Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

By Okocat
Rated 4.0269 out of 5 stars
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Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter, 13.2-lb box slide 1 of 10
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Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter, 13.2-lb box slide 1 of 10

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About This Item

  • A plant-based litter that’s a clean and healthy option for your family, both furry and not-so-furry.
  • The biodegradable wood fiber is sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued and works to naturally prevent enzymes from bonding with liquid and waste, halting ammonia odor before it even starts.
  • Absorbs liquid on contact and creates solid clumps for hassle-free scooping. And it’s flushable—simply scoop and flush one clump at a time!
  • 99% dust-free so you and your feline can breathe easier. The wood fiber is de-dusted and screened.
  • 100% free from artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes and GMOs.
Play Video: Learn More About Okocat From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Okocat From Our Team of Experts

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$14.24Chewy Price
$14.24Chewy Price
Litter FeatureFlushable, Odor Control, Clumping, Unscented, Natural, Eco-FriendlyFlushable, Odor Control, Clumping, Unscented, Natural, Eco-FriendlyFlushable, Odor Control, Clumping, Unscented, Natural, Eco-FriendlyOdor Control, Clumping, Unscented, Multi-CatOdor Control, Clumping, Scented, Multi-Cat
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Questions & Answers

36 Customer Questions

How often should this litter be completely switched out? As box completely emptied and completely new litter put in.
Answer by LalaMar 08, 2022
I have two cats, scoop twice a day, and change it when it starts to smell, usually after about a month.

Did Okocat recently change their formula? I'm used to it looking like tan color, but the last box I ordered, the litter was an orange color and was slightly smaller in texture.
Answer by ChewyDec 31, 2019
Okocat has been produced in Germany in the past, however recently they have built a domestic cat litter manufacturing plant at their Jesup, Georgia facility to produce the same litter. With the species of wood raw material being different in Germany versus Georgia, there are minor variabilities in color, scent, and appearance. The product specifications and performance attributes remain the same. Their domestic litter is made from local sustainably sourced Georgia softwoods – which include spruce, pine, and fir.

Is this septic safe ?
Answer by ChewyOct 24, 2017
The litter is 100% biodegradable and flushable. If you intend to flush your cat's waste, scoop carefully and avoid putting extra, loose litter into your toilet.

Is this product soft on paws? I saw the box labeled as soft but it is way more expensive
Answer by ChewyJun 27, 2017
The Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter does have soft ground pellets that forms firm clumps. The Okocat Soft Step Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is a finer texture for seniors and kittens.

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Rated 4.0269 out of 5 stars
965 Reviews
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965 Customer Reviews

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By BoonesMom on Sep 18, 2022

I love this litter!!

I love this litter so much!! The number one reason is because it lasts so long. I got the medium sized box and I’ve only used a little over 1/4 of it with one cat for 1 month……thats amazing. It also hides the odor so well and you can really only smell the poo if you don’t scoop for a couple days. I will say it does track around the house a bit so I couldn’t give it five stars but it does not go very far from the litter box because i purchased a honeycomb like litter mat which helps a lot with tracking. Now i will say it vacuums up really well on my tile floor and from the litter mat but other comments have said it does not vacuum up well on carpet so pick your poison. If you have that issue i would try the pellet style litter. The litter itself also has a very mild smell of wood and it’s actually kind of nice haha. Just give it a try I promise you will love it!!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Kate on Sep 16, 2022

Lots of dust!

I've used the 13.2 lb Original Clumping litter for two weeks. It's not 99% dust-free. After one week I could write my initials on the hood of my cat's litter box because the fine dust migrates everywhere. The cat gets covered in dust. The clumping chemical in the litter dust is so powerful, the wet washcloth I wipe her down with dries into a crusty hard shape. So I worry about her (and me) having the dust in our lungs. Her love of playing in the box contributes to the dustiness but no way will this litter last 2.5 months for her since it degrades into dust. However, it somehow *feels* cleaner than clay and the clumping is strong. There's a slight smell of pee after two weeks of daily outflow removal.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Sarah on Aug 28, 2022

