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Marin provides support for the liver with silybin and vitamin E in a chewable tablet. The silybin in Marin is in a phosphatidylcholine complex to increase bioavailability in dogs, reaching levels up to 4 times more than that seen with 80% standardized milk thistle extracts. Marin also contains zinc for additional benefit. Marin is recommended for use with Denosyl or Denamarin.

Key Benefits

  • Provides support for the liver with silybin and vitamin E in a chewable tablet
  • Convenient administration in a tasty soft chew
  • Can be used as a supplement to Denosyl or Denamarin when enhanced liver support is needed
  • Increase bioavailability in dogs, reaching levels up to 4 times more than that seen with 80% standardized milk thistle extract
  • Helps the digestion of food through production of bile and helps change digested foods into substances used by the body for energy and growth

Additional Details

Keep out of the reach of children.

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    Cosequin, Dasuquin
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    Soft Chew

Nutritional Info


Active Ingredients: Vitamin E (150 IU/tablet), Silybin A+B (43 mg /tablet), Zinc (20 mg /tablet), Curcuma Longa Extract.

Inactive Ingredients: Calcium Silicate, Gelatin, Green Tea Extract, Hydrolized Yeast, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Palm Oil, Rosemary Extract, Silicon Dioxide, Starch, And Vegatable Oil.

Feeding Instructions

Weight Daily Feeding (soft chews)
10 - 14 lbs 1 (every other day)
15 - 29 lbs 1
30 - 59 lbs 2
60 - 89 lbs 3
90+ lbs Add 1 for every 30 lbs over 90

Store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Reseal closure securely after opening to ensure freshness.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marin® Plus?

Marin Plus is a combination of ingredients providing a comprehensive approach to liver support. The active ingredients in Marin Plus are silybin, vitamin E, zinc, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and curcumin extract. While the active ingredients in Marin For Cats are silybin and vitamin E.

How can Marin Plus help my pet's liver?

Silybin is an active part of an extract from the milk thistle known as silymarin. Silybin/silymarin has been shown to support liver function by acting as an antioxidant. This means that it helps to counteract or protect against the harmful effects on the liver of “reactive” oxygen compounds. Silybin helps the flow of bile through the liver. Bile contains digestive enzymes along with other substances and aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients from your pet’s diet. Additionally, silybin may support levels of a substance called glutathione, which is the liver’s major “detoxifying” agent. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has also been shown to help protect liver function. Zinc supplementation may be beneficial in dogs with long-term decreased liver function as these dogs often have low liver zinc levels. Zinc also has antioxidant effects. Zinc participates in many enzymatic reactions within the body, and any deficiency may have harmful effects. MCT oil acts as an easily absorbed energy source for the liver. Curcumin extract inhibits the inflammatory pathway and supports oxidative balance.

How will I know if Marin Plus is helping my pet?

Your veterinarian will likely recommend follow - up examinations, blood work, and/or other laboratory work to check on how well your pet is doing with Marin Plus and how it is helping your dog’s liver function. At home, watch for a response in attitude, appetite, and activity level.

How do I give Marin Plus to my pet and how much should I give?

Marin Plus is formulated in a tasty soft chew that should be given with food.

How long should I continue to give Marin Plus?

Marin Plus is often given for an extended time to continue the benefits to your pet’s health. Based on your pet’s response, your veterinarian will provide you with specific advice on how long your pet should take Marin Plus.

Are there any interactions between the ingredients in Marin Plus and other products?

There are no known interactions between the ingredients in Marin Plus and any drug or other supplement. In some cases your veterinarian may recommend giving Marin Plus with a product known as Denosyl® or Denamarin®.

Do the ingredients in Marin Plus cause any side effects?

There are no known side effects with silybin/silymarin in dogs or cats. Vitamin E is also well - tolerated in recommended amounts. Zinc is usually well - tolerated when given in recommended amounts, though occasionally gastrointestinal upset may be seen. To minimize the possibility of any zinc sensitivity in some dogs, it is recommended that Marin Plus be given with food. MCT oil and curcumin extract are also well tolerated. There are no known contraindications to the use of the ingredients in Marin Plus.

