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PetSafe ScoopFree Complete Plus Self-Cleaning Litter Box

By PetSafe
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  • Let the litter box do the work—enjoy less scooping, cleaning and refills!
  • Each order comes with one disposable ScoopFree Complete litter tray with crystal litter—this fast-acting litter helps remove smells by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste.
  • Low-tracking crystals resist sticking to your cat’s feet and are 99% dust free.
  • Disposable tray features a plastic lining to help protect against leaks.
  • When it’s time to clean up, simply remove the lidded tray and throw it away.

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Learn More About PetSafe From Our Team of Experts

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About PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Boxes

Never Scoop Litter Again

With a ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box, there’s no scooping, and no cleaning or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks. It uses crystal litter, which provides superior odor control over traditional clumping litter, for a fresher, cleaner-smelling home. Stop scooping litter—forever!—with the automatic litter box trusted by millions of pet parents.

The Complete Litter Box Solution

Each self-cleaning litter box comes with pre-portioned litter designed specifically for ScoopFree litter boxes. Simply pour the crystal litter into the included disposable tray, load the tray under the litter box, and then let the box do all the work! There’s even a health counter that tracks how many times your cat uses the box, which can help you detect the early signs of a health issue. Trust PetSafe to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Why People Love ScoopFree Litter Boxes

If you’re looking for the solution to a clean litter box and an extra-relaxing day, these no-scoop litter boxes are for you. With the ScoopFree system, there’s no more scooping, no more smell and no more hassle—just a clean litter box for your cat and more me-time for you.

Safety Sensors

Special sensors help detect when your cat is in the litter box for safety and your pet’s peace of mind.

Health Counter

A special health counter monitors how many times your cat is using the litter box each day.

Crystal Litter

Special crystal litter dehydrates waste and eliminates odors for a fresher, cleaner-smelling litter box.

Automatic System

The litter-combing rake automatically removes waste so you don’t have to.

About PetSafe

PetSafe has been a global leader in pet care since 1998. They pride themselves on empowering pet parents through innovation, education and experiences. Their goal is to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, providing them with thoughtful products, expert advice and compassionate support. PetSafe’s US-based customer support team is always ready to help you get the most out of your life together with your pets!

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Questions & Answers

41 Customer Questions

Are you able to use the reusable try with this one if you were to purchase it?

Does the litter stick to the cat's paws and end up on the floor around the litter box?
Answer by ChewyMar 30, 2019
This litter box features low-tracking and 99% dust-free crystals that won’t stick to kitty’s paws so your home stays clean and litter-free.

How often do you need to change the crystal litter?
Answer by ChewyNov 17, 2020
You should change the litter tray when the crystal litter is saturated or when the waste trap is full. As the crystals absorb urine, the litter will start to turn yellow. Once the majority of the litter turns yellow, the crystals are nearing their saturation point. When the crystals can no longer absorb any more moisture, you may start to notice an odor from the urine. When the waste trap is full, the waste trap cover will not close completely. You may see small pieces of solid waste sticking out from underneath the lid. You may also start to notice an odor from the solid waste.

Does the hood come with this product?
Answer by ChewyApr 10, 2020
This litter box does not include the privacy hood. However, it is available separately for purchase by using the Chewy search feature and searching for "The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Privacy Hood".

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Rated 3.5722 out of 5 stars
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561 Customer Reviews

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Ash on May 24, 2023

Not meant for more than one cat

I have had nothing but issues with this litter box. I have more than one cat. I changed the litter box 10 days after having it the first time which was GREAT! Then the second time I cannot keep it clean. The litter rake just collects all of the poop & it cannot keep up. I wa so excited about this because have 3 cats I figured this would help us so much. But I regret this big purchase. I would have rather stuck 3 liter boxes in different rooms honestly.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Fraxon on May 18, 2023

decent for the price

I was worried my cat wouldn’t use it cause he gets sketched out but he used it within an hour of having it! It’s not perfect. It misses some small pieces and you’ll have to go back in if you want to remove them but it definitely does most of the job. The smell was also covered which is awesome. Also, I was worried about it being too small since he’s a big cat but he fits better than expected.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Hawk on Apr 20, 2023

Did not work

I followed the instructions to a T and at the end of the day, the tray was not how the description described. The remains get caught in the tray and it does not actually clean/clear the cat remains, more just moves everything around. In addition, when she climbs out, littler follows her and covers the entire room it’s located. If I could return and receive a refund I would, but it doesn’t look like that is an option.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Badgerface on Apr 4, 2023

disappointing performance

Wanted to like this litter box but it just didn't work 1. The rake did not necessarily take all the waste into the waste container 2 Unless I was willing to discard all of the expensive litter in the tray I had to empty the waste in the tray by hand 3 The odor was not diminished at all by the blue crystals 4 I followed all the suggestions to encourage the cats to use it but in two weeks they only tried it twice Really not a good product

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By literbox on Apr 4, 2023

automatic little box

I don’t know if I somehow set it up wrong but it’s not automatic or at least what I expected I got this liter box since I work 12 hours a day and can’t always come to home press the button to clean the litter box for my two cats not what I expecting will defently be searching for different automatic litter box that is actually automatic.. kind sad was excited tp try this in hopes it would work for both my cats

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Missy on May 2, 2023

I had a hard time making this purchase after seeing the price but am so glad I did! It is a must have! So easy to install and change out. Odor is cut down and clean up is super easy with the leak resistant box and lid. Should have bought this a long time ago.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Jenn on May 26, 2023

Amazing litter box

The size of this litter box is truly amazing. My tabby has no problem getting in and out or fitting in this litter box. There is no bad smells like you get from litter with these crystals.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By DeeDee on Mar 24, 2023

Works great

I had bought this because I was working so many hours and didn't feel like spending my time off cleaning litter. Mu husband couldnt bend down and clean a regular litter box. I had it for about 8 years before the motor slowed down and wasn't cleaning as well. I would change it about once a month. If you don't want to scoop litter every day it is definitely worth it. Best investment I could have spent my money on.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Angie on Mar 12, 2023

not enough litter

I have one cat and the litter doesn’t last for 1 month. I find myself changing it every few weeks. Not only that but I have to wash the rake that scoops the poop because the poop sticks to it. I also find myself washing the sides. The only good thing about it is it was given to me(new in box) and I didn’t pay for it. The convenience does not outweigh the hassle of having to clean the rake and box weekly. Might go back to scooping or try a different system . The picture is only 2 weeks.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By MorristownMissKitty on Apr 29, 2023

Too expensive to maintain

In short to keep this unit in good standing with your cat(s), you need to change the tray when it hits 30 at the latest. I have 2 cats so this is every single week... the trays cost almost 30 each... so you are spending 120 a frapping month... I am a disabled vet trying to help my cats and myself.. and now I am stuck with this and unable to afford the trays.