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Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes Calming Music Cat Speaker

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Help your pal tune into a calm, balanced state of mind with the Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes Calming Music Cat Speaker. This Bluetooth® speaker comes pre-loaded with 90 minutes of music developed by a sound behaviorist to reduce stress and calm nervous kitties. The feline-specific music is clinically proven and veterinarian-approved to help alleviate nervousness caused by the environment, such as thunderstorms and other loud noises, or during stressful situations like grooming, traveling, and litter training. Plus, it can also help to calm excess nocturnal activity in your kitty. Its small, ultra-portable design makes it easy to take on the go, place by your pal’s bed, or hang in a safe spot with the included lanyard. The music will play continuously and wirelessly for up to eight hours on a full charge, and you can adjust the volume depending on the size of the room, so that even you can hear the soothing tunes!

Key Benefits
  • Plays calming, frequency-modified music that’s clinically proven and veterinarian-approved to reduce stress and calm nervous feline behaviors.
  • Can also be given as needed for stressful situations like during travel, grooming, separation anxiety or when there are loud noises present, like during thunderstorms.
  • Small, lightweight design is perfect to lay by your kitty’s bed or hang from its lanyard in a safe spot.
  • Speaker is Bluetooth capable and comes with a Micro SD card pre-loaded with 90 minutes of music.
  • Built-in lithium battery is rechargeable on most laptops and computers with its USB charging cord; to play music 24/7, simply plug into a USB wall adapter (not included).
What's Included

User Manual, Speaker Unit, Pet Acoustics Music pre-loaded on a microSD card (512MB), USB Charging Cord, Lanyard Strap, and One-Year Limited Warranty.

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    2 x 2 x 2 inches
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    3.6 ounces
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    Bluetooth, Rechargeable, Battery Powered

Charging the Unit

Pet Tunes comes with a minimal battery charge when purchased. To completely charge, gently connect the small end of the Charging Cord into the Line-In port, as not to damage the port. Connect the USB end to your device, computer or a USB wall adapter. The Indicator glows red while charging. When the red light turns off, your Pet Tunes is fully charged. A full charge normally takes two hours. Once disconnected from power, the unit will continuously play Pet Acoustics Music up to 8 hours. To play 24/7, connect to a USB wall adapter. If music skips, the unit needs to be charged again.

Pairing via Bluetooth

Press the Pause/Pair button in the center until you hear a tone, indicating Pet Tunes is now in pairing Mode. The blue light flashes quickly while pairing. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device, select Pet Acoustics and follow your device instructions. If your device asks for a PIN, enter 0000. You will hear the same tone once paired.

For Best Results

  • Place the Pet Tunes unit near the hearing environment of your pet, about 4 feet (122 cm) above the floor.

  • Loop the lanyard strap onto Pet Tunes to hang the unit on a crate, cage or stall.

  • Keep Pet Tunes off the ground where dust, water or food may come in contact.

  • Clean unit with a soft cloth.


How long does Pet Tunes play before it repeats?

Pet Tunes comes pre-loaded with 90 minutes of original Pet Acoustics music before it repeats.

How long does the battery last?

The lithium ion battery typically lasts up to 8 hours, wirelessly. You can also play and charge Pet Tunes 24/7 inserting the USB plug into a USB wall adaptor.

How do you charge Pet Tunes?

You can use a computer USB insert or a USB wall adaptor.

Does this come to me already charged?

Each Pet Tunes comes with a slight charge but should be charged for 2 1/2 hours for a full battery to play wirelessly.

Can more music be added to the Micro SD card?

We advise putting your selected music on a new Micro SD card which you can exchange with the card already in the Micro SD slot at the topof the Pet Tunes unit. To remove, press the SD card in and it will pop out.

How do I put more music on it?

You can play any music through the Bluetooth® feature, or pop out the Micro SD card and add other music on a different Micro SD card.

How do you connect with Bluetooth®?

You can connect your computer, tablet or phone to the Pet Tunes speaker. Enter Bluetooth® pairing mode by holding down the play button until you hear a chirp. Now your device is ready to scan for it. Press “Pet Acoustics” to pair.

Does this come with a cord that also plugs into the wall?

