Glandex Soft Chews Anal Gland Support for Dogs

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Glandex Soft Chews Anal Gland Support for Dogs are veterinary formulated to address the underlying causes of anal gland problems in pets. Glandex's scientific formula is a more effective alternative to frequent anal gland expressing which can further irritate the anal glands. Using a unique fiber blend, these chews promote firmer stools to help the anal glands empty naturally, and contain probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, Glandex Soft Chews have a delicious and real peanut butter flavor your dog will love.

Key Benefits

  • Scientific formula works in multiple ways to keep the anal glands healthy and is a more effective alternative to frequent anal gland expressing
  • Unique fiber blend Glandex helps to create firm and bulky stools which help the anal glands empty naturally every time your pet defecates
  • Formulated with probiotics and digestive enzymes to maintain your pet's digestive health, support a healthy gastrointestinal tract, and boost the immune system
  • Veterinarian formulated, great tasting 100% peanut butter flavor, all-natural premium ingredients
  • Contains no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or ingredients

Additional Details

HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: The safe use of this product in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Please contact you veterinarian prior to using this product. WARNING: Contains peanuts. For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

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Nutritional Info


Pumpkin Seed Powder, Granulated Pumpkin Seed, Apple Pectin Cellulose Powder, Quercetin Dihydrate, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bromelain, Corn Starch, Dehydrated Peanut Butter, Flaxseed Oil, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Peanut Butter, Rice Bran, Sorbic Acid, Sucrose, Water.

Feeding Instructions

Weight Daily Feeding (chews) Number of Servings (days)
Up to 15 lbs 1/2 120
15 - 25 lbs 1 60
26 - 50 lbs 2 30
51 - 75 lbs 3 20
75+ lbs 4 15

For use in dogs over 12 weeks only, not for use in cats. Give recommended amount once daily. Always offer with fresh drinking water.

Store in a cool, dry place.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Glandex® work?

Glandex works from the inside out to help maintain healthy anal glands. Formulated with a special blend of fiber, Glandex helps to increase the bulk and firmness of your pet's stools to help naturally empty the anal glands every time they defecate. Glandex also contains natural anti - inflammatories and omega - fatty acids to target the underlying inflammation and allergies that trigger anal gland problems. It also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract, which in turn supports healthy anal gland function.

Is Glandex® safe for my pet?

Yes, Glandex is absolutely safe for your pet as it is veterinarian formulated and approved using only all - natural ingredients. All of the ingredients used in Glandex meet the highest level of standards and Glandex is proudly made in the U.S.A. at an FDA approved facility.

Are there any side effects to using Glandex®?

No, there are no known side effects of using Glandex however you may notice that your pet's stools may become larger.

How long until I see results in my pet?

On average the majority of pets see results within 3 - 5 weeks or less when using Glandex regularly. Typically the more severe your pet's anal gland problems are the longer it may take to see results and some pets may require up to 2 - 3 months of regular usage to achieve optimal results.

How long should I continue using Glandex® once I begin to see results?

Most pets with chronic anal gland issues will need to use Glandex on a regular ongoing basis in order to keep their anal glands healthy and prevent future problems. If your pet is only having a temporary anal gland issues then once results are achieved it is okay to discontinue Glandex usage.

How do I give Glandex® to my pet?

Glandex comes as a naturally flavored powder that you give with your pet's food once a day using the dosing guidelines below or on the label. The best way to give Glandex is to sprinkle it directly on top of your pet's dry food. It can also be mixed with a small amount of warm water to create a gravy that your pet will love! Pets overwhelmingly love the taste of Glandex and tend to eat their food more eagerly with Glandex mixed into it. Should your pet be extremely particular you can mix Glandex into some canned food, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter or any of your pet's other favorite food or treats. Glandex can also be administered directly into your pet's mouth using a syringe or dropper with a small amount of water added.

What is the main difference between the 3 size bottles of Glandex® Powder?

All 3 sizes of Glandex contain the exact same ingredients, concentration, and dosing and the only difference between the different sizes is the amount of Glandex contained in each bottle. We offer 3 sizes of Glandex our small size Glandex 2.5 oz, our medium sized Glandex 4 oz, and our large size Glandex 5.5 oz.

What is the main difference between Glandex® Powder and Glandex® Soft Chews?

Our Glandex Powder and Glandex Soft Chews both contain the same active ingredients and both work equally well to help support healthy anal gland function. The main differences is that the Glandex Soft Chews are in a treat form and they are made with real peanut butter while the Glandex Powder comes in a powder form that you sprinkle onto your pet's food and is made with real beef liver. Also, please note that while Glandex Powder is for both dogs and cats, our Glandex Soft Chews are for dogs only.

Will Glandex® help if my pet's anal glands are "leaking"?

Yes, Glandex can help pet's that have leaking anal glands who may suddenly leave a discharge or have their anal glands empty spontaneously. Glandex can help in these situations as many pet's with leaking anal glands are either not emptying their glands properly on their own, or have very irritated and inflamed anal glands that are over secreting liquid.

Will I still need to have my pet's anal glands expressed?

It is recommended (but not necessary) to have your pet's anal glands emptied prior to starting Glandex. Intermittent or regular anal gland emptying may still be needed depending upon the severity of your pet's condition, however Glandex can greatly reduce or completely eliminate the need for manual anal gland expressing. If you ever feel that your pet's anal glands need emptying please seek proper medical attention.

What else can I do to help my pet's anal gland problems?

Along with using Glandex regularly it is important to feed a diet that is made from high quality ingredients and free from excessive fillers to help maintain firm and solid stools. Maintaining your pet's ideal weight is important as overweight pets may have increased difficulty emptying their glands. Regular exercise can help to tone and strengthen some of the muscles that help to empty the glands. If your pet has allergies than reducing exposure to these allergies can help to reduce anal gland problems. In conjunction with using our oral Glandex supplement it is also helpful to use our Glandex Wipes. Glandex Wipes help to maintain proper hygiene and also contain Vitamin E and Aloe to help soothe and restore the area.

