Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Cat Toy

By Frisco
Rated 4.646 out of 5 stars
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Color: Blue

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Rated 4.646 out of 5 stars
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About This Item

  • Includes 3-tier track, 3 colorful balls, and 2 butterfly pieces.
  • Triple-decker towers each with its own rolling ball provides three levels of exciting play.
  • Spinning action of the ball, rolling sound and bouncy butterfly on top keeps cats engaged in play.
  • Nonskid pads keep the tracks from sliding so cats can bat and play all they want.
  • Helps provide the daily exercise and mental stimulation cats need.
  • Perfect for a single kitty or multiple cats too. Includes a replacement butterfly piece to keep the excitement going.

About Frisco Cat Toys

Fun For

Let the games begin! With the textures, shapes and sounds cats go wild for, these toys turn up the excitement for all kitties. Some are even spiked with catnip to level-up playtime. Bring them out for a pouncing, kicking, chasing and batting good time!

The Thrill of the Hunt

Mice, string and catnip—pretty much every kitty’s idea of fun! Let your cat flex those hunting muscles to promote play and exercise. How about a chase after a catnip-spiked, string-tailed mouse? Ready, set, pounce!

Nip, Play, Love

Bounce into playtime with a fuzzy mouse on a bungee cord, or toss around a skinny mouse that’s stuffing-free for your kitty. Every feline loves nipping on the enticing textures when they capture their “prey”.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble & Cuddle

Cat boredom has met its match. Spark curiosity and play with catnip-stuffed plush toys that are perfectly shaped for wrestling and paw kicking. They’re also soft and snuggly to cuddle up for a quick catnap.

Play All Day

For cats that prefer toys without all the bells and whistles, there are tried-and-true kitty teasers that don’t skimp on the fun. Choose simple designs to get cats playing, from colorful bouncy springs to a wire teaser you can whirl around.

Bat & Roll

No kitty amusement park is complete without Cat Tracks! Let’s get this ball rolling. Get your kitty to bat and make the balls roll around the triple-decker tracks for a mind-stimulating game. Ooh, there’s a fluttery butterfly to swat too.

About Frisco

Frisco's quality products are made for and by a family of pet lovers. And they're more than just everyday pet supplies. Crates become comforting kingdoms, potty pads transform into a favorite patch of grass, and potty bags give the signal that it's time to take care of business. From comfy mats and cat trees to potty time essentials, Frisco provides practical solutions for today's devoted pet parents. The entire Frisco line is available exclusively at!
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$10.43Chewy Price
$10.98Chewy Price
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Questions & Answers

23 Customer Questions

Do the balls stay in each level or do the come out easily?
Answer by ChewyNov 03, 2019
When assembled properly the balls will stay in their tracks. However a frisky kitty may be able to pull them out for play.

do older cats like this toy?
Answer by ChewyFeb 04, 2020
This toy is suitable for cats of all ages to enjoy.

do you need batteries for this toy ?
Answer by ChewyAug 29, 2019
This toy does not require batteries.

Where is this toy made?
Answer by ChewyJan 12, 2020
This toy is made in China and designed and tested to meet our high-quality standards.

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Rated 4.646 out of 5 stars
2551 Reviews
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2551 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Jessica on May 18, 2022

It was a Hit with my kitten

Salem loves the toy, if I could have included a video of him playing, I would have but Chewy only allows pictures. I love that the balls are on tracks so they don’t get lost or stuck behind a cabinet. And the butterfly is still standing after taking quite the beating from him, it just bounces right back (but if anything happens to the 1 butterfly, you do get a back up in your package).

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Queenie on Apr 16, 2022

reasonable price for a cute toy

She loves playing with this toy!! It stimulates her to be more active which I want her to be since she’s 17. I’ve had 2 more Ragdolls, they’re literally hypoallergenic since my husband was always allergic to every other cat I tried to adopt. But he couldn’t stay in the house with them, his throat n eyes would swell up. Plus get a severe rash. So years later I came across the Ragdoll connection network. Found a breeder he was with at least 20 of cats and just a tickle is so he has for being there 3 hours. They have no under coat, and something about their saliva doesn’t affect people who are allergic. They’re life span is approximately 25 years. My first sweetie Trixie loved to 22, passed to due to old age, my poor baby Georgie got cancer at 17 caught it too late. I was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My Rainey just had major surgery and thank goodness she’s doing great so far! Very sweet n playful. Luvs this toy a lot, I’m happy I bought it for her. It’s her fav toy after play mice

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Trouble on May 6, 2022

Love my new toy!!

Got this for Trouble's 3rd birthday. It easily went together and is sturdy. Trouble is having a blast knocking the balls around and comes back to play several times a day. She has a penchant for eating plastic and metal but so far the butterfly has withstood her efforts. She's also had the toy on its side and upside down and everything is still working great.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Kaylin on May 14, 2022

Pretty Good Product

I like this product a lot. It is pretty durable besides the butterfly on the top (tends to come off, however I can place it back on). The noise isn’t too loud in my opinion. Sadly I don’t think my cat agrees. She played with it a lot the first day but now she will only hit it once or twice before getting bored.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MNMom on May 19, 2022

Kitty thinks it's fun

Our now 9 week old kitten took a week to get interested in this toy but now she plays with it multiple times a day. She isn't interested in the lower ball but likes the upper two balls. She initially was chewing on the butterfly but now just stands on it to get to the top ball.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By stugie333 on May 4, 2022

Perfect toy for our bored kitty

I was a bit skeptical about getting this because it takes a lot to entertain our cat. He's "too cool for school", if you know what I mean. But this track toy did the trick! He's always going back and forth to play with it instead of playing with things he shouldn't and getting into trouble. THANK YOU! Hubby says I can keep my cat now, lol!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By KJNL on May 14, 2022

They ignored it.

My cats loved the ball-in-the track toy with the cardboard scratcher on top. So I thought they'd really love this one. But they didn't. They looked at it, played a little, and then just ignored it. It was a waste for me. But cats are obviously not all the same, so good luck to you with it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Susan on Apr 30, 2022

Favorite toy

My almost 2 year old cat loves this toy. So much so that she somehow managed to knock two of the balls out of the first one we had. And, like most kitty toys, they have disappeared. So I bought her a second one. One of these days I'll find the two missing balls from the first one and then we'll have two of these! (They really ought to come with extra balls!)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By JoBeth on Apr 19, 2022

Having Fun!

Patsy's favorite toy had been a battery-operated flower with a butterfly that circled it. This butterfly is definitely more difficult for her to destroy. Also, I could not keep up with the batteries on her previous favorite toy. The Butterfly Cat Tracks Toy is much more fun for her because she can bat the butterfly around, or play with the balls on the three lower levels. This is her new favorite toy!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Shari on Apr 2, 2022

Cute but one minor thing

Of course I bought this toy for one fat cat to “play” with and of course she isn’t interested (she has no interest in playing with anything - hence why she is fat) but my other cat is liking the toy so that’s good. Keeps him interested for a decent amount of time and he has come back to play many times over. My only negative is that there aren’t two slots for the butterfly’s. Comes with two but one is a backup so now I have to find a place to keep the backup where I won’t forget or won’t break. I thought both butterfly’s were used at once.