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Halo Collar Smart Dog Collar with Virtual Fence, GPS, Activity Tracking & Training

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Keep your furry friend safe and sound at home or on the road with the Halo Collar. This kit contains the Halo Collar, replaceable/adjustable strap, Halo Beacon, contact attachments, and wall charger. It’s a secure, effective, and convenient way to keep your dog right where he’s supposed to be without having to physically install a fence! Just download the Halo Collar App to create 20 unique wireless fences that can be accessed wherever you go—without Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. With in-app training from dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, you will have even more tips and tricks to bond and train your dog while having the ability to respond and customize his preferences! Once you have activated your device, you will need to select a halo subscription to get started.

Key Benefits
  • Smart collar with wireless fence, GPS location, activity tracking, and remote training capabilities all in one. For use with dogs ages 5 months and older.
  • Create up to 20 virtual, wireless fences with the touch of your fingertip through the Halo app. Get your best friend’s real-time GPS location, both inside and outside of the wireless fences.
  • Give manual or automated feedback for customized training with your dog and receive daily metrics on his activity, such as number of walks and time spent resting.
  • Utilizes satellite technology without the hassle of in-ground wires or Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  • The Halo strap features pre-cut strap holes and a custom heavy-duty plastic clasp in metallic color. This collar is easy to clip on and off your pup.
What's Included

Halo Collar, Halo Beacon, (3) Sets of Contact Tips (blank, 3/8", 3/4"), strap & USB-C charging cord/block

GPS INFO: The Halo System uses leading-edge global GPS and GNSS technology, that works best in areas that are serviced by the AT&T Network. The System works autonomously and is typically accurate within 3-7 ft.

BATTERY INFO: The Halo Collar is built with all-day battery life. The Halo Collar should be charged at night while it has been removed, so you can start the next day with a full charge. Daily battery life can vary from 10-14 hours.

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  • Range of Coverage
    1600 sq miles
  • Lifestage
    Adult, Senior
  • Features
    Adjustable Correction, GPS, Low Battery Indicator, Rechargeable Battery, Waterproof, Wireless, Subscription Required
  • Collar Type
    Fence System - Noise, Fence System - Static, Fence System - Vibration
  • Neck Size
    15 to 20 inches
  • Recommended Pet Weight
    20 pounds & up
  • Compatibility

GPS INFO:The Halo System uses leading-edge global GPS and GNSS technology that is on par with the navigation systems used in autonomous cars and drones. The System works autonomously and is typically accurate within 3-7 ft. However, as with all GPS receivers, there is a performance fluctuation from location to location, which is due to the nature of the technology itself. Please follow the tips/suggestions for optimal performance.

BATTERY INFO:The Halo Collar is built with all-day battery life, and should be removed at night to avoid irritation. The Halo Collar should be charged at night while it has been removed, so you can start the next day with a full charge.Daily battery life can vary from 10-14 hours based on a variety of factors, including making sure your firmware is up-to-date (version 0.1.93) and how much time you're spending in the Halo App. Please follow the tips/suggestions for optimal performance.

  • Gently wrap a flexible tape measure (or a string) around your dog's neck and hold both ends together, tightening the measuring tape until you can fit 2 fingers comfortably between your dog's neck and the measuring tape
  • Check the length on your measuring tape (or if you used a string, measure the length of string with a large ruler) and match to the corresponding size in the chart
  • Your dog's collar strap can be adjusted according to the collar's best fit once you receive your Halo Collar
Size Neck Width Weight Range
Small 11-15 inches 20 + lbs
Medium 15-20 inches 20 + lbs
Large 20-30.5 inches 20 + lbs

How is Halo different from other “smart” collars?

Halo is, first and foremost, the safest and most advanced virtual fence for your dog. But Halo offers so much more than any other e-collar. Halo Fences keep your dog safely inside the boundaries that you easily define, and prevents them from leaving (unlike other tracking collars, which only track and notify you when they escape). It also keeps track of the activity levels and exercise that result from the freedom the fence provides. Your Halo Collar prevents, protects, tracks, and trains your dog—and can even guide your dog home.

How has Cesar Millan been involved in the design of the Halo System?

Cesar Millan is the world's foremost expert in dog psychology, so everything the collar does, how it does it, and even the way the Halo Collar looks, have been designed in collaboration with Cesar.

