Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

By Okocat
Rated 4.0279 out of 5 stars
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Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter, 19.8-lb box, bundle of 2 slide 1 of 10
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Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter, 19.8-lb box, bundle of 2 slide 1 of 10

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About This Item

  • A plant-based litter that’s a clean and healthy option for your family, both furry and not-so-furry.
  • The biodegradable wood fiber is sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued and works to naturally prevent enzymes from bonding with liquid and waste, halting ammonia odor before it even starts.
  • Absorbs liquid on contact and creates solid clumps for hassle-free scooping. And it’s flushable—simply scoop and flush one clump at a time!
  • 99% dust-free so you and your feline can breathe easier. The wood fiber is de-dusted and screened.
  • 100% free from artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes and GMOs.
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Learn More About Okocat From Our Team of Experts

Questions & Answers

36 Customer Questions

How often should this litter be completely switched out? As box completely emptied and completely new litter put in.
Answer by LalaMar 08, 2022
I have two cats, scoop twice a day, and change it when it starts to smell, usually after about a month.

Did Okocat recently change their formula? I'm used to it looking like tan color, but the last box I ordered, the litter was an orange color and was slightly smaller in texture.
Answer by ChewyDec 31, 2019
Okocat has been produced in Germany in the past, however recently they have built a domestic cat litter manufacturing plant at their Jesup, Georgia facility to produce the same litter. With the species of wood raw material being different in Germany versus Georgia, there are minor variabilities in color, scent, and appearance. The product specifications and performance attributes remain the same. Their domestic litter is made from local sustainably sourced Georgia softwoods – which include spruce, pine, and fir.

Is this septic safe ?
Answer by ChewyOct 24, 2017
The litter is 100% biodegradable and flushable. If you intend to flush your cat's waste, scoop carefully and avoid putting extra, loose litter into your toilet.

Is this product soft on paws? I saw the box labeled as soft but it is way more expensive
Answer by ChewyJun 27, 2017
The Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter does have soft ground pellets that forms firm clumps. The Okocat Soft Step Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is a finer texture for seniors and kittens.

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Rated 4.0279 out of 5 stars
932 Reviews
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933 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By TigerLily on May 11, 2022

Amazing Odor Control

Have two cats, over the years have tried many types of clay clumping kitty litter. All clay clumping litter tended to set like cement if not cleaned 1-2 x a day. Began trying all different kinds of litter from litter green, sweet scoop wheat etc. All litter tracks. Okocat clumps well, a little differently from clay clumping litter and does not form bottom layer of cemented litter. I believe Okocat has the best odor control of any litter I have ever tried. My cats have used various size pellets with out issue, I favor the smallest as seems easier for me when cleaning the litter box. Look through pictures provided by Chewy when ordering for pellet size.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By CatMomma on Apr 20, 2022

Best Okocat litter

I have tried nearly every Okocat type including the regular pellets, less mess, & soft paws, but I have found this one to be the best of the bunch. One of my boys is a bit of a “neat freak” so he believes in burying his excrement quite well, but in his pursuits of litter box cleanliness, he has a tendency to create quite the mess outside of their litter boxes. Out of the three other Okocat varieties I’ve used, I found this one to be the LEAST messiest of them all as there is significantly less litter outside of their boxes. Plus, the texture is still light and seems like it would be gentler under foot (or paw) than the pellets. It clumps well and has a nice naturally fresh wood scent when initially poured. Overall, this is one of the best litters I’ve purchased. I could also see this being a good litter for transitioning a cat from clay to natural wood as it has a more similar or familiar texture to traditional clay clumping varieties.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Philly on Apr 29, 2022

We Have a Winner

We’ve been using a safflower seed litter box for our cats for many years. It’s very smelly. We decided to get another litter box, but had trouble finding the right litter for our cats. Clay litter got stuck on our cats’ furry paws. It was painful. So I made a spreadsheet of different kinds of litter and their pluses and minuses. So far, Okocat is the winner. The litter eliminates odors better than any other we tried. The light clumps are easy to remove. Tracking is minimal. We also like the cardboard packaging v. plastic pail. So happy we tried Okocat early on!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Carmen on May 11, 2022

Great clumping wood litter

I have always had cats but always hated clay litter. It smells and is very dusty. This is a great alternative I have found that still clumps and acts like regular litter. There's a little bit of dust but at least it's not clay dust. It has a nice pine smell when it first comes out of the box. The litter lasts a while too. Like clay litter is does still scatter with a messy cat but is an easy clean up

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By CatzDog on May 7, 2022

Proud Cat Momma!!

