES IT! I only have to figure out now, how a 14 lb cat can get IN the box without tipping it over. He does not like that!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Ari on May 8, 2023

Great pellets

I've used feline pine since I have had cats, at least 10 years now. It's much less stinky than clay litter, and my cat tracks this stuff around the house much less. It doesn't clump, which honestly is perfectly fine. The pellets turn into sawdust once the cat has peed on them, and I just scoop out the poo and the very used sawdust every day.