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Maintaining Liver Health

Nutramax offers three options for liver support—Denosyl, Denamarin and Marin Plus. SAMe, the active ingredient in both Denosyl and Denamarin, has been shown to help protect liver cells, and may help repair and regenerate them. Aside from keeping the liver healthy, SAMe offers support for cognitive function. Denamarin also contains Silybin to maintain a healthy oxidative balance in this important organ. In Marin Plus, five key ingredients go to work to maintain liver function, including Silybin, vitamin E, zinc, medium chain triglyceride and curcumin extract. Marin Plus provides antioxidants and an energy source for the liver and helps it to absorb nutrients from your dog’s food.

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About Nutramax

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  • Handy to use

    By on

    My dog is very sick and has a very poor appetite so I can't really crumble it in his food, but so far I am able to break it into very small pieces and hide it in bites of food which I hand feed. Thankfully, it's firm enough not to completely crumble at the touch, but malleable enough to easily break apart. I don't know if it's helping because I'm giving him so many other supplements and sadly, I'm not sure if he will make it. But I'm doing what I can. I'm grateful to chewy for offering such high quality products at a good price.

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  • Good stuff!

    By on

    Luckily my dog likes these. Using this and Sam E to replace the too expensive Denamarin which she doesn't keep down half the time. Since switching I noticed the Sam E is the upset stumoch culprit. Waiting on liver test to see if ok to drop the Sam E, and just use Marin Plus. Not fond of making my baby sick first thing every single morning. At least the Marin doesnt make her sick and she keeps it down now that i can give to her separately. Oh, and Chewy rocks as always!!!

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  • Blu does not like these

    By on

    My Dog absolutely does not like this supplement. I have tried to hide it in everything I can think of and nope he will not take them. I called Chewy and told them what was going on. I was shocked when my customer care rep Danielle (or should I say animal care) understood and took care of the situation. Though my dog didn't like the supplement, I am so impressed with Chewy for their customer/dog assistance and caring for animals! Right on Chewy! Thank you!

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  • Dog won't eat them

    By on

    I recently discovered my aging dog has liver function issues. I ordered these for her thinking they would help. It has only been a week, so I don't know if they have helped her liver, but I cannot get her to eat them. I have to crush them up and bury them in peanut butter, and she still manages to get most of them on the floor. She cleaned an entire bowl of wet dog food and left the three Marin chews behind. The company that makes these needs to work on the taste appeal.

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  • So far so good

    By on

    Too early to say if they are doing anything to help my pups liver, but I break them up on top of her food and she eats it's right up..

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  • Marin Chewable

    By on

    Our dog has a liver problem, he was week and lost weight, he looks great and is back to his normal self.

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  • Liver support supplement

    By on

    My Yorkie was just diagnosed with a liver disease. I'm adding this to his RX food. He is only 5 lbs, so I need to cut this in half. They are a soft chew that is easy to crumble. Because of his size, I'm giving him 1/2 ever other day. I'm seeing him improve.

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  • Wouldn't eat this

    By on

    This may be a very good product to help with the liver, but my dog would not eat this. I tried putting it in pill pockets, pieces of deli roast beef and crumbled in his canned dog food and he absolutely hated the taste! I wish they could make a product that dogs would actually like and be able to use it as a treat. Chewy.com was excellent with quick delivery however, and yes, I would order other products from them.

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  • Excellent product

    By on

    Been using Marin for several months. Easy to use, chewables can be mixed right in the dogs food.

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  • My dog is not liking to eat it.

    By on

    Delivery of it and Chewy were great. The only problem is that my dog is not willing to eat it and since it's not a small pill, I cannot even try to put it in his small throat. If sprinkled on the food, my dog will not eat the food.

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