By far the best litter I have bought for my fur babies. For years I kept switching between brands, stayed away from clay, attempted paper litter, feline pine and other eco friendly litters. The original Oko cat littler a little easier to clean than the other types from Oko cat and best bang for your buck. Minimal tracking

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By FromMattCat on Apr 12, 2022

It's a good product

Not being a fan of clay kitty litter, I searched for a good replacement. I soon discovered Okocat, and reading up on it, I liked what I was learning. I started using it over two years ago. Because Okocat is a natural wood product, it has a natural wood fragrance. Better yet, if Kitty covers up his/her waste product, there is little-to-no odor. Occasionally, one of my cats will produce a stink-bomb and then run for the hills without covering. That always gets my attention, and after I scoop up the little bomb, the cat box once again smells nice. Clay litter has no natural odor-control. Instead, it relies on the artificial Glade-type "perfume." To me, that stuff smells worse than the kitty bombs. The other things I love about Okocat is: 1 - it's far lighter than clay; 2 - it's not expensive; 3- it lasts longer than an equal-size container of clay; 3 - I don't need to change litter nearly as often, a chore I truly dislike; 4 - although it's a little dusty, it's not nearly as bad as clay; 5 - if your kitty has sensitive feet, Okocat is easier on them; 6 - If Kitty has super-sensitive feet (which most declawed cats have), Okocat makes a softer litter than the Original one; 7 - Okocat does track a bit, but then, so did the clay litter I used to buy. For a very small price, you can buy mats that catch much of the litter that kitty might track when they leave the catbox. Those mats are very easy to clean. Finally, the clay they use for litter is betonite clay. After a cat uses a clay-filled box, they groom themselves to remove what has stuck to their feet and to remove the dust that landed on their coats. Some say it is safe for cats to ingest it. Some say it isn't safe. I didn't want to continue taking a chance. I found Okocat, and I'm very pleased with it.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By mltucker on Mar 22, 2022

No litter is perfect

If odor control is one of your highest priorities, give this a try. Of any litters I've tried, this one wins hands-down for oder control. I have a sensitive nose, so this is important to me. This truly eliminates the urine smell; poo also, when buried. I wish I could say I love everything else about it, but alas, I cannot. Tracking is annoying. I'm finding this litter everywhere my cat goes: couch, bed, chairs; where doesn't she go? And the dust... There is no way this is 99% dust-free. It's closest to that, maybe, when still unused in the carton. But the more it's used & stirred around while cleaning out the litter box, the more it breaks down until you have what looks like a layer of sawdust in the bottom of the litter box, on its sides, & a bit outside the box where litter tracks first. I keep a dry microfiber mop nearby to corral the debris that spreads outside the box. I probably need to be replacing the litter entirely more often, especially when I see more dust accumulation. Because it doesn't smell, it's easy to let it go longer. I have not yet tried the pellet version of litter in this brand, but would like to see if it tracks less, as stated. Photo is to give you an idea how dusty it gets as it breaks down over 2 weeks or so of heavy use, fresh litter added in as clumps are removed. The box states, "Low Airborne Dust" & perhaps that's true. I hope so.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Rachel on Mar 24, 2022

Good, but not perfect

I like this litter a lot and have been using it for my cats for about a year now. There's no such thing as a perfect litter, but for me, the pros outweigh the cons on this one. PROS: The wood smell is refreshing and does a much better job of eliminating odor than any other litter I've tried. I also like that it's eco-friendly. I've found that this litter does not track very much as long as you place a mat in front of the litter box. My cats seem to like this better than the clay litter. It clumps great and is super easy to scoop. CONS: The top handle is flimsy and there is no way to reseal the box after you've opened it. This litter is also very very dusty. I have to dust my place more regularly and have even had to wipe dust off of my cat before. Like some other reviewers, I sometimes mix this with a softer litter because it can be a bit rough on paws since it is made from wood.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By EmJay on May 6, 2022

No perfumes, no odors

We have been using this litter for a few months now in our 2-cat household. Previously I was using scented clay litters and they would cause allergic reactions so I had to find an alternative. Ökocat is a winner! It is unscented and the nasty ammonia smell we used to get from clay litters is nonexistent.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By SteveChevy on Apr 29, 2022

Never Going back to Clay

Okocat worked better than I ever would have expected. Please try it if you have been using clay litter for all of your cats. This was my first try and while we didn't like the "soft" variety (finer grains) we loved the original version. Started with one box of each. Now, I'm going to make sure I always have this product on hand.