Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Large 23-in

By Frisco
Rated 4.3746 out of 5 stars
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Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Gray, Large 23-in slide 1 of 6
Color: Gray

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About This Item

  • Top-entry cat litter box features wide opening at top for cats to enter, while helping to keep dogs out.
  • Enclosed design prevents litter spills so it’s great for cats that love to dig and spray, but it’s still spacious enough for most cats to turn around inside.
  • Lift the lid and litter slides back into the box. It’s also textured so it’s non-slip for kitty paws and traps litter as your kitty jumps out.
  • Easy to maintain by just lifting the lid and scooping out (scoop not included), with built-in handles for easy handling.
  • Made of BPA-free, durable and recyclable plastic, available in neutral gray or sleek black.
Play Video: Learn More About Frisco From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Frisco From Our Team of Experts

About Frisco Litter Boxes

More Than Meets the Eye

These litter boxes are anything but ordinary. They're built with features cats and cat parents love. Choose from a detachable cover for easy cleanup to high walls that prevent litter scatter, translucent removable doors for privacy, vents and charcoal filters for odor control, and even a sifter for easier maintenance. With covered and uncovered options, they're designed to transform your kitty's litter box experience.

Keep Litter in Its Place

Even if your cat loves digging in the litter, these litter boxes help keep litter from spilling out. That way, it stays in the box and off your floors. How do we stop litter in its tracks? With features like raised sides, high back walls, removable rims and covered tops. That means less sweeping for you and more purring for them.

Durable & BPA-Free

Only high-quality materials are used to create Frisco's line of durable litter boxes. With BPA-free plastic, these boxes are made to last through numerous trips to the litter box. They can be cleaned easily with just soap and water, and eco-minded pet parents will appreciate that they're recyclable, too.

Choose the Style That's Right for Your Cat



  • Low front for easy entry
  • Tall sides & back prevent litter spills
  • Open design for easy scooping



  • Added coverage for litter spills & sprays
  • Extra-large for large cats or cat crews
  • Open design for easy scooping



  • Added rim provides extra coverage for litter spills & sprays
  • Removable rim for easy maintenance
  • Higher sides add some privacy



  • Scoopless, bag-less maintenance
  • Removable sift makes for easy cleaning
  • Larger size box to help prevent litter spills.



  • Full coverage for litter spills & sprays
  • Disposable charcoal filter & vents for odor control
  • Removable translucent door plus handle



  • Flip-top for easy cleaning
  • Disposable charcoal filter for odor control
  • Foldable handle



  • Uniquely-shaped to fit any corner
  • Flip-top for easy cleaning
  • Disposable charcoal filter for odor control



  • Ideal for cats that spray or dig
  • Textured, non-slip lid traps litter
  • Helps keep non-feline intruders out

About Frisco

Frisco's quality products are made for and by a family of pet lovers. And they're more than just everyday pet supplies. Crates become comforting kingdoms, potty pads transform into a favorite patch of grass, and potty bags give the signal that it's time to take care of business. From comfy mats and cat trees to potty time essentials, Frisco provides practical solutions for today's devoted pet parents. The entire Frisco line is available exclusively at!

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Questions & Answers

25 Customer Questions

Which brands of litter box liners can be used with this litterbox? I saw one but it was out of stock.
Answer by CLFBApr 05, 2022
I had a hard time finding liners that reached over the top to stay secure from sliding down. I got Fresh Kitty liners. They lap well over the ends but barely reach the top on the sides. I pulled the liner through the box handles on the sides to secure the liner. A small bit of tape would hold it in place, too. See photos.

would this work well for a 14lb cat?
Answer by ChewyApr 23, 2019
To best determine if this litter box is an appropriate size for a 14-lb cat, we recommend measuring your cat’s length and comparing it to the litter box. The length of this litter box is 23.2 inches. The box should be approximately 1.5x bigger than the length of your cat.

How much weight can the lid support?
Answer by ChewyMay 17, 2019
The lid can support a maximum of 33 pounds.

Dog proof?
Answer by ChewyMar 02, 2020
Top-entry cat litter box features wide opening at top for cats to enter, while helping to keep dogs out

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Rated 4.3746 out of 5 stars
841 Reviews
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841 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Litterbox on Jun 15, 2022

No more litter mess!

