Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy, 10-inch

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Your kitty will never lose another ball under the couch with the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy. With three exciting levels, this interactive toy encourages extended playtime as the colorful balls spin and roll around and around. It’s great for multiple-cat households and independent play because it lets cats enjoy an action-packed afternoon even when you’re not at home. The stacked play station is built to last and features non-skid pads so it won’t move about as your kitty plays.

Key Benefits

  • Durable toy consisting of three levels of exciting play, each level includes its own circular track and ball
  • Non-skid pads keep track from sliding around as cats bat and play
  • Spinning and rotating action of the balls entices cats to play
  • Great fun for a single cat or multiple cats
  • Measures 10" diameter x 5" high

Additional Details

HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: As with any product, supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product regularly for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury could result. HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Intended for pets. Keep out of reach of children.

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Where Fun Meets Functional

Petstages' cat toys are all about having fun, but they're also made to address your cat's most primal needs, like hunting, stalking and scratching. Just like their name says, Petstages makes toys for every stage of development to keep your kitty fit, entertained and energized from kittenhood to his senior days.

Where Fun Meets Functional

Satisfying Dental Chews and Toys

Petstages dental toys give cats even more fun things to chew that are much safer than cords and strings they might find around the house. Petstages has innovative dental health toys to help satisfy that intense urge to bite and carry prey around—while behind the scenes, they're also helping to keep your cat's teeth clean and healthy. Some are even filled with catnip, like the Catnip Dental Health Chews and Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel. These are both covered in netting that helps remove soft tartar and massages the gums as your kitty bites down. And to freshen up your mini lion's breath after a big meal, give him the Fresh Breath Mint Stick—a mint-filled chew that doubles as a fun toy.

About Petstages

Petstages makes reliable products that you can count on in every stage of your pet's life. They partner with pet experts to create the most inventive developmental toys, which they like to call "products with purpose." These toys cater to the instinctual needs of cats and dogs, giving them durable toys for playing, interacting, scratching, chasing, chewing, kicking, biting and even snuggling. No matter your pet's need, Petstages is committed to fulfilling it through constant innovation.


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  • Should have gotten it sooner

    By on

    Got this because I wanted to start getting my kitties more stuff to play with so they would not be so destructive or asleep all the time. As soon as I took it out of the chewy box, they were both all over it. One would be spinning the ball and the other would look and try to also stop it. So cute to watch them play with this super affordable toy! It's pretty lightweight, so it would be nice if they added more weight to it so it wouldn't easily move on hard surfaces. Other than that, perfect and will keep it until we need to replace it! Thanks!

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  • My youngest cat loves it!

    By on

    I was somewhat disappointed of the size of this at first. I did think it would be bigger but this is my fault for not looking at the dimensions. But.....my youngest cat loves it! I hear her playing with it in the middle of the night too! I do recommend it for smaller cats. Also I dropped a toy mouse or toy inside the top and my cat just loves to stick her paw down in it and try to get it. I hope your furr babies enjoy it!

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  • Kitties like it

    By on

    Our cats are like most others. Highly unpredictable when it comes to introducing a toy. Chances are 50/50 that they'll play with whatever we get them, or turn their noses up and walk away. So far, they seem to like it and we've heard them spinning the balls round and round in the middle of the night. One of our cats actually sticks her head inside the top because she sees the shadows of the balls as they're spinning around. She is a tiny cat and if she were bigger, I'd be afraid her head would get stuck because it's got a plastic divider-like handle at the top. Other than that, the toy has been a thumbs up with us.

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  • For my kitty it's a no.

    By on

    My cat is a true feral that I tamed and now she lives with me. She got bored with this right away. It's no fault of the product I just think since she's (frankly) killed so much to survive before me she understands there's no payoff with this. She goes wild over toys she can scratch and bite. So I'm not going to rate this toy down because it's well made and the rubber around the bottom makes it sturdy.

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  • Triple the fun!

    By on Top 500 Contributor

    Sunny loves to chase the balls around his tower of tracks, and they don't get lost, too! It's a toy that he shares with his sister Sheltie, Lassie. Sunny makes the three balls spin around, while Lassie barks and joins in. Lassie's paws are too big, but she still tries. I think the kitten shows off a bit for her! He jumps over it, around it, and on top of it. I even hear him playing with it when the lights go out at night. He's an indoor cat, so I order toys from Chewy.com to keep him entertained and not bored. The cat tree I ordered is awesome, too!

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  • Occupies My Cat But is Noisy and Has Lost a Ball

    By on

    I have two of these (one for home and one for my parents) and she loves playing with this a lot. Beware though, the toy is quite noisy when you are trying to sleep and can be a bit of a nuisance. Additionally, she was able to get one of the balls out of the track, which was a bit frustrating. Other than that, she loves this toy and I would definitely recommend it to other cat owners.

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  • Literal Hours of Entertainment

    By on

    I have two cats, a Norwegian boy, 10 years old, and a mixed girl, 12 years old. They tolerate each other's presence but have NEVER played together. Until I got this toy. The first day, they spent two hours playing together, batting the balls around the tower and playing keep away from the other. Since then, they play with it for about an hour each day. Only recommendation is to put this toy away at night - the balls do get noisy rolling around the tracks at 4am!

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  • Shortlived thrill

    By on

    The item is small and he played with it for a little while, he laid down to bat the balls around. Now, he looks at it and taps it, but doesn't like it. He is a year old. Maybe that is why it was so reduced in price. I didn't see how tall it was. He has a couple of others that are just the regular ones with one level and he plays with those. Small or young kittens yes, but too small for a cat.

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  • A GREAT idea Your Cats Will LOVE!!!

    By on

    My two cats are literal "copy cats" and one single donut/track toy has always left one feeling left out. This toy is great for a single cat household because having multiple balls to push and catch at the same time is definitely more fun than one and for multiple cat households because they can both play at the same time. Simple but brilliant idea. Your cat/cats will LOVE it!!!

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  • Love this toy

    By on

    Our 16 month old cat, Thomas, LOVES this toy. He returns to it time & time again to chase the balls round and round, each time inventing a new way to "chase the prey". Though ours came missing the bottom-most balls, an easy fix was to substitute a plastic ping pong ball into the slot. Worked fine and Thomas didn't see any difference from the upper two he swatted around!

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