Pioneer Pet SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter

By Pioneer Pet
Rated 4.399 out of 5 stars
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Pioneer Pet SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter, 10-lb bag slide 1 of 6
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Pioneer Pet SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter, 10-lb bag slide 1 of 6

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Rated 4.399 out of 5 stars
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About This Item

  • With SmartCat All Natural Litter, “No smell-can’t tell” is what your home would say if it could talk! This litter is formulated and manufactured to provide excellent odor control.
  • SmartCat All Natural Litter clumps so fast and hard that odors don’t have a chance to escape. No irritating fragrances or perfumes are used.
  • Smart Cat Natural Litter absorbs and forms very hard strong clumps, making scooping and cleaning the litter box quick and easy.
  • SmartCat All Natural Litter is 99% dust free. With virtually no dust, SmartCat Natural Litter provides a healthier cleaner litter box environment for all members of the household.
  • SmartCat All Natural Litter has a creamy sand-like texture to give the product a clean and pure look that minimizes tracking. This litter is virtually dust free to minimize respiratory problems for cats and their parents.
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Litter FeatureClumping, Unscented, Odor Control, Dust Free, Eco-FriendlyClumping, Odor Control, Flushable, Unscented, Eco-FriendlyClumping, Odor Control, Multi-Cat, Unscented, Dust FreeEco-FriendlyEco-Friendly
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Questions & Answers

29 Customer Questions

How long does it last?

How dangerous is it for a cat to ingest this litter (in comparison to clay litter)? My cat is currently licking her litter on occasion, and while I am working with her to stop this habit, I want to know what I'm working with. Thank you!
Answer by ChewyFeb 02, 2018
The Cat Litter is not recommended for consumption but is made of all natural grass which is better than clay being ingested.

Approximately how long does this litter last?
Answer by ChewyDec 22, 2018
The litter boxes should be scooped every day and about every 3 days add fresh litter to the 3-4 inches level. The litter should be changed completely only as needed.

Has anyone tried this with the Litter Robot?
Answer by ChewyAug 22, 2019
This cat litter is suitable for use in automatic litter boxes like the Litter Robot.

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Rated 4.399 out of 5 stars
629 Reviews
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629 Customer Reviews

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Warmbloodedfurniture on May 10, 2022

Major Tracker, dustier as it "ages", still an option to be considered

Switched from "Pretty Litter" to this two months ago. Thought it was going to work out great and loved the biodegradable quality. I scoop all 4 boxes at least once a day (sometimes twice) which is not a problem, but the tracking and now the dust is especially since I think it is related to bladder issues caused by grooming all the dust off their legs & paws. The dust might be controlled IF I replace all the litter in each pan once a week, but that becomes extremely costly with four pans to maintain (household of 3 cats). Not sure this will resolve the tracking issue though. As far as odor, I have none but that's not the litter's responsibility, that's the human's. I flush the toilet every time I use it and clean the bowls once a week, the same should be afforded my cats' toilets. That's the way to control odors. Would LOVE a recommendation for a NON-silica containing, truly minimal/no dust producing litter. Horse bedding pellets worked fine until we brought in a new cat who refused to use them and once the other two had a different (softer, sandy option) they wouldn't either. HELP?!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By IndianaCatMomof2 on May 14, 2022

Love it!!!!!

I used to use a clay based litter it made my asthma horrible. My cats like to dig in the litter and dust would spread everywhere. This litter is really great! There is almost no smell when I change the litter and no dust. My asthma is no longer bad and I'm going through a whole lot less litter. It don't mess with my allergies. And not to mention the fact that I can actually move the litter box by myself it is so light. It's like it's empty, I can't even tell that there is litter in it.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Abcdefg on Apr 24, 2022

