Litter-Robot 4 Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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About This Item


  • Never scoop again®.
  • Drastically reduce litter box odors.
  • Minimize litter tracking with included fence & step.
  • Monitor litter box usage right from your Phone.
  • MultiCat™ design suits up to 4 cats.

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Play Video: Learn More About Litter-Robot From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Litter-Robot From Our Team of Experts

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About Litter-Robot 4

The World’s Smartest Litter Box

Never scoop again with Litter-Robot 4, the advanced self-cleaning litter box by Whisker. Litter-Robot 4 has a sleek, modern design and lots of exciting features that make it quieter, smarter and easier to use than any litter box you’ve ever had.

Change Your Life With Cats

Litter-Robot 4’s automatic sifting process quietly separates waste from clean litter, depositing the clumps into a tightly sealed drawer for drastic odor reduction. Litter-Robot 4 also lets you track litter and waste drawer levels in real time and monitor your cat’s litter box activity and weight using the Whisker app!

Better Pet Care Starts With a Smarter Litter Box


Litter-Robot’s automatic, quiet sifting process separates waste from clean litter, so you never have to scoop again.

Odor Control

The tightly sealed waste drawer and optional OdorTrap system dramatically reduce stubborn litter box odors.

Real-Time Insights

The laser and weight sensor technology tracks litter box activity, litter and waste levels, and your cat’s weight.

Multiple Cats

The sleek, compact design provides comfortable space for cats of all sizes and is suitable for up to 4 cats.

About Whisker

Whisker, formerly known as AutoPets, is the maker of Litter-Robot and Feeder-Robot and the company behind Launched in 2000, Whisker is an international leader in connected pet care and refined pet accessories. They build solution-oriented products that are beautiful, enjoyable and intuitive to use, with a focus on delivering meaningful insights for those who use them. Whisker proudly designs, assembles and services its robots in the USA.

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Litter Box TypeSelf-Cleaning, AutomaticAutomatic, CoveredSelf-Cleaning, Automatic, CoveredAutomatic, CoveredSelf-Cleaning, Automatic
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MaterialPlasticPlastic, PolypropylenePlasticPlastic
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Cleaner TypeLitter BoxLitter BoxLitter Box
Technology FeatureProgrammableProgrammable

Questions & Answers

14 Customer Questions

What kind of litter should be used with this?
Answer by ChewyJan 19, 2023
Litter-Robot 4 does not require special litter. Litter-Robot works well with almost any clumping or scoopable litter. Litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen will also work. Litter-Robot is not compatible with litters that are strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose-clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based pellets.

Can my kitten use this?
Answer by ChewyJan 14, 2023
Kittens that weigh 3 pounds or more can safely use Litter-Robot 4 in automatic mode, while kittens that weigh 5 pounds or more can use Litter-Robot 3 (with or without Connect) in automatic mode. If your kitten does not meet this minimum weight, leave Litter-Robot off to operate in “semi-automatic” mode. When you see your kitten has used Litter-Robot, turn it on, and Litter-Robot will automatically perform a clean cycle. Once it finishes, turn the power off. This way, your kitten is safe while they get accustomed to Litter-Robot at a young age, and you don’t have to scoop the litter box.

How do you clean this / how often do you need to clean it?
Answer by ChewyFeb 14, 2023
The inside of the globe should be cleaned every one to three months. To clean the litter box, press the Empty button to cycle the Globe clockwise, which will allow the litter to fall through the Waste Port and into the Waste Drawer for easy disposal. Sweep any leftover litter toward the Waste Port. Then, press either Cycle or Reset to return the Globe to the Home position. Ensure that all litter has been removed from the Globe before cleaning. Turn the Litter-Robot OFF and unplug the unit. Open the Bonnet byt pressing and holding the buttons on both sides of the Bonnet, then lift and rotate the Bonnet to its open position. Remove the Globe by using the handle, lift the Globe off the Base. Remember to remove the Carbon Filter. Clean the Globe with Litter-Robot cleaner spray or wipes, or with water and a mild soap. There are no electronic components in the Globe that can be damaged by soap and water. If the Globe has become extremely dirty, it can be soaked and cleaned with a water hose.

