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NexGard is prescribed by veterinarians to kill ticks and adult fleas in pets eight weeks or older, weighing four or more pounds. This fast-acting medication helps to prevent infestations and provides safe and effective year-round protection when given monthly. Best of all, it comes in a tasty, beef-flavored soft chew, which means it's easy to give to your pet as a tasty treat.


Kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and the treatment and control of black-legged tick, American dog tick, Lone Star tick and brown dog tick infestations in dogs and puppies eight weeks of age and older, weighing four pounds or greater, for one month.

Possible Side Effects

Please contact your veterinarian if your pet starts vomiting.

Drug & Food Interactions

There are no known contraindications for the use of NexGard.


The safe use of NexGard in breeding, pregnant or lactating females has not been evaluated. Use with caution in pets with a history of seizures.

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    Use according to your veterinarian's instructions.

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    Merial, Boehringer Ingelheim

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    Extra Small & Toy Breeds

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    Soft Chew

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    Fleas, Ticks

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Recommended Dosage

Consult your veterinarian for proper dosing instructions.

Storage Instructions

Store at or below 86°F with excursions permitted up to 104°F.

Dosing Chart

NexGard is given orally once a month, at the minimum dosage of 1.14 mg/lb (2.5 mg/kg). Dosing Schedule:

Dog Weight NexGard per Month Afoxolaner Per Chewable (mg)
4 to 10 lbs 1 chewable tablet 68 mcg 11.3
10.1 to 24 lbs 1 chewable tablet 136 mcg 28.3
24.1 to 60 lbs 1 chewable tablet 272 mcg 68
60.1 to 121 lbs 1 chewable tablet 272 mcg 136

Over 121.0 lbs. Administer the appropriate combination of chewables

NexGard can be administered with or without food. Care should be taken that the dog consumes the complete dose, and treated animals should be observed for a few minutes to ensure that part of the dose is not lost or refused. If it is suspected that any of the doses have been lost or if vomiting occurs within two hours of administration, re-dose with another full dose. If a dose is missed, administer NexGard and resume a monthly dosing schedule.


How does NexGard kill fleas?

NexGard contains the ingredient afoxolaner. Afoxolaner kills fleas by over-stimulating their nervous system.

Does NexGard also kill ticks?

NexGard also kills the Lone Star tick, Black-legged tick, American Dog tick and Brown dog tick.

How old does my dog need to be in order to take NexGard?

NexGard (afoxolaner) is safe and effective for use in puppies 8 weeks of age or older, weighing 4 pounds or more.

How long does it take NexGard to kill fleas?

In a study, NexGard killed 100% of fleas within 24 hours.

Why am I seeing more fleas on my pet after administering NexGard?

NexGard stimulates the flea’s nervous system, causing them to rise to the top of your dog's haircoat as they die.

Does NexGard have an expiration date?

Two years from the date of manufacture. You can locate the expiration date on the outside of the package of NexGard.

How long after administering NexGard to my dog can he be bathed or go swimming?

Because NexGard is an oral product, swimming or bathing has no effect on NexGard. Your dog’s coat can get wet immediately after taking NexGard.

Can I use it if my dog is on medication?

In a well-controlled field study, NexGard was used concomitantly with other medications, such as vaccines, anthelmintics, antibiotics (including topicals), steroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anesthetics, and antihistamines.

Is NexGard safe to use on any breed of dog?

NexGard is safe and effective in any breed of dog when used as directed.

Can NexGard be used on cats and other pets?

No. NexGard should be used on dogs only.

Can I administer it more than once a month?

Don't re-administer NexGard before the month is through. It keeps working for a full 30 days.

Are there any side effects of NexGard?

The most commonly reported adverse reactions found in NexGard for Dogs include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. Use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.

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  • Great price

    By on

    This is my trusted choice for flea and tick care . The chewy pharmacy contacts my vet gets the ball rolling and boom days later Wednesday has her meds ! Love how she eats it with ease so I assume it doesn’t taste bad . Comes with stickers to mark on calendar when next dose is due so you never forget !

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  • Great service!

    By on

    We needed the Nexgard in Florida for our little Taz. We live in a part of Colorad that has no fleas. It was important to us to have it there when we arrived. It was and all is well for Taz and his family.

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  • Love Nexgard!

    By on

    We love Nexgard for our girls!! Wd have a 8yr old Chihuahua and a 6 month old Mastiff...we have NO bugs on them..ever..it is super easy to give...they like the taste..they get excited about getting a "treat"..lol..i have recommended it several of our friends who use other flea/tick products...and told them about Chewys!!

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  • Allergy caused itching gone!!

    By on

    My Maltipoo was diagnosed with “environmental allergies” because of her constant scratching. She doesn’t have fleas so I was surprised when the vet recommended that she get monthly Nexgard!! The vet told me it had stopped her dogs scratching from the same thing. Ever since that first dose, there has been no scratching! And my dog loves it. My daughter gave the Nexgard a try for her small dog and it worked to stop the scratching with the first dose!!

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  • Delivered Quickly

    By on

    My 5-lb Yorkie loves it and has no side effects from it. This was delivered faster than expected. I ordered 2 6-packs so I would have a 1-year supply and was worried about the expiration date. It was beyond one year on both boxes so I am very happy.

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  • Much Easier

    By on

    These chews are so much easier to give to my dog than trying to put the topical on him. He hates the topicals, and I always felt so guilty putting it on him because he'd run around like crazy after trying to rub it off. With the chews, he thinks it's a treat, so he's excited to get them!

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    By on


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  • NexGard Chewable Tablets for Dogs, 4-10 lbs

    By on

    Within an hour of administering the tablet fleas were coming to the surface of my pets hair. Reading the FAQ section states that this is normal as the medicine is impacting the fleas nervous system. The fleas were almost dead at that time and were easily picked off and discarded. However, the dogs do still scratch and its been 8-days...but I haven't seen any fleas on the dogs or in the house. Maybe they're just scratching previous bites.

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  • Best I’ve used

    By on

    I once had gotten fleas even though my dog was already on front line topical each month. The vet recommended this. Worked amazing! Fleas were gone by the next day. And I’ve been using this ever since and never had any more issues with fleas. My dogs love the taste and never had any bad reactions either. Win win for me.

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  • The ONLY remedy That Works!!

    By on

    Topical OTC were no longer working for my pup like they did for many years!! Finally Vet prescribes NexGard and we have been Flea Free! Thank Dog!! Fortunately Chewy verifies RX and I can get it here now for about 1/2 price! Thank you so much! Chewy & NexGard!

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