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Appeal to your dog's animal instincts with the Pet Qwerks Animal Babble Ball. Pet Qwerks Animal Babble Balls are interactive toys that make animal sounds when activated. Interactive toys are a great way to keep your dog occupied and prevent unwanted behaviors associated with boredom like inappropriate chewing or barking. Pet Qwerks Animal Babble Balls are triggered by touch and turn off automatically when playtime is over. They feature more than 20 different animal sounds including dog growls and barks, pig oinks and bird chirps.

Key Benefits

  • Triggered by touch and turn off automatically when playtime is over
  • Interactive toys that make animal sounds when activated
  • Features more than 20 different animal sounds including dog growls and barks, pig oinks and bird chirps
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Colors may vary. Available to choose from three different sizes: small, medium & large

Special Note

Ships in a variety of random and fun colors!

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  • Dimensions
    3.125 x 3.125 x 3.125 inches
  • Lifestage
    All Stages, Adult
  • Toy Feature


  • Place ball near your dog for play. The ball's sensitive electronics turn on when the dog touches it, breathes on it or causes vibrations by walking nearby.
  • Clean with a damp cloth. Do not submerse the balls as it will damage the electrical components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Babble Balls so appealing to pets?

All pets love toys that make noise. Most pets also love balls. The Babble Balls combine both features into a single toy. Inanimate squeak toys or plain balls don't hold a candle to the Babble Balls. From the pets perspective, the Babble Balls are playing with them! The more they play, the more the balls will talk back to them.

How can my pet benefit from a Babble Ball?

It's typical that pets, especially dogs, become quite excited with the balls. The physical workouts provide all the benefits of healthy exercise. A healthy pet is a happy pet! The Babble Balls have opened new worlds for pets that are blind or have poor eyesight. Pets with separation anxiety or are chronically bored have perked up remarkably. Unlike toys that motivate activity by dropping out unhealthy treats, the Babble Balls are just good healthy fun!

How long do the batteries last?

The Babble Balls produce 12,000 - 15,000 phrases or sounds with a set of batteries. If your pet causes the ball to make 100 sounds per day, it should last for approximately 4 - 6 months. Depending upon your pets play habits it will last more or less. The balls switch into sleep mode as soon as it motion stops. It then consume energy at the rate of a quartz watch.

Can I replace the batteries?

Yes! The battery compartment can be opened by removing the 2 deep set phillips screws. Replace with 3 new 1.5 volt (AG13/LR44) button cell batteries.

How durable is the Babble Ball?

They are built to take a pretty good beating! Their intended use is as an indoor toy. It can be rolled around the room and will not be affected by hitting the walls. Aside from aggressive chewing, the behavior of your dog will not cause damage. If your dog is an aggressive chewer we suggest you drop the ball inside a pair of old socks. This often changes the behavior. They are not designed to be hit with baseball bats or tennis rackets. They contain electronic components.

Is the Babble Ball right for my pet?

The Babble Balls appeal most to pets that like to play and have energy to burn. Most dogs are incredibly excited to play the moment they hear the ball. Some timid dogs may be initially cautious but curiosity usually wins over quickly.

What material are the balls made from?

The outer casing of the balls is made from non-toxic, rigid, hi-impact plastic. It is tough enough to discourage most chewers.

Can I deactivate the Babble Ball?

Yes. Simply slide the plastic strip back into the battery slot and between the batteries. It's advisable to deactivate the balls if you are going in a car or shipping the ball.


Size Pet Weight
Small Up to 10 lbs
Medium 12 - 25 lbs
Large Above 25 lbs

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  • Funny, makes my whole family laugh

    By on

    My dogs are rescues from horrific situations... and do not know how to play. (except one) and this ball has them curious... no one has 'played' with it quite yet.. but it has their attention... and they have barked at it... or sniffed it and when it made noise... jumped and ran... but keep coming back trying to figure it out. My kids are also getting quite a kick out of it... they keep thinking they are hearing neighbors animals. lol So far lots of fun.. even if the dogs haven't figured out what to do. :)

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  • Too small, very loud, can't turn off

    By on

    The large is not very large. I don't have much of a concern about swallowing but it's just not a good size for my big guy. The hard plastic shell is unappealing to him. But the noise. Sweet cheese on crackers, the noise. The animal sounds are loud and terrifying, there's no way to turn this off, they continue for a long time after rolling, and barking starts them up again. I hid this in a drawer near the dishwasher and the vibrations started up the noises. It's like the tell-tale heart of toys!

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  • Fast paced animal sounds!

    By on

    Ducks, lions, cows, horses, etc. on speed! Kinda scared little Lily, but she remains interested in what the sounds are. Had to hide the ball on a shelf behind a cupboard door because it's motion activated. Will take it out and let Lily get used to it when I'm not home. Like giving a drum set to a 4 year old!

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  • Cute but Loud

    By on

    i have 2 dogs and a cat. My puppy loves playing with this ball except when the wounded dog sound comes thru he gets scared. My 3 year old dog is afraid of this toy and my cat comes running when he hears it to also play. Overall it is a great toy, but was much much louder than I thought it would be.

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  • My puppy was scared of it.

    By on

    She jumped on the couch, and would bark at it. After a day she started getting down and smacking it, then running back to the couch. It was so funny! Wish I had a video of it!

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  • Favorite Toy Ever

    By on

    My two love Babble Balls! We actually own 3 and I'd love to have many more. If one rolls under the couch, no problem, we'll have another temporarily. Hands down, the best toy ever.

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  • Quits making noise after short time.

    By on

    My Sheltie LOVES all toys that make noise and he LOVED this one. However, after about a handful of times playing with this it quit making noise. I have a very disappointed dog!

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  • Lots of fun

    By on

    Would have given this a 5 because our dog loved it, but it broke already. Will probably order another one and see if it holds up better

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  • Read the fine print!

    By on

    I ordered the Large ball and what I got is WAY too small for large or giant dogs. In fact it fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. The packaging said Large, so.......I guess the manufacturer's definition of large is different from mine. Also the ball was DOA. Chewy quickly refunded my money so no issues there. This is the second time I've ordered a toy described as for "Large" dogs that ended up too small. I think I need to be more diligent about looking for measurements!

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  • needs some tweaking

    By on

    The dog I purchased it for loves it. She was a little afraid for only a few minutes, and then couldn't stop batting it around the floor and rolling around on it outside. We've had it for about three days...waiting to see how long the battery lasts. Negative...the size. I bought the large, but it needs to be a little bigger to keep her from getting her mouth completely around it to chew on. Preference for the hard plastic vs. a more pliable material is really up to your individual dog's play habits. This dog chews, but also loves to push balls around with her paws or nose, so it's fine for her with supervision. I think she would do more damage to a softer ball of the same size.

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