Is there a maximum weight for a cat?
Answer by ChewyMay 12, 2023
The Litter-Robot does not have a weight limit as it can accommodate various sizes. The Litter-Robot being comfortable for a large cat often depends on your cat.

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204 Customer Reviews

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Jean on Nov 24, 2023

Litter Robot 4

Our family is grateful for The litter Robot 4. I have two. It has cut down on the number of domestic cat boxes we cleaned daily. Now, we have two regular cat boxes in our catio, and the Litter Robot's in the house. No real odor, it takes about 4 to 5 days to fill.. I do try and wipe any residue left behind which is easy to do. We have a multi cat household. I am happy to say, they are using it daily... it did take some time for them to get use to it, and to transition...about a month. Each cat we have has a different temperament. We have one which loves to watch it cycle, which does interrupt the operation, but, she'll finally allow it to finish. I have a few senior friends who have trouble bending and squatting, so, it makes their job easier by not having to clean so many boxes if we take off for a few days.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Kendreania on Nov 20, 2023

Disabled Cat

I have five cats, one is disabled (3 legs). I didn’t expect it, but my disabled cat seems to love this litter box. I have two other electric boxes (petsafe automatic) and those are great, but the smell was an issue with so many cats. With this box, the smell isn’t too noticeable. You have to be close to it to actually smell it. So long as you keep it clean (I wipe mine down daily with antibacterial wipes), it’s not much of an issue. It’s definitely way better than any alternative I’ve tried, and I’ve tried it all. With that being said, your cat can still kick litter out of the box and sometimes litter will stick to the inside (you’ll need to clean that occasionally). Your cat may also have an aversion to it, so be sure to have other litter box options. One of my cats downright refuses to go in the thing. So that’s something to consider.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By ALLISON on Nov 15, 2023

My cats are jerks and think the LR3 is a toy

I bought the litter robot three 2 years ago directly from Whisker - other than having a concern, where it did not recognize a cat while it was cycling It worked really well and whisker actually wanted that box back so that they could do some quality testing to figure out why the cats paw would’ve gotten caught in the waste window when it was cycling however my cats are jerks. I have two kittens that I took in as a rescue last year and ended up being rescue fails as I ended up adopting them. They thought that litter robot was a fun toy and would stand on the top and ride it down as it cycled. I wasn’t looking to get a new box but when I saw that this model has no moving parts on the outside I was sold, as I’m usually having to take apart the box re-seat the globe reinitialize the panel on the front because the little jerks kept messing it up at least once or twice a week. If you’re on the fence I would say go for this newer model. It is much more streamlined. I love that they made the buttons on the top and the light panel is much more visible. I’m hoping they leave this box alone and I don’t come into a light show like I did at least twice a week with the old model. And best of all Chewy had very quick shipping when I ordered this originally from whisker I think it took about a month and back when I was having issues. The replacement box probably close to 5-6 weeks.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Luke on Oct 20, 2023

Pleasantly Surprised

I was a little apprehensive spending 700+ dollars on a litter box. However , my expectations with thr Litter Robot 4 have been met and maybe exceeded. I felt it was extremely easy to set up, coming almost fully assembled in the box was nice. It works perfectly and without issue. The litter smell is way down from my 3 pan boxes it replaced, and it takes far less time to maintain. The biggest plus is the savings I will have in litter, as I have far less contamination from clumps falls apart and forcing me to discard more litter. I expect over the course of 4 years the savings in litter alone will have paid for the Litter Robot 4. My older cat took to it right Way and is so much happier to have a continually clean box. My younger cat was scared to death of it, but is slowly warming up. Still working on the younger one so have 1 pan box next to it for now.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Kristina on Nov 14, 2023

Less Stressful

My new kitten took right to it. It's quiet and slow, which is great for cats that spook easy. It even managed to fix itself after my kitten continuously climbed back in during the cleaning cycle. It's definitely worth the money...even using unscented litter you'd have no idea that there was even a cat in the house it keeps the area so clean smelling.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Will on Oct 23, 2023

Amazing.. well worth it

If you are wondering if this is worth the money, I can assure you, this is. It took me a year to buy this and I would say this is well worth the investment for your loved one. It is easy to use and love having the fact that I can see the weight of my cat. If you are going to make one nice purchase, make it this litterbox. I previously used the petsafe automated litterbox and while it was functional, it is night and day from this.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Kelly on Oct 29, 2023

Not the dream product I wanted

I've had my litter robot 4 for a couple months. It does what it's supposed to do but I don't think I'll get another in the future. I liked the idea of the robot being a way to keep track of my cat's health, keeping a log of when they use the robot. However, I have three cats and the robot has no way to tell them apart. The scale on the front step to the robot isn't a good indicator because cats step lightly and sometimes it'll weigh one of them at only 2 lbs, and then again the next second at 11 lbs, and that's not right. In a multi-cat household, it would be helpful if it took a picture of the cat entering the box so we could track how often that cat was using it. It also, to me, smells worse than a normal litter box when I empty the bin. I don't know why. Maybe the waste doesn't get enough time being absorbed by the litter before the robot cycles it to the bin below, but when I empty that bin I hold my breath and try not to breathe. It just seems more potent than normal litter box, which we still have. Once the robot breaks, I don't think I'll invest in a new one. For what it does and what I've gotten out of it, it's just too expensive.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By JC on Nov 2, 2023


I received the Litter Robot 4, it was so big and HEAVY I didn’t even unpack it. I returned it via Fed Ex and I called six times in three weeks asking for my refund, each time they said it was at the warehouse for inspection surprise after 3 weeks the box was supposedly EMPTY. Horrors now what !!! No help from Chewy, just silence.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Becca on Nov 24, 2023

Not worth the money

The idea is nice but honestly it isn’t worth the money. It requires clay litter which makes a mess and we could smell it more than our previous litter boxes. I would recommend other automated litter boxes for 1/4th of the price.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By syndi on Nov 6, 2023

Great product Customer service sucks

I knew it was too good to be true. When I bought my litter robot, I thought it was the best invention ever. I couldnt believe I had lived without it for so long. That was a little over a year ago. Right after the one-year mark, my little robot started flashing lights. It wasn’t recognizing my cats when they left so it was always on red and a whole host of other problems. Luckily, I had bought the extended warranty so I thought replacing it would be easy. Not. First they walked me through several troubleshooting tasks, all the way down to disassembling the whole thing and putting it back together. I thought the reason I bought an extended warranty was so I wouldn’t have to be a mechanic, but that’s what they expect from you and wont file warranty claim until you do. When they finally agreed there was something wrong they sent me a new base, but they wanted me to scrub my old base, pack it up and send it back to them. It took about two weeks to get the new base. Meantime I had no litter box so I had to go out and buy A regular one. When the ew one came, I continud to have problems with it, so I called them again. After more hours of troubleshooting and me playing litter robot mechanic, they finally agreed to send me an entire new litter robot which took another couple weeks. Then they wanted me to send tge the new base back rather than my original base which I already had cleaned a packed up so I had to unpack it put the new one in and send that one back instead. I immediately began having trouble with the new one. Ive called several yimes and each time it’s an hour of troubleshooting before we get it to work. I told them this can’t continue because I go out of town leaving my cats home for days at a time and I needed a little box to work , finally the last person I talk to you wanted me to take a video of my little robot cycling after I told her three times it won’t cycle so I took a video of it not cycling, but it was too large to upload that time it was the end of their day do right in the middle of a discussion with #Customer Service they disconnected . You can have the best product in the world but if your customer service sucks your product isn’t worth a dime and that’s how I feel about the litter robot.