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Chewy Customer Service Stories: Meet Raoul

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Raoul started his Chewy journey in March 2017 as a customer service representative and is currently on the email team where he responds to our customers’ emails and chats.

But no matter what team Raoul is on, he never misses an opportunity to get to know our customers, who he says have a flair for picking out creative pet names.

“At times, they name their pets from characters belonging to their favorite movies or shows,” Raoul says.

The most memorable pet names he’s heard are two pet ferrets named Apple Fritter and Waffles.

Raoul has a pet himself whose name is equally as creative.

“I have a Maltese who’s really small, and his name is Macho,” Raoul says. “He’s full of that personality in the sense that he thinks he’s the biggest, baddest dog on the block.”

Raoul’s dog, Macho. Courtesy of Raoul F.

When we asked Raoul what animal he would want to be, he said he’d want to be a “Lioness Eagle,” so he could fly like an eagle and have the fierceness of a lioness.

Names aside, at the end of day, it’s important to Raoul that our customers know how valued they are and how much he appreciates talking to them. He says our customers are some of the most passionate, educated and, at times, hilarious people on the planet.

“It’s not just a transaction of funds for goods; they are valued,” Raoul says. “The level of commitment in wowing our customers is real. It’s not something that is conjured up, it’s not something that is scripted. They want all of us to be natural and organic with our responses, and the ability to listen and to really take care of our customers in a manner that it’s real, it’s not something artificial.”

Check out Raoul’s interview below to get to know more of his story.

What was the hardest part of training?

The hardest part of the training program was actually learning something totally outside of my realm of experience and education. And also that you could have fun in a corporate setting, and I was like, “I don’t know if I can fit in,” because I was used to everything being regimented.

What makes Chewy different?

Being able to sincerely be myself and to allow my personality to shine with the customer, taking care of the customer, but also letting them know that they are valued. Their furbabies, their scaly babies, feathery babies, whomever it may be, they are all valued. Just to be able to pass on that sincerity and that level of professionalism and having it blend together to take care of the customer, that’s what makes Chewy great.

What is it like on the email team?

What makes the emailing team so special is that busy customers who are trying to multi-task and take care of things, we can add that personal touch to that experience that maybe they don’t have the time to do on the phone.

What’s your most memorable customer experience? 

One in particular that stands out was a gentleman who lived in northern Florida and he talked about serving the country—he’d been through a lot. He stated something that kind of stuck with me [which] was, “You know, I haven’t had a chance to really laugh about anything in like almost three years, and since calling and speaking to you, and the whole Chewy experience, you’ve really brought some joy into my life and I really appreciate that.” I was really touched by that. For him as a veteran especially, thanking him for his service and at the same time appreciating him as a Chewy customer, it was great to get that feedback. I really appreciated that.

I remember a lady customer calling in. She had me laughing so hard in regards to just the whole ordering experience that I reached out to our WOW team, so that she can get what we call “Chewy swag.” You know, things like that is what makes Chewy special that you can go outside of the normal business-customer relationship.

By: Chewy Editorial