My cat loves to kick litter around. When she had her normal / standard box, I’d see her walk by her litter box, put her front paws in and just kick out litter and walk off. When she goes into crazy mode she’d run through the box and kick litter out and around. She also likes to kick litter around when she uses the box for its intended purposes - poop and pee. I was having to clean the bathroom multiple times a day - it was getting ridiculous. But enter this litter box! You get the normal amount of litter that just sticks to little paws, but my cat can kick and play in the box as much as she wants without making my bathroom a giant sandbox. I love it!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Leigh on Jun 28, 2022

Perfect for keeping dogs out

This is the third litter box I have tried, and by far the best. My puppy loved getting into the front entry one, and even ripped the door off of one of them. The hole on the top of this and the box itself is large enough for my medium sized cat to enter and use, but small and inaccessible enough to keep the dog out. I also like that the lid flips up on a hinge so I don’t have to remove it when I scoop. This was a life saver!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Litter on Jun 7, 2022

Great litter box

We can’t be more pleased with this litter box. We had a front entry one and there was constantly litter all over the floor in the area. I was vacuuming daily. After reading the reviews for this top entry box I ordered it right away and the litter outside the box issue is almost totally gone. I now only need to vacuum the area weekly. The cat loves it also. And the most important thing is to make sure the clip is latched. If you read the reviews everyone states this so I knew when assembling it to make sure I locked it and we have had zero issues. I highly recommend this item.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By arbs on May 28, 2022

multiple adult cats, very happy

I read the reviews about this litter box and found them helpful - especially the review in which one person said their cat jumped on the lid, it gave way scaring the cat, and then the cat wouldn’t use it. I agree the lid seems flimsy. To avoid this I placed a short 1x6 board across the top so my cats would have to step on it rather than directly on the lid. This worked great. Prior to using this litter box with clumping clay litter, my cats were using an open litter box with crystal litter (since the time they were kittens). Now that they’re adults I worried about them transitioning to a new litter box and new litter - or being interested in a new option since they still have access to their original litter and box. One cat used the new litter box immediately. It’s been a couple of weeks and both cats are using it regularly. If I were to remove the board and they were to fall in, I’m pretty confident that they’d return to the litter box because they seem to like it. Overall very happy with this purchase and would recommend to a friend. I’d give it 5 stars but the flimsy lid forces me to give it 4 stars.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Yogi on May 16, 2022

Haven’t vacuumed litter in over a week!

This box has saved so much time, it really stopped almost all tracking on the ground! With a regular box with a hood, there was so much litter all over the floor; with this one, I haven’t vacuumed litter from my bathroom floor in over a week! This has been such a time saver, and the design is great too. It doesn’t stick out, my cat is happy to use it, and when I clean it it is easy because the top just flips up. One thing that was not obvious in the instructions but another reviewer noted is you have to close the clasp! Otherwise it will be unsteady for your cat and they might find it scary to use. The lid clasp should be flush with the box, no gap.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By GigiP on May 13, 2022

Sanity Saver

I just purchased my second Frisco top entry box. I have three 10 month old kittens that believe that their Pretty Litter is sand and their litter box a sandbox to play in when fresh litter is added. For the first two hours with new litter, the kittens take turns trying to empty the "sandbox" of all sand, something that was quite easy with traditional boxes. The top load boxes have made getting the litter out of the box almost impossible. Plus litter being tracked from regular use is minimal. And cleanup is easy -- no more litter box liners are needed.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Diane on Jun 26, 2022

Cat litter

My 3 kitten love it. I plan order one more of this as soon. Best to having 2 cat litter for my 3 kittens to use cuz one of my kitten are very fussy & not like too many pee & poops in one cat litter during overnight. Need to have 2 cat litter

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By TK11 on May 29, 2022

Best litter box ever

I highly recommend this if you have a cat that isn't picky about litter boxes. Mine loves to kick around the litter, and she can do it all day for all I care in this box. I hardly see any of the little pellets anymore, and if there are any, they usually get caught on the lid on her way out. It's quite large though, so just be warned if you want to fit it somewhere.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Emy4 on Jun 7, 2022

Very Nice Litter Box

Very happy with this. Helps keep the litter in the box. The lid opens on a lever so you don’t have to take the lid off to clean. I like that it is top opening. Helps prevent the dog from investigating inside. The cat does still track out some litter, but that’s expected. Overall very pleased and would recommend.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By alexandriatccc on Jun 19, 2022

love this box! great for small cats!

i saw mixed reviews about this litter box because of the lid, but it has worked great for me! i would recommend it for people with smaller kitties (mine is full grown and is 6 pounds). she can easily use it and there have been no more messes since using it!