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KawellCopper Curry Horse Brush

By Kawell
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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About This Item


  • Curry comb made of 100% copper.
  • Can be used without cross-contamination between horses.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria it comes into contact with.
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
  • The ultimate grooming tool to remove dirt and dust from your horse’s skin and coat.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars
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Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Maisie on Aug 13, 2022

Senior Product Advisor and #1 Mare

Every Mare in the herd approves! Young and old LOVE this metal curry. You’d imagine it might be ‘too hard or too sharp’ dear human reader; be assured by our equine expertise in these matters, that this is NOT the case. Metal curry combs scratch the itchy places better than any soft and flimsy curry, and it’s not as annoying as those thick, hard plastic versions. YOUR job, human slave, is to observe the equines you’re grooming with the copper metal curry and adjust your pressure according to our expressions and have a care as to the area you’re working on. Is the skin super thin? Inner thighs? Pass it by… or use a light touch. Midline and belly; we prefer that area get a good firm curry in circles or in rows and have those itches well scratched… One of the other mares on the farm loves belly and midline currying so much she DROOLS. How embarrassing. So for belly and girth areas your arm might feel like it’s going to gain some toned muscles (or tire and fall off!) The Drooling Mare came from a sad home and she didn’t like to be touched or groomed on her belly at first. Be safe and considerate Dear Human, with horses like her, go slow and only as far as WE say is OK. If your horse is shifting it’s feet or moving away; GET OUT of that Area. Leave it be for now! Each time you groom, try and go one inch further. Be Respectful. One day it will be deemed “safe” when the horse understands the Bliss of a good Curry comb belly scratching. Necks and chest? Firm circles are best. That lovely crest just in front of the withers and half way up the neck? Firm straight strokes and our noses start to wiggle as we imagine grooming you in return! DO NOT use metal curry combs (or any hard plastic or rubber tools) on faces or below the knees and hocks. Too bony there. Have a care. Soft rubber knobby grooming curry mitts and lighter pressure are safer in those places. On bony or thin skin areas just think not too hard as to hurt and please, “don’t tickle”! We HATE tickle touches. Oh, also, NOTHING gets the mud off like these curry combs do, and they lift the fine dust and scurf off of skin nicely too. We have had several steel versions of this curry and EVERY horse we’ve known has loved them. Metal curry combs last for years and years. WE are delighted to discover this Copper version. Copper kills nasty crud and we can all safely share it. Go forth human, and let your ponies know that you can help them reach those hard to reach ‘itchy spots’! They’ll thank you for it. Your arms and core will become very toned while you curry and laugh at the wiggly itchy camel noses and drooling equines. Nothing builds great relationships like a good grooming. Enjoy! - Maisie the Mighty Canadian Mare