I have been using Glandex® for a few weeks and do not see any improvement. What should I do?

If you have started your pet on Glandex and have not noticed any results we recommend that you be patient. Although most pets show improvement within 3 - 5 weeks, some pets may require a longer period of time to see the full benefits of Glandex. In general, the more severe your pet's anal gland problems are the longer it will take to see results. Some pets may require up to 2 - 3 months to show improvement on Glandex. If you have been using Glandex for several weeks without any improvement it is safe to increase to twice the recommended dosage. Some pets may require a higher dosage of Glandex to respond and see results. Finally, if you have not seen any improvement after 8 - 10 weeks even with a higher dosage you may return your order for a full refund. We guarantee Glandex's effectiveness because it does truly work, however if you are not satisfied for any reason you can return your order for a full refund within 90 days.

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Working From the Inside Out

Glandex targets the cause of anal gland problems and works from the inside out to keep glands healthy. Using a unique fiber blend, Glandex promotes firmer stools to help pets empty their glands the natural way. It also contains natural anti-inflammatories to reduce irritation and inflammation.

Formulated with Flavor in Mind

When Glandex was created, they didn't forget about flavor. The easy-to-use powder is made with 100% pure beef liver, and their delicious chews are made with a real peanut butter flavor that no dog can resist. Glandex soft chews and powder supplement are made in the USA with premium natural ingredients, including pumpkin seeds, enzymes and probiotics for digestive support.

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Leave Gland Problems Behind

Glandex has succeeded in helping thousands of pets leave their gland problems behind. It's formulated and recommended by leading veterinarians and promises guaranteed results in just three to five weeks. Glandex's proprietary formula is a safe and highly effective breakthrough for glandular issues.

About Glandex

Glandex is proudly made in the USA and backed by a dedicated team of pet lovers committed to delivering high-quality products. Veterinarians and pet parents agree that nothing provides better gland support than Glandex's innovative chews and powder supplement. It's the only product that works from the inside out to help maintain healthy glands, and the results speak for themselves.

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  • So happy we found something that works!

    By on

    Our rescue pup, Theo, would obsessively lick his rear end and regularly have issues releasing his anal glands at inappropriate times. We tried so many different things, however this absolutely worked the best. Chewy was incredible as always and delivered our order in two days. We noticed results immediately, as Theo was having issues multiple times a day. Its important to also note Theo had a few "side effects"... He passed gas uncontrollably for a few days, and it increased the quantity and size of his poops significantly. Definitely worth a shot if your dog is having AG issues!!

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  • Healthy Booty!

    By on

    My dog had an anal gland infection back in October and after being on antibiotics I didn't know what else I could do to help him. He's getting older so I figured adding more fiber to his diet would help. That's when I saw these chews! They do take awhile to finally start working but I can see a huge difference in my dogs bowel movements. They're thicker and longer which helps his glands express more naturally. Any dog looking for more fiber should check these out! :)

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  • Awesome product

    By on

    My bulldog’s Vet recommended these after she has to manually express her anal glands. She had been having really bad gas as well. I ordered these and within the first few days, her poop had gotten firmer and her gas has reduced by 75%! That’s good for a bulldog. It’s not so “rotten” either. I will keep her on these forever now. They work great!

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  • Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh (forced to use 10 characters)

    By on

    We didn’t see any real changes for the period we used it, but to be fair, there aren’t a lot in the package (think 30) and had to use 4-5 per day because we have a 2 year old Great Dane. Would try longer but not paying for more. Decided de on your own.

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  • Amazing Product!

    By on

    I got the Glandex soft chews for my Papillon crew of 4 and no sooner than I gave the first dose the "scooting" stopped! Dogs loved the flavor and since they are seniors, it was a very soft chew so I can cut in half for their size and they can chew up well.................I would definitely get these again.

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  • Situation is Better

    By on

    Our 8 month old puppy was expressing her glands while sleeping, so I decided to give this a try. Her dose is 2 per day and at first I was giving her one in the morning and one at night, but i found that the consistency of her poop didn't change, did not bulk up. I then tried giving her both in the morning and now her poop is bulkier. I hate that it is so soft now though as it makes it much harder to clean up. I would say that the expressing is down by about 95% since we started. As for the taste, my pup loves these, but she is also very food driven and all about treats.

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  • Works over time to decrease licking and scooting

    By on

    Both my rescue dogs (Westie mix and Shih Tzu) get into episodes where they obsessively lick their rears and scoot, which can lead to skin irritation and hot spots. We tried so many different things for this, but this worked the best. We noticed results over a week or so, with much less licking and scooting.

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  • No more stink

    By on

    This product really works. We have tried so many things and countless trips to the vet, to have glands expressed. Since using this product...no more trips to the vet. It did take 2 rounds (containers), to notice the full effect. But now, on a maintenance of 2 chewies per day. Brode is a 65lb Pit/Shepard mix and he is no longer embarrassed by his glands stinking.

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  • Our Great Dane Loved these and needs the help!

    By on

    Our old man needs an added boost in the Anal Gland area so we wanted him to try these. Treats are chewy wet like. He gobbled them right up. Anything to help we are willing to try.

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  • Booted the scoot!

    By on

    This product really helped my pup with her glands constantly expressing. We had recently moved to a new house with a yard and her stool became soft with the added exercise and her glands were unable to naturally express. Within 2 weeks she stopped expressing in the house! She's 50lbs and I give her one in the morning after breakfast and one at night after dinner. She gobbles them right up! I'm so thankful for this product!

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