Please for the love of god do not buy this litter

Do you like the feeling of your entire house being coated in cat waste? Then this litter is perfect for you. We bought this cat litter to see if it would help with our cat’s allergies. We switched it out right before going out of town. Our cat sitter texted us to let us know it was tracking throughout our apartment and she was vacuuming everyday. When we got home, the entire floor of our entire apartment was coated in a layer of litter. You could feel a film beneath your shoes. Our black comforter was grey from the litter. I had to spend an entire day washing everything and bleaching all surfaces. Please save yourself from the headache this litter causes and do not buy it. I will say our cat sitter said our cats allergies were much better when using it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MrsP on Apr 25, 2022

Bye bye Dust

I’m happy and the cats are happy. There is no dust, well maybe the tiniest smidge but it’s not something most will notice. I’ve used okocat and worlds best. Okocat is horrible with dust. The dust even sticks to the wall and baseboards. Worlds cat multi might clump better but my cats didn’t seem like the texture. They prefer very soft litter. Worlds cat also had a bit more dust as the litter would slightly break down into dust over time. This litter can’t do that because of the seed. Clumps well if you let it dry. As for odor control it’s not the best but clean daily and no issues. Since I clean 1-2 times a day often The litter is still wet. It’s not an issue with scooping. Odor was low on my list of wants for a litter so I can forgive this minus. My biggest wants was easy clean up and dust free. It does track easily but it’s easy to sweep or vacuum up. I use a bathroom carpet outside the litter box and that catches 98% of it. Although my cat is not messy. Now my husband’s cat flings it all over the place where her box is located. Can’t really blame the litter. Works well for short and long haired. It’s not sticking to the box which is a bonus. Replacement will be easy when it’s time for a full box cleaning. Love that this is eco friendly too. We have a side of the house where I could easily compost the litter or use the left over after monthly box cleans to grow grass (not the used litter with pee or poop but after cleaning the box when it’s time for a change). Customer for life!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Lolo on Apr 29, 2022

Love the Litter, Hate the Moths

Ok, this is the best litter I have found in 30+ years of cat care. BUT -- what's with all the moths that hatch out in the summer? The litter smells good, has NO dust, clumps great, is light weight, but in Spring and Summer we have tiny moths emerging and flying around the house that are clearly coming from the litter. I guess they are in the grass seed, but there must be some way to "deactivate" them without using pesticides or anything like that. SIgh.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By fbp23 on Apr 12, 2022

I Don't Know What Happened; Used to be the Perfect Option for Low/No Dust

I started buying this litter sometime around last year, and - minus the tracking and odor control of poop - it was perfect. After using Dr. Elseys, A&H Odor Control, Pine Pellets, etc., I was looking for something that was just low to no dust. Before, my cat would come out of the litter box covered in dust, sneezing while grooming himself, and ended up with a urinary stone. At first, it worked perfectly. It never did a good job at controlling odors, and tracked a lot, but there was practically no dust and creates small, tight clumps which makes the litter last longer. Nowadays, the odor control is significantly worse and my cat is sneezing again because his paws are covered in dust.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By CALiz on May 13, 2022

Best Litter Ever!

This is absolutely the best litter ever. It doesn’t have that terrible cat litter smell that other litters have and it does the job. My cat has feline asthma and this does not bother her at all as there is no dust or perfumed odor. It is the best litter out there and I only wish I had found it years ago.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Mimi on Apr 24, 2022

pretty good litter!

Well, Walnut is too dusty, and the smell of the corn based litter makes me gag, so I tried this one. I like it! it clumps, it's scoopable, and isn't as messy as the corn based or dusty as the walnut.. It's also very light in weight!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Atomfemme on Mar 5, 2022

This really is great litter!

I decided to take a chance on this, since the reviews were so good. Yes, the reviews were right: it really is great litter. It makes solid clumps that don't break up. It looks just as clean two weeks later as it did on day one. I added some more, but that's all I had to do. Wish it were more affordable, but really, when you figure how much you would have spent replacing litter in that amount of time, maybe it all works out about the same.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Tracks on Mar 9, 2022

Tracks A LOT.

I’ve been using this litter for about a week. I will say it has been doing much better with clumping than the walnut shaving litter I was using before. My main complaint about this litter is how much it tracks. I have one of those litter mats with the holes that captures the litter that comes out but even that can’t keep up. Everything else about this litter is great so far!