FlexTran Animal Care Coop Care Chick Fresh Odor Control Concentrate, 4-oz bottle

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Get rid of that dirty coop smell with Coop Care Chick Fresh Odor Control Concentrate. This concentrated formula makes a gallon of Chick Fresh Odor Control solution. Simply mix it up with water and spray in your coop daily to annihilate ammonia smells and other chicken-y odors for a fresher smelling coop and happier chickens! The all-natural, non-toxic formula uses microbes to eat away odors and is perfectly safe for chickens, people and other animals, too. Use it in the coop, around the house and in other animal areas including litter boxes, cages, nests, carpets and furniture, too. One bottle refills a 24-oz. Chick Free spray bottle five times.

Key Benefits
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic microbial formula eliminates coop odors, ammonia and other animal smells.
  • Safe for use around birds, pets, livestock and humans. Great for when you’ve got new chicks in the coop!
  • Concentrated formula makes a gallon of spray.
  • Just a few spritzes a day will keep your coop smelling fresh. One bottle will keep the odors in a 10-15 chicken coop at bay for up to 5 months.
  • Use it in the litter box and in the yard, too! It even improves garden compost!

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Shake then spray. Mist area until damp (reduces dust too) No need to remove animals while spraying. Coops: Spray daily around coop floor where litter and odors develop. Periodically removing litter will help. Also spray the walls, nests, roosting areas and around their yard, especially around wetter damp areas. Other animals: Spray generously to floor, cage or pans before bedding is added. Remove urine soaked bedding and manure daily then mist the bedding and walls. Focus on urine soaked areas. Allow a couple of days with good ventilation to work in more difficult or smelly areas.

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