How accurate are Halo Fences compared to other “wired” fences?

The Halo Collar's advanced GPS/GNSS system is extremely accurate. It uses the latest geolocation technology and is more accurate than your smart phone. Halo Fences are not created using a wire, so they can't be cut, damaged, and don't need to be installed underground. In additon, Halo Fence posts can be placed anywhere, and are not limited by geography or other obstacles that prevent the installation of a wire.

Will it work worldwide? Is it available for sale outside of North America?

All dogs speak the same language! Halo will work anywhere. But to make changes or see real-time updates, you need Wi-Fi and/or cellular coverage. We are starting in the United States but will expand to other countries soon. Want to be the first to know when Halo comes to your country? Join our mailing list!

How often should I recharge my Halo Collar and what is the expected battery life of the collar?

The Halo Collar is built with all-day battery life, and should be removed at night to avoid irritation. The Halo Collar should be charged at night while it has been removed.

Can the Halo Collar be worn in the water?

Yes, the Halo Collar has been through significant testing, including submersion, swim testing, and salt water testing.

Does Halo work with iPhone?

Yes, and you can download the Halo Collar iPhone app from the App Store! The Halo App is compatible with iPhone 5S or later.

Does Halo work with Android?

Yes, and you can download the Halo Collar Android app from the Google Play Store!

How does Halo keep my dog safely contained inside my Halo Fence?

When approaching a boundary, your dog will receive a customizable warning. This triggers your dog's associative memory, and your dog will learn that a warning means "keep away" from the boundary. Two more tiers of preventions are applied if your dog is distracted and ignores the boundary.

What are Halo Fences and how do I create them?

Create a Halo Fence in your app by placing fence posts with your finger, or by walking with your Halo Collar to use the collar's GPS. The GPS coordinates of the Halo Fence are automatically downloaded to the collar and remain there permanently (unless you edit or delete them). Halo Fences can't be cut, damaged, jumped over, dug under, and don't require any maintenance.

What types of feedback does the collar provide for my dog?

The Halo Collar is capable of providing six types of feedback:

  • Prevention: Warning, Boundary, and Emergency feedback
  • Encouragement feedback: Whistle, Good Dog, and Come Home feedback

Each type of feedback has predefined default settings, but you can customize your dog's settings at any time. Your dog's feedback types can be set to use sounds, vibrations, or static. With the variety of sounds, vibration patterns, and static levels to choose from—including Cesar's various voice commands and his famous "TSCH" sound—you have complete control over customizing your dog's experience. With Cesar's guidance, you'll learn to set the best feedback for your dog's energy levels.

Does Halo use static feedback? When is this feedback useful?

Static feedback provides a sense of "touch" that feels like a tap on the shoulder for your dog. This breaks your dog's fixation in dangerous situations and distraction-filled environments to keep them out of harm's way. You're never required to use static with your dog's Halo—the Halo training process will help you customize the feedback that your dog will respond to. With a range of static levels available, you can provide the right tap-on-the-shoulder effect that is most appropriate to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

What is a Halo Beacon?

Halo Beacons can be placed anywhere to keep your dog from entering unwanted or unsafe areas. Beacons trigger alerts that act like any other boundary when your dog comes near them.

Who will train my dog? How long will that take?

It's highly important that you are the one who trains your dog. Every dog needs a pack leader, so as a pet parent, that pack leader needs to be you! This will not only help with your Halo training, but will build the trust, respect, and love that is essential for a happy life with your dog. On average, pet parents should expect to practice for at least 15 minutes a day for about 21 days—enough time to build a strong habit. Every dog learns at different speeds, so it may take more or less time. Make sure to be patient with your dog, and they will learn much more quickly!

Is there a limit to the number, location, or size of Halo Fences I can create?

You can create and save up to 20 unique fences in your Halo App, and they can be created anywhere in the world. If you intend to go to a zero-coverage area, you can set up your Halo Fences before you leave, and it will work seamlessly. You can edit any fence, at any time (just be sure to practice this new boundary with your dog!). Each fence needs to include a minimum of 250 square feet for your dog to roam safely, and can accommodate a maximum of tens of square miles.

What if my dog escapes the Halo Fence?

