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Grooming comes easy with the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Pet Brush. Good for both cats and dogs, it gently removes loose undercoat, mats, and tangled hair, which can be uncomfortable for your beloved pet. And since it also works on all sizes and hair types, it’s the only brush you’ll need in a multi-animal household. The bristles go deep into the coat without scratching the skin, which feels like a massage for your pet. But perhaps the best part is the cleaning function—at the click of a button, the bristles retract into the brush, allowing the hair to easily wipe off. It’s enjoyable grooming for all pawties involved!

Key Benefits
  • Slicker brush for cats and dogs removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.
  • The bent, fine bristles are effective and gentle, penetrating deep into the undercoat without scratching the skin.
  • Easy to clean! Click the button to retract the bristles into the brush’s head, and then simply wipe away the excess hair.
  • Feels like a massage for your pet, while increasing blood circulation and leaving the coat soft and shiny.
  • Durable design features a comfort grip to prevent wrist strain, as well an anti-slip grip.

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To use the brush; Just push the button and the bristles will come out. Once your'e done brushing your pet, simply press the button again and the bristles will retract into the brush making it super simple to clean.


How Can I Make Grooming an Exciting Experience?

Imagine a life where your dog loves being groomed. When you pull out the brush or nail trimmers, your dog comes running—just as if you opened a new bag of treats. How would that make you feel?It is never too late to train your pet to love being brushed. With a little time and patience, you and your puppy, adult, or senior dog can look forward to sharing relaxing grooming time.Be sure of your strategy: ATTITUDE, TIME, REWARDAttitude - All grooming interactions should be positive experiences for both the groomer and the one being groomed. Any time you are thinking that training for a good grooming experience is a chore is not a good time to practice. Wait until you are in the right frame of mind so that the training time is positive for both you and your dog.Time - Short training sessions are always the most productive. If you notice your dog is reluctant to participate, then you are probably going faster than the dog would like. Slow down and use a higher-value treat or reward to make the time more comfortable for your dog. There is no rule that says you have to trim every toenail every session.Reward - Train (and practice) in small steps that emphasize fun and rewards. When you start to train a new behavior, use your dogs’ favorite treats. However, once your dog understands what you’re asking him to do; you can start to decrease the value of the treat.

How Often Should I Trim My Dog's Nails?

You should trim your dog’s nails whenever they are long. If they keep getting snagged or “click” on the floor as your dog walks, you know it’s time to get the clippers. Long unkempt nails can become ingrown or cause serious infections. Clip the dewclaw nail just inside the leg as well.

For Best Results; How Should I Trim My Dog's Nails?

  • To trim your pet’s nails, place his paw in your hand and hold each toe with your index finger and your thumb. Do not squeeze the toe, but hold it firmly. * Hold the nail Clipper / Grinder with the other hand. This position will give you more precision and prevent you from cutting the nails too short. * Try cutting the dog’s nail at a minor angle, taking small snips as you go. If you cut back the nails too far and accidentally clip the quick (this is the pink part just under the nail), it can cause bleeding and a lot of discomfort for your dog, resulting in a dog that dislikes grooming time in the future. Be careful with dark nails as the quick is difficult to see. A good tip is to trim the nail when wet as its softer then. Better still; consider using a dog nail grinder instead.

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