Frisco Unscented Non-Clumping Recycled Paper Cat Litter, 25-lb bag

By Frisco
Rated 3.9367 out of 5 stars
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Frisco Unscented Non-Clumping Recycled Paper Cat Litter, 25-lb bag slide 1 of 4
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Frisco Unscented Non-Clumping Recycled Paper Cat Litter, 25-lb bag slide 1 of 4
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About This Item

  • Eco-friendly cat litter is made with 95% post-consumer recycled paper, and has non-clumping pellets that combat odors without any chemicals or added fragrances.
  • Absorbs messes 3X faster than other paper litter to help keep the litter box fresh and help guard against lingering odors, with daily scooping.
  • Dust-free means less mess when it comes time to scoop and clean the litter box. Plus, it comes in a resealable bag for easy storage.
  • Added baking soda boosts this litter’s odor-protection power instead of just covering them up.
  • Perfect for single or multi-cat homes.

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Litter FeatureUnscented, Non-Clumping, Odor Control...Unscented, Non-Clumping, Odor Control...Clumping, Natural, Unscented, Odor Control, Multi-Cat, Dust FreeOdor Control, Non-Clumping, ScentedMulti-Cat, Natural, Odor Control...
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Questions & Answers

11 Customer Questions

I'm also looking for something that's gentle on her feet and won't track.
Answer by ChewyOct 09, 2019
This paper litter is gentle and won't track. It’s dust-free so you can breathe easy and skip the messes while you scoop.

I've used paper litter with my cats for years and have never scooped waste daily but change out the entire litter in each box (we have 2) on a weekly basis. Must we scoop out waste daily with this litter in order for it to be effective? Not something I'm accustomed to doing.
Answer by ChewyDec 20, 2019
It is recommended to scoop out waste daily and add more Frisco cat litter as necessary to maintain a depth of 4 inches.

I’m transitioning from clay to this litter, but my current scoop catches all of the pellets. What size of gaps in a scoop should I be looking for in a new scoop?
Answer by ChewyApr 16, 2020
Paper pellets are typically sized between 1 ½ inches length to 1 ¾ inches in length.

How much is the poundage of the products (grass litter) +(paper litter) is it a 20 lb bag or 35lb or 40lb??
Answer by ChewyApr 16, 2020
This litter comes in a 25 pound bag.

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Rated 3.9367 out of 5 stars
79 Reviews
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79 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Emily on Mar 17, 2022

Foster Kittens!

I foster orphaned kittens for my local animal control, and they range in age from 1 week to 1 year. One thing I know is cleaning clumping litter off a 3 week old kitten is about the worst thing ever. I love this litter because it’s safe for young cats, absorbs well, and is pretty good at masking bad smells. I also like that it’s cheap because I go through A LOT!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Phyllis on May 18, 2022

Not as good

I purchased this brand because Yesterday's News was unavailable. It does the job but does not stay as fresh as Yesterday's News.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Milena on Dec 22, 2021

It'a way too heavy and doesn't last long

I bought this litter for the price. It's way too heavy - the cats can't bury anything in it. It does absorb well and the smell is kept down to a minimum, but it doesn't last long (have to change frequently). The pieces are so big, it's very hard to use a scupper with it. I wish the manufacturer would cut the pieces at-least in half.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By JWBen on Jan 13, 2022

No mess litter and quick shipment!

Needed this for little one that just had surgery and couldn't use clumping litter. I couldn't have been more satisfied! No dust, no tracking and easy to scoop! Two older cats didn't mind the change in litter either.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By petowner on Feb 4, 2022

good llitter

It's fairly lightweight in the trash, doesn't track, no dust and completely compostable in the landfill or wherever trash goes. Contains odor as well.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By poetgal on Dec 31, 2021

Perfect paper litter!

This is excellent if you like paper cat litter which I do. I have three cats and this is economical and it's very easy to see what is wet because the paper swells and darkens so it's easy to scoop out.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By FabFour on Dec 31, 2021

A Tip When Cleaning Out Soiled Pellets

I love paper pellet litter and so do my cats. Having 4 cats and 7 litter boxes I found using large metal slotted or non slotted soup spoons to be the best at picking up the saturated pellet piles. Lemmie preface by saying decades ago when my plastic litter scooper broke in half I decided to look for a stronger utensil to do the job. I picked up a large kitchen kettle spoon made of stainless steel. They cost only a couple dollars at any thrift shop. They can have slots or not. I found the handles to be longer than the conventional litter scooper, they didn’t weaken under the waste and were more thorough at picking up the saturated paper pellet piles. Once I recognized where the pee was I would scoop close to the bottom of the box, lift and tilt the spoon slightly to allow the dry pellets to roll off the heap and what’s left on the spoon is the saturated paper. The slots on conventional scoopers are too large and most of the soft saturated pellet crumbles and falls thru the slots back into the box making it harder to isolate and pick up again causing the odor to remain and build up sooner. These metal spoons have longer handles making the clean up task easier on you, the spoon gets into corners(I use plastic storage tubs as litter boxes), picks up the smallest saturated litter remnants and so the litter odor is controlled a lot longer. Sometimes I tilt the box when the litter is low, tap the bottom of litter box so the smaller pellet particles fall to the bottom, the intact pellets remain on top, then scoop from the bottom up and you’ll notice you’ve picked up used crumbled litter w the metal spoon that would have normally been impossible to remove with your conventional plastic cat litter scooper. To clean these spoons I lay them in the toilet with toilet bowl cleaner until the dried up waste and such softens. I use the toilet bowl brush to brush them clean and voila. Clean spoons again. I’ve written a 5 star review for yesterday’s news as well, I waiver between the 2 brands depending on which is a better value at the time of purchase, they’re both great at controlling odor if you’re on top of their bathroom habits. Daily scooping is key. The pee piles are easy to recognize once they’ve absorbed the liquid. The wet pellets become fluffy and darker. If you wait more than a day to clean it out, your cat goes in, kicks around the previous pee pile and distributes the saturated pee all over the clean litter making it impossible to separate and scoop out next time. This is why your litter box will smell sooner than it should, blaming the product rather than your own lack of common sense. My home has not smelled since I’ve started using paper pellets 3-4 years ago. It’s cheap and environmentally friendly, and only an inch of the stuff does the job. When it gets down to a mere thin layer I remove it all and add a fresh inch. Come and visit. You’d never know I had cats :-)

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Tutukova on Oct 29, 2021

Good odor control but hard to scoop

The pro of this litter is definitely odor control and minimum tracking, but given that the urine is essentially absorbed by the paper pallets and the color doesn't change very much when the pallets are wet, it is really difficult to clean. However my cats are too crazy about the pallets but they are fine using it, no issues there. But the cleaning challenge, i just don't think the high price of this product is justified. I will not purchase this litter again.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Rj4now on Jan 31, 2022

Puppy Litter Pellets

I am pleased with the paper pellets. They cam quickly, price is reasonable, and they work fine for our puppies.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Abby on Nov 15, 2021
Top 500 Contributor

ok-odor control, doesn't disintegrate

My cats like this ok, the odor control is a touch better than other paper litters, but it doesn't disintegrate and so there's really no way to clean it except for dumping the entire thing out every few days. This seems wasteful to me because half of the litter is still good.