odor controlled, but lots of tracking

I purchased this and I really want to like it, but there is one huge issue that is preventing me from repurchasing. It covers the smell pretty well, better than clay. There is far less dust. However, it tracks like crazy for my cat! I will find it on my rugs, in my bed, in her window hammock- all over! The clay would track outside the litter box, but it didn't seem to get stuck in her toes like this does. On top of that, it's oddly difficult to vacuum up. It gets stuck in the fabric fibers of my rugs (or the window hammock) and I usually have to manually pick it out. No clue as to why that is, maybe it's stickier than clay litter? I want to try the pellets, but the company told me those would not work well in an automatic cleaning litter box.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Karic on Aug 6, 2022

Best wood litter ever!

No smells whatsoever with this litter, I can’t believe it!! I used to get my cat Weruva Tea Potty litter made from hinoki wood until it was discontinued. Weruva was expensive and I figured it was because no other litter could be odorless. I was scrambling to find a replacement and came upon this Okocat one. It’s even better than the old litter! Soooo much cheaper, too. I like that this litter is crushed pieces, not little pellets because with a toddler in my home I don’t want him finding cat litter pieces that look like Cheerios bits and try eating them!! The crushed litter also doesn’t track as much as the old pellets did. It absorbs and clumps pee really well, and it doesn’t become a sticky clump like with wheat litter. My cat doesn’t mind the texture. It seems dust-free to me. Also way better than recycled newspaper pellets we used before! Those stunk and didn’t clump and tracked like crazy. I wish I had found Okocat sooner!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Autumn on Aug 4, 2022

Perfect for cat paws!

I've been using this litter for the past six months, so I figured it's about I wrote a review. I used to use traditional clumping litter, but I noticed my cats paws were dry and cracking, and some research said her litter could be causing it. I first tried an oatmeal moisturizer, but she HATED the feeling of it and fought me everytime I tried to use it on her. So after some searching I found this litter, and it's been PERFECT! Her little toe beans aren't dry anymore, it clumps very well, and I find that getting a sifter with large slits makes cleaning easy. I'm so so so glad this is an option, and I think my little kitty is happy too!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By NeverAgain on Aug 21, 2022

Reformulation is Awful

Just got a new box and it's basically coarsely chopped pine pellets. It smells terrible. I was using a an unopened box from a few years ago that was amazing! No sharp edges, no scent, fantastic odor control. My cat freaked out and ran away when he saw the new stuff. Absolutely cannot recommend unless the manufacturer improves their quality control.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Goody on Jul 20, 2022

Too much mess.

When my preferred litter, Yesterday's News, stopped being produced I decided to try something different. So I ordered Okocat because it claimed many positive qualities that I, and my cat, could appreciate. While it did deliver some of those qualities, the tradeoff wasn't worth it. My cat had no problem adjusting to it. I did. I was cleaning up litter that was carried far away from the box in my cat's paws. And trying to remove any waste, whether feces or urine, was like digging for buried treasure, but just coming up with huge wads of litter encrusted waste. Now, I've decided to try what I've been told is a worthy successor to Yesterday's News....Fresh News. I've got my fingers crossed.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Bubbles on Aug 28, 2022

Solves A Problem

I had been using Yesterday's News for my cat who loves to put her paws in the water. Needed a litter that wouldn't clump in her pads. Recently I noticed her claws disappearing. I switched to Okocat because it is softer. It clumps nicely, easy to sift stools out and she seems good with it.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By litter on Aug 29, 2022

clumping litter

Clumping litter is not my favorite one, but I still wanted to try it out. My cat seemed to really enjoy making a mess with this litter, which didn't make me very happy. The clumps were hard to pick with a litter scoop, so most of the time I had to use a bag. Holds smells well.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By TracyinWA on Sep 12, 2022

Fantastic Litter

This cat litter doesn't have the dust of the clay litter. It is MUCH safer for my foster kittens so they aren't breathing and eating clay off their paws. It clumps well and there's essentially no odor. I love this litter.