Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Eco Plant Unscented Clumping Tofu Cat Litter

By Rufus & Coco
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
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Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Eco Plant Unscented Clumping Tofu Cat Litter, 8.8-lb bag slide 1 of 9
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Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Eco Plant Unscented Clumping Tofu Cat Litter, 8.8-lb bag slide 1 of 9

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About This Item

  • Helps trap ammonia odor within minutes.
  • Vegan and earth-friendly litter crafted from natural wheat and soy fibers—you can even dispose of it in your garden and use it as surface mulch.
  • Concentrated clumping litter is ultra-absorbent—it can absorb 4X its weight in liquid, forming tight clumps for easy scooping.
  • Large, paw-friendly pellets are low in dust to keep tracking low.
  • One bag can last up to 8 weeks and is the equivalent to 4 bags of clay.

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Top IngredientsWheat & Soy Fibers.N/AtofuDry Soybean (Tofu), Edible Starch, Water, Activated CharcoalNatural Clay and Mineral Product with Deodorizing System.
Litter FeatureClumping, Unscented, Odor Control, Multi-Cat, Eco-FriendlyNatural, Unscented, Eco-Friendly...Clumping, Unscented, Natural, Dust Free, LightweightClumping, Dust Free, Low Tracking...Scented, Odor Control, Clumping, Dust Free
Packaging TypeBagBagBagBagN/A

Questions & Answers

3 Customer Questions

I'm excited about trying this litter! I know litter made from only soy is flushable because it dissolves quickly in water. This litter is soy and wheat mix, so is it flushable?
Answer by ChewyJun 24, 2021
This litter may be disposed of by flushing or mulching.

Where is it made?
Answer by ChewyDec 19, 2021
Rufus & Coco is a privately owned Australian company. Rufus & Coco Wee Cat Litter is manufactured in China, under proprietary formula and strict control with independent laboratory testing.

Does this litter contain silica?
Answer by ChewyMar 22, 2021
This litter is made of wheat and soy fibers.

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Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
20 Reviews
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20 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Loren on Mar 16, 2022

It's great!

I've tried a lot of non clay litters with this one being the best! Every cat is different so maybe other reviewers don't have the same experience, but I have no concerns besides the unfortunate reality that these types of litters are way more expensive than clay. My two boys use their boxes a lot and with daily or every other day cleaning this litter holds up better than most with minimal odor and tracking. It clumps great and doesn't breakdown into a soggy mess like other pellets I've tried. I feel like I've also noticed it doesn't reek of ammonia as easily and I don't have to change it out as much. I will say it does have a natural scent but it definitely isn't a strong grassy barnyard or strange smell like other eco-friendly litters. Overall a win!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Namu on May 11, 2022

Tofu litter is the best

I can’t go back to any kind of litter after using tofu litter. It’s so much less messy than other litters and it’s even flushable. It’s great for a small home where you can’t keep the litter box in a separate area.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Magoo on Jan 9, 2022

You can address the dustiness

I am thrilled with this litter. It is wonderful on odors, it makes nice, discrete clumps that are very solid compared to other plant-based clumping litters, and it DOES NOT STICK to the litterbox, so no strong-armed digging to get a clean box, as with clay. Also, because it is 100% plant based, it does not contain volcanic ash (bentonite), which the clay litters use as a clumping agent. I don't want to breathe volcanic ash, and I certainly don't want my babies breathing it and ingesting it during grooming! I drop a star because I do find a lot of dust in Wee Kitty, but that is likely because of the long transportation times from Australia. If we create enough American demand that they can manufacture it here, I'd expect that to largely resolve. However, clay litters do the same, creating a cloud of volcanic ash, so I opt for the plant-based dust cloud. What you can do for the dust is spray some mineral oil on the litter every so often. I've also taken to using a classifier, so the dust never gets in the litter box in the first place. I also feed a dry kibble that has a lot of fine particles, and sorting them out using a classifier has been a great time-saver there as well. If you clean your litter box at least daily (You can do it! I do 11 boxes twice daily!), the clumps won't dry out and disintegrate into more powder.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Litter on Jan 10, 2022

Low tracking, clumps great, VERY dusty

I really wanted to love this litter. I live in a small apartment with two cats and I was so sick and tired of having little bits of litter all over the house. This litter definitely solved that problem albeit having the occasional piece outside the box, however the dust has made it impossible to keep using it, my entire space where the litter box is is covered in dust. I have a cat that has mild asthma and this has turned out to be an absolute no go in that regard. I think it clumps really well and I don't mind the smell, so if you are down with dust I think this is a great litter, but unfortunately I'm back to the drawing board.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Good on Mar 17, 2022

It really absorbs the pee odors.

I use this in 1 of my 4 litter boxes - just to give the kitties options. I like how well it controls the urine odors. And it is so environmentally friendly.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By dsundiego on Dec 30, 2021

Great Product

This is a great, low tracking, clumping litter. It is a little dusty, but the low tracking quality makes up for the dust. I have been having a problem finding it, as it comes from Australia, and I think shipping is a problem. I was happy to find it here.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Beastly on Oct 29, 2021

very dusty

I wanted to love this litter and gave it a few months. Unfortunately it just doesn't cut it. It does clump well but tracks more than you would exspect a large particle litter to and is EXTREMELY dusty. I'm concerned my current asthma flare up is due to this litter. I changed from clay to avoid tracking and dust allergies. I didn't absolutely hate it but for these reasons, I'm going to have to try something else.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By caiw on Oct 4, 2021

Best Litter Ever!

So i have tried basically every litter: clay, silica, wood shavings, newspaper, but tofu-based litter is hands-down the best there is! It's made from the leftovers from developing the soy bean that would just go to waste normally. It's compostable and flushable - it just completely disintegrates in the toilet! No messing with plastic bags and taking out the litter! It completely absorbs all the smell and liquid way better than any other litter i tried! I'm so impressed. It leaves just a pleasant, neutral scent. As for all the one-star reviews saying this litter is "too dusty" I don't really understand? Maybe they haven't used any other litter before? Because it's not any dustier than say, clay litter. And I'd 100% rather breathe in natural tofu dust than toxic clay or silica dust. Also, I hope the reviewers complaining about "ammonia smell" know that tofu does NOT smell like ammonia, that's just cat pee! If you're smelling ammonia, you probably changed the litter too fast