Hot Spot Pets Wireless Rechargeable Dog Training Collar W/ 100 Level Vibration & Shock

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Teach your dog some new tricks with the Hotspot Pets Wireless Rechargeable Dog Training Collar. Designed to improve behavior through the use of vibration or static shock, this training collar effectively helps him understand your intentions. By using a programmable LCD remote to speak to the collar, you can easily and safely determine the best level of vibration or shock for your dog. And with an adjustable and waterproof design (up to 3 feet submerged), this collar will work for dogs of virtually any size, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Plus, setup is a breeze—simply charge the collar, encode your channels, and you’re on your way to happy training.

Key Benefits

  • Training collar delivers up to 100 levels of vibration or 100 levels of shock that safely and effectively train your dog.
  • Easy and safe behavior tool to train your dog to understand your commands.
  • The adjustable and waterproof training collar works for dogs of virtually any size and age.
  • DDR1 comes with one collar and receiver, one LCD remote, two sets of prongs, one charger and one light bulb test tube.
  • DDR2 comes with one remote control, two collars, a charger, a cord, a manual, a test light and two replacement probes.

What's Included

(1) Collar and Receiver, (1) LCD Remote, (2) Sets of Prongs Small And Large, (1) Charger, (1) Light Bulb Test Tube.

Additional Details

Please follow instructions and video carefully to set up the collar and receiver or the system will not work properly. Do not overcharge or leave charging overnight. Charging time is 3-4 Hours max every few days to ensure the battery does not burn out. Avoid leaving the collar on for more than 12 hours a day. Please refer to packaged instructions for additional details.


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  • Switch ON the transmitter by pressing the “M” button on the transmitter for two seconds (to switch OFF the transmitter, do the same).
  • Press the “M” button to change to different modes. The LCD images will change.
  • Press the up and down buttons on the right-hand side to set levels of static and vibrate.
  • Press the “1/2” button to choose the different channels for different receivers
  1. User's Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the collar work?

This system works by first charging the remote and receiver for 3-5 hours and then syncing the remote to the receiver. This can be done by either following the instructions in the manual or watching the step by step video provided above.

There is a rattling sound in my receiver. Is this normal?

Yes, the rattling sound is made there by design. Since there is no on/off button, the receiver will go into sleep mode when the item is not in use. The rattling is a small detection piece placed inside the device to let the receiver know when the dog is moving or not.

What size dog is this system good for?

Small, Medium and Large breed sizes between 15-lbs - 90-lbs.

We own two dogs. If we purchase two of these collars and place a collar on each dog, will there be any interference between the two e-collars/transmitters and will they function independently through their respective remote controls?

There will be no interference as long as each remote is properly paired and synced to its collar. You can even use one remote to control both collars. There is a two dog option on the remote. You first sync the first collar to dog 1 on the remote and then do the same to the second collar but switch it to dog 2 on the remote.

How long should I charge the remote or receiver?

The recommended charge time is 3-5 Hours max. Do not charge overnight, that will eventually burn out the battery.

What is the distance between remote and collar that works?

Up to 300 yards with a clear line of sight. Interference such as walls, and rooms can affect the distance of the range.

How long should training sessions be?

We recommend to keep each session a positive interaction between 15 - 30 minutes max.

Can this be used as a leash?

No, the training collar should not be used as a leash. It should not stay on the dog past the training sessions.

My system is not working anymore what should I do?

Make sure both units are charged. The next step would be to re-sync the remote to the receiver in case they lose pairing. This can be done by following the original syncing instructions or video.

The manual says there should be a red light while charging and I don’t see it. Does that mean it’s not charging?

Not necessarily, once the collar is wrapped through the receiver you will not be able to see this red light, because it is very faint. It’s recommended to charge the receiver and to check if any of the corrections work via the remote.

How can I tell if the shock feature is working?

Adjust the level to past 1 and use the test tube included to see if the shock feature is working properly.

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  • Great trainer

    By on

    This is a great product, works as it claims, two reasons I didn't give it 5 stars.... Too many buttons can be a bit confusing at first and the charging port for the collar is under the collar band and you have to remove the band from the unit before you can insert the charge wire. It works great other than that. I have found that the vibration mode works the best, it gets their attention. Would recommend...

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  • Exceeds my expectations.

    By on

    Bought this unit for my 2 Jack Russells. I was skeptical at first. I didn’t want to use the shock mode on my dogs. So I used the vibrate on 100. I have a 10lb and a 17lb Jack Russell. This feature is more than enough. They immediately came back to me, and it doesn’t hurt them. I would definitely recommend this for the money!!! Thanks Chewey.

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  • Better Than Yelling

    By on

    I am very pleased with this item. Grace tends to like to investigate things and feels the need to protect. I like that she is that way, but it is as simple as a touch of a button to make her return to me without making her feel as though she did something wrong. I simply trained her to associate the beep with me calling her name. If that doesn't work for some reason I can then switch to the vibration function. Whenever the receiver is low on battery it beeps, therefore Grace comes to me so that I can recharge it. So far it has taken just a couple of hours to recharge fully. Great item!

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  • Easy to use

    By on

    Although the box is a little big the control is small enough to put in your pocket. I wish the selection change was a switch instead of a button. You have to look at the screen to see what the option it's on. I use the beep for retrieving her and positive behavior and the vibration to stop her negative behavior but I have to look at the screen to see what I'm doing. I also don't want to shock her so I'm always nervous to accidently doing that. I since have put some rubber pieces on the metal screws to be safe. It is effective and given consistency works well.

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  • Screen is dark

    By on

    I have a husky German Shepherd mix. She's active and smart she listens to me and I had little trouble training her. The problem was if she would see any squirl or deer or any animal at all she would take off like a bullet. This seems to be helping me get her attention when she normally would ignore me when she is chasing an animal. I'd like it better if the digital screen lit up. Because I take her out in the morning before work and its still dark and its hard to know what mode the transmitter is in because the screen is not back lit. Otherwise great buy for the money

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  • Very Spotty

    By on

    The very first week I had this it was great but it slowly has gotten spottier and more spottier. If I go to correct my dog half the time it doesn't even work and it's really no reason to use it if they don't get it repetitively for doing the same thing. I think it will stop working all together soon.

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  • Not good for 2 dogs

    By on

    It's hard to shock both dogs at the same time when they are barking and trying to make sure you turn it on to catch them barking right when they do it is a hassel. Also I had someone over the phone help me order it explaining to them my neighbors complain about my dogs barking when I'm at work. This only works if you are home and push the button when they bark so it's kind of pointless to have.

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  • Works Well

    By on

    My dog likes to try and play with the neighbor dogs through the wooden fence, which causes her to rub her nose on the fence which cuts it up and makes it bleed. Also, since she is a Pit Bull, she tends to sound "vicious" while she is trying to play. I ordered this training collar to stop her from trying to get through the fence. I used the shock once on a 10 and now as soon as I put the collar on, she knows to behave. I occasionally have to use the vibrate on low to get her attention. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. It works well and is very simple to use.

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  • Stops working after 3 month

    By on

    I didn't use it right after I bought the product since my dog was not with me. I started using the product in August and it was fine. It requires to be charged at least every 2 days since the battery drains out pretty fast. It completely stopped working before Thanksgiving.

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  • problems solved

    By on

    I purchased this collar to correct some bad behavior my lab has while she is in our backyard. It's worked fabulously. We've been able to settle down her barking at the neighbors and digging up the yard. This was a last resort because other methods I was trying were not working. I did follow the advise of one other review and do not put the collar on her when it's raining.

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