If your dog escapes beyond the three levels of protection provided inside your Halo Fences, there are multiple fail-safes outside of your fences that will help protect your dog. You will immediately be notified if your dog has escaped. In addition, with Cesar's expert guidance, you will train your dog to come right back home! Your dog's Halo Collar will use its advanced algorithms to intelligently determine which direction your dog is facing, so that they only receive prevention feedback if they keep running further away from safety, and so they'll never receive a correction while heading home!

I don’t have a yard of my own, or I live in an apartment, rental home, condo or town home. Can I still use the Halo System?

Of course! One amazing part of Halo is the portability and freedom it provides. You can set up Halo Fences instantly in any location: at a rental property, around your apartment building, at a family member or friend's house, the park, the beach—the opportunities are endless! In addition, Halo Beacons can be used anywhere inside to provide indoor support, and your Cesar Millan training will teach you how to be the best pet parent possible.

If I already own an invisible dog fence, how much training for the Halo Collar is required?

If your dog is already trained on another fence system, Halo can use the same sounds and settings that your dog has already learned. Your dog may understand immediately—but make sure to practice, and check that your dog understands your new boundaries! With Halo, you can even take the fence with you!

Will Halo work when I am out of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage (i.e. while camping or hiking in a remote location)?

If you intend to go to a zero-coverage area, you can set up your Halo Fences before you leave, and it will work seamlessly. Halo Fences are stored in the collar's memory and won't be lost even if/when it loses power or an internet connection.

Does Halo work indoors?

Indoors, the Halo Fence can prevent dogs from entering unwanted or unsafe areas. To do so, the system uses Bluetooth Beacons that trigger fence alerts when your dog comes near them.

What if I have more than one dog?

Each dog needs their own Halo Collar, and each collar can use all Halo Fences that are created on your account. Halo Fences can be turned on and off for each dog without affecting the other dog(s). Any additional collar that you connect to your account will be supported without affecting your monthly plan price, and you can have up to 10 unique dog profiles on your account at a time.

About Halo Smart Dog Collar & Fence System

More Than Just a Collar

Meet Halo, a safe and convenient containment system for your dog. This collar lets you instantly create wireless fences from your phone, to keep your pup safely inside any boundary you set—even without a WiFi or cellular connection! Halo’s training system was designed by famed dog behaviorist Cesar Millan to teach you how to safely establish boundaries.

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Hello, Halo—Goodbye Wires!

Easily create and save up to 20 fences, train your dog with custom feedback, and take your pup anywhere you go! Halo Smart Fences keep your dog safely contained within a virtual boundary that works autonomously, even without WiFi or cellular coverage. Halo sets up a perimeter with no wires, no digging and no damage required.

Your Dog’s Life Just Got Smarter

Combine Cesar Millan’s training with next-generation GPS technology and you get the biggest innovation in dog fence technology since fences themselves! The collar also has an activity tracker to help you monitor your best friend’s daily movement.

The Halo Smart Fence

Instantly create wireless fences at the touch of a finger by using the Halo App or walking the perimeter.

Cesar Millan’s Training

Combine professional training from world-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan with custom feedback that’s just right for your dog.

Activity Tracking

Daily metrics for activity, safety, walks and feedback logs help you keep your dog happy, healthy and safe.

Best-In-Breed GPS Tech

Halo GPS/GNSS technology gives you next-gen location accuracy comparable to that of autonomous cars, for ultimate freedom and peace of mind.

Customizable and Personalized

Customize your dog’s feedback to perfectly match his learning style with a wide range of sound, vibration and optional static prompts. You can also personalize the experience by setting your dog’s profile color in the app, which sets a matching color-coded LED in the collar that signals collar mode changes and lights up for nighttime visibility.

Family Dog

Live Life Off-Leash

Designed by some of the best minds in IoT technology and dog psychology, the Halo smart collar features world-class Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS/GNSS and LTE tech. Made of ultra-durable custom plastic and flexible rubber, Halo is ready for use in any environment, with an IP67 water rating for peace of mind in any weather. Now you can take your pup anywhere!

About Halo Collar

The Halo Collar’s intuitive design is the result of the digital tracking and technological expertise of IoT industry pioneers Ken and Michael Ehrman combined with the expert canine training of Cesar Millan. Together, they created a smart collar system for dogs that incorporates intelligent fence technology and smart boundary training. More than 15,000 dogs across America are protected by Halo.

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