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Dog Day Care: What to Know Before You Go

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Learn about dog kennel cough. Kennel cough is the most common illness; even the best, cleanest dog kennel will probably have it go around once a year or so. “Dogs will be dogs and are going to make each other sick,” explains Thomas. So chat with your vet to best understand preventatives and possible treatment options.

Resist being a helicopter pet parent. Some puppy day cares offer a webcam service. Take a peek from your desk, sure, but keep it to a minimum. Otherwise, like any loving mom or dad, you may find yourself worrying about whether your fur baby has enough friends, or whether his new bff is really a bully, or why he’s sleeping instead of playing. Dogs are individuals, and will choose what they do, when, and with whom, notes Horan. The staff can’t, and shouldn’t try to, force a dog to play. “Please do not call and ask ‘Why is my dog sleeping?’ I promise you will get one of two answers, ‘because he is tired,’ or ‘because she wants to,’” says Horan.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure doggy day care success and remember, if you have any questions or concerns spend a little time doing your research so you and your pup can feel comfortable.

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