Pet Tunes comes with a USB cord. You can charge the unit to play wirelessly up to 8 hours.

Can you actually hear the music?

Yes the music is audible for humans and people find the music calming too!

Does it just keep playing, or does it stop once it's done?

Pet Tunes plays continuously up to 8 hours on a full battery charge. You do not have to press any buttons to have the music play continuously.

Is the Pet Tunes speaker loud enough for a large room or kennel?

Pet Tunes volume can be set loud enough to fill a large environment. Is it normal for there to be a delay before the music starts?

There is a 2 - 3 second delay and then the music will play. There will be a blue light blinking when Pet Acoustics music is playing.

No music playing.

If for some reason you have charged the unit and there is no music playing but the Blue light is on, pop out the Micro SD card and put it back into the slot gently until it clicks in and is flush with the top of the unit. In transport the units get jogged and the SD card can get out of alignment. Popping the card out and putting it back in will start the music if this is the issue.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Every cat owner should have one of these

    By Mags on Oct 9, 2021

    Omg. What a wonderful item. Whoever thought of this is genius. My two shelter boys (5 yo) absolutely love love this. They have become loving and less needy. They even come when I call. I realize there is an apt. But this little box goes with them at night and when there is commotion during day. It’s a must have for all kitty owners.

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  • 2 out of 5 stars

    Good idea but does not perform as promised.

    By Bilbo on Sep 29, 2021

    If you think it is going to wrk as promised you will be seriously disappointed. I need mine to run 24 hrs a day. It promises to do do that by simply plug it into a charged computer that is charging. It does not. It stops when it has gone through one cycly and that is it. It does not continue nor does it restart . I am probably going to return mine or replace it if someone at chewy can fix it.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Honestly, I’m obsessed.

    By Sarah on Oct 8, 2021

    I bought this thinking it was going to be a waste of money. It seems to calm my cats a bit but even if it doesn’t, I think it was still a fantastic purchase. The music is so calming, relaxing, and pleasant. I put it on for my cats when I’m gone during the day and I like the music so much, I often forget to turn it off when I return.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Great product

    By Ginger on Sep 25, 2021

    About after 10 seconds, my cat laid down and was so mellow. She likes it, I love it, for her and me. It calms my brain down, makes my body relax. No kidding. What a wonderful tool to have for these crazy times.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    They Ask For Music

    By Sydney on Jul 7, 2021

    My two 2-year old siblings, Sméagol and Arwen love this music box. Arwen will come up to it, tap it and chirp until we turn on the music. They will both lay down and chill. It really helped him with the fireworks. He didn’t run around terrified like he normally does. Sméagol was still scared but she stayed with us, the music box, and her pheromones. I would recommend this a thousand times. The music is soothing for us too. We listen to it while we WFH.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Item!

    By CD49 on Jul 18, 2021

    Very peaceful, calming music in a small, convenient package. Keeps the boys calm during thunderstorms and fireworks.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    I like this idea

    By Lovestotravel on Apr 1, 2021

    I already play either cat calming music or spa music on my Alexa to relax my cats at night when they want to play and I want to sleep. I’ll be purchasing this for car rides since our vet is about 40 minutes away from our home.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Made car travel much easier

    By Bash on Dec 29, 2018

    My cat usually cries most of time during our 9 hour car trip. The speaker plus Feliway spray worked great. She still got carsick :-( , but the speaker was so helpful in keeping her calm. It was very easy to use, held the charge for 9+hours of continuous play, & I could turn volume low enough that front seat passengers didn't hear. I thought it was a bit pricey, but it was well worth it for peace & quiet! Would highly recommend.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Purrfect for Anxious Kittens

    By Yeshers on Jul 21, 2018

    Our kittens have been exhibiting anxious behaviors from noise pollution in the area. We purchased this speaker to use in our absence. Naturally, after its delivery, we charged it and tried it out. I placed it in the common room and my kittens went straight towards it to check it out. One even laid down and went right to sleep! We have been using it for a few days and have noticed a huge difference in their behavior. I would highly recommend this product to others!

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  • 3 out of 5 stars

    Does our work?

    By SuperSylph on Jan 17, 2019

    I'm not sure. My cats do not seem any more calmer.

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