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Allow your furry friend to safely enjoy time in the sun with the My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm. Specially created with ingredients suited just for dogs, this sun protector is totally safe for your pet—unlike human sunscreen. And besides reducing the risk of sunburn and skin irritation, this paraben-free balm comes with a host of other great benefits. It actually soothes and heals by adding moisture to any unprotected areas, and prevents the nose color from fading. Remember, humans aren’t the only ones who need to seek protection from harmful UV rays, but dogs need their own special formula!

Key Benefits

  • A clear and velvety smooth balm that dries quickly and is never greasy or oily.
  • Made in the USA, this pH balanced formula is made with natural ingredients such as Carnauba Wax and Ethylhexyl Stearate from coconut oil.
  • Water resistant and free of parabens, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide which can be harmful to dogs.
  • Use on your pup's nose, ears and other unprotected areas to help eliminate sunburn and other skin irritations.
  • Easy to use, just apply every two hours when playing outdoors or in the water.

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Kiss your pet on the nose and apply a thin layer over nose and any unprotected area. Pat gently on the head and then give a treat. Repeat every 2 hours when playing outdoors or in the water.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog need this?

Because pets can get skin cancer too!Just like how we humans use SPF to stay away from skin cancer, our pets can also get the same cancers like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and even melanoma.While basal cell carcinoma is the most common for humans it is the least common for dogs. Theirs is the more invasive; the squamous and melanoma.And yes, our furry friends are often covered in, well, fur! This does act as natural sun protection for most breeds and most of a dogs body. But what about the tummy, ears, and especially the nose? That’s where taking the proactive action of limiting your dogs exposure to the sun and protecting them with a sunscreen come in.But that doesn’t mean human sunscreen either! Human sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB rays using chemicals, like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. These are safe for humans but not on pets! The chemicals are toxic and can even be fatal if ingested! Even baby sunscreens can contain chemicals that are harmful to your pets. So please only use products that are meant for your pet, like My Dog Nose It!

How Many Dogs Really Get Skin Cancer?

This is uncharted territory folks. We’ve contacted the American Cancer Society and statistics on pets are, by their knowledge, not yet tracked. What we do know? That it’s on the rise. For humans, current statistics indicate that 1 in 5 people will have some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. Perhaps statistics for animals will be available in the near future.

Why is human sunscreen bad for my pet?

PLEASE do not apply human sunscreen to your pet. Most ingredients, while safe for humans, are very poisonous for our beloved family members. DON’T USE SUNSCREEN ON YOUR PETS!

Is this product safe for my pet?

Yes! My Dog Nose It is completely safe for your beloved family member! You can even take a look at our full ingredient list under our shop and order now section of this website. It not only shows each active and inactive ingredient but also details where it is derived from and what it is used for. My Dog Nose It is proud to be all natural, vegan, cruelty and paraben free.

How often does My Dog Nose It need to be applied?

When playing outdoors or in the water we recommend applying a thin layer every two hours.

What’s the texture like?

My Dog Nose It is a clear, velvety smooth balm that dries quickly and is water resistant.

Can I use the product on myself?

Out and about with your buddy and forgot your lip balm or lotion? Yes, go ahead and protect yourself too.

What is the SPF?

We did not use an SPF number as we do not want to associate with human sunscreen. Our product is designed to protect from the harmful rays of the sun and environment, as well as heal and add moisture.

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  • Pet friendly sunscreen

    By on

    I was surprised to learn that sunscreens for humans are toxic to dogs. My Dog Nose It is the perfect product to protect my fur baby's nose from harmful sun exposure. Love the packaging and cute instructions.

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  • Love It! Can Do without It!

    By on Top 100 Contributor

    My albino looking, pink nosed pup is always trying to sunbathe. I picked this up as soon as I knew the adoption was final. Works so well. Worth every penny.

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  • Incredible product!

    By on

    I love this product! It keeps my dog's nose moisturized and protected from the sun. She doesn't mind wearing it, and she doesn't try to lick it off. Definitely worth the high price tag.

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  • The Nose Doesn't Know

    By on

    Jury's out. Can't tell if this really work or not. It goes on nearly invisible so hard to tell if it is still there like the child's zinc oxide goop we normally use.

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  • It's great that they make a product like this for pups

    By on

    It seems to work well. I'm glad something like this is available. Goes on easy, but you have to keep your pup from trying to lick it off, for a few moments. Distracting them or giving a treat works.

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  • My Pitt bull

    By on

    I have a red nose Pitt bull that loves to lay in the sun, but it really gives him bad sun burns and they scrab up. So I started looking for sun protection for him and found this stuff it has really helped him. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is I wish it came in a bigger bottle I use it everyday on my dogs nose and ears.

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  • Easy to apply

    By on

    Goes on much easier than I thought it would. Used it on my Italian Greyhound puppy for a camping trip. Seemed to work great and left his skin pretty soft too. Though it was a bit expensive for how small the amount is, I think it will last for a while.

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  • my dog nose it

    By on

    This product healed my dogs cracked nose, which i have tried many products in the past

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  • No worries for the sun!

    By on Top 250 Contributor

    I have 2 rough collies. Collies are prone to sunburn - especially on that long snout. My boys love being outside. Prior to trying this, I was using a non-toxic baby sunscreen on them. It was messy and I had to constantly reapply. I also didn't know if it was 100% safe for dogs. The baby sunscreen also seemed to dry out their nose. This product has been great! It goes on easily. It does not seem to bother them at all. You only need to reapply every 2 hours or so, while out in the sun. Their noses are also nice and soft and moisturized - no cracks or scales. Joey and Frankie give it two paws up!

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  • Sunburn Cure

    By on

    Finally, a sunburn ointment made for dogs. My Welsh Pembroke Corgi's nose does not have the amount of hair that the rest of her has. Summertime here in High Desert Arizona brings a reddened nose. I've worried and now I can relax.

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