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Customize your dog training experience with the versatile and easy-to-use Garmin Delta XC Dog Training Collar Bundle. With a handheld controller that features an intuitive triple-button design and bright LCD display, three available correction configurations, and an effective range of up to half a mile, this dog training system gives you the control you need with refreshing simplicity. You can select the training option that works best for you and your pup, thanks to 18 different levels of continuous or momentary stimulation, the use of tone or vibration, and the ability to work with up to three dogs at a time. This electronic collar system is the perfect way to take your dog training to the next level!

Key Benefits

  • Comes with interchangeable long and short contact points to ensure a custom training experience for any dog breed.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive 3-button handheld remote comes with easy-to-read LCD display quick and easy system control.
  • Range of up to 1/2 mile to correct negative dog behavior with 18 levels of stimulation, plus tone and vibration.
  • Customize each dog training session for different behavior issues with 3 available varying correction configurations.
  • Unit can be programmed to control up to 3 separately sold training collars with a single handheld controller.

What's Included

Delta XC handheld, Delta XC dog device, Black 3/4-inch collar strap, Contact point set (long and short) with wrench, Charging clip, Lanyard, USB cable, AC adapter, Owner’s Manual.

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Handheld Remote Battery Life 80 hours per charge
Receiver Battery Life 60 hours per charge
Range .5 miles
Water Resistance Rating IPX7
Handheld Remote Floats Yes
Receiver Floats No
Barklimiter No
Autorise Bark Correction No
Correction Levels 18
Momentary/Continuous Correction Yes
Vibration Correction Yes
Tone Correction Yes
Training Configurations 3

What do I do if my collar will not charge?

  • Inspect the charging clip and AC adapter or vehicle power cable for any damage and replace if necessary
  • Try removing and reconnecting the charging clip to the collar
  • Make sure the charging contacts are clean and dry
  • Refer to your Owner’s Manual for general collar cleaning instructions

What do I do if my collar will not power on?

  • Press and hold the power button for up to 60 seconds
  • Make sure the battery is charged
  • Attempt to power the collar on while connected to a power source
  • If the collar powers on, leave it plugged in to charge the battery
  • If the collar powers off immediately when disconnected after attempting to charge, the battery may need to be replaced.

Are the Delta Series Handheld Remote & Dog Collar Device already paired/synched to one another?

If your handheld and dog collar device are included in the same package they should be paired together from the factory to the middle dog selection. However, you can change the dog collar and button selection to whichever option you choose by using the pairing instructions below.

What are the pairing instructions?

  • Turn on the dog collar device and the handheld device.
  • On the handheld device, select the Dog collar device selection key to choose the color. The selected dog collar device indicates the selected color.
  • On the handheld device, select an intensity level greater than 0 using the up or down arrow.
  • On the dog collar device, hold the power key. You must continue to hold the power key during the pairing process. The device beeps once when you select the power key and again after 5 seconds.
  • After the second beep, select a training key on the handheld device. The dog collar device turns off and beeps to indicate whether the devices paired successfully.

Short Beep: Devices paired successfully Long Beep: Devices did not pair

TIP: If the devices did not pair successfully, you should verify the batteries in both devices are fully charged and intensity level is set higher than 0.

What factors can affect range while using this training device?

Many of Garmin's dog training products transmit wireless signals between a handheld unit and electronic dog collar. Just like any other wireless device, such as a two-way radio, many factors can affect the range at which these products are able to successfully communicate. Keeping the following things in mind can help set a realistic expectation for the range you will get out of your dog training device.

  • Line-of-sight: Any physical obstruction between the handheld and dog collar will reduce the effective range. To achieve the best line-of-sight conditions, you should move to the highest elevation point in your area (for example: on top of a hill).

  • Interference: Other wireless signals (Wi-Fi, radio towers, etc.) can interfere with communication also reducing the effective range.

  1. Owner's Manual


Handheld Remote Dimensions 2.1 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches
Handheld Remote Weight 3.7 ounces
Receiver Device Dimensions 1.5 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches
Receiver Device Weight 2.3 ounces
Collar Compatibility .75 (3/4) inch

How do I find the proper fit for my dog?

  • Place the collar around the middle of the dog’s neck.
  • Position the device at the front of the dog’s neck, with the status LED facing forward toward the dog’s chin and the contact points against the throat.
  • For bark correction, the device contact points should be positioned near the dog’s vocal cords. This location varies based on the breed of dog. If the device does not seem to detect the dog’s barks, you should move the device closer or farther from the dog’s body to find the ideal location.
  • Tighten the strap so that it is very snug around the dog’s neck, and fasten the buckle.
  • The collar should fit tightly and should not be able to rotate or slide on the dog’s neck. The dog must be able to swallow food and water normally. You should observe your dog’s behavior to verify that the collar is not too tight.
  • Wiggle the device to work the contact points through the dog’s coat.
  • The contact points must have contact with the dog’s skin to be effective.
  • If the strap is too long, cut off the excess, leaving at least 3 inches (8 cm) to spare.
  • You can mark the hole used to fasten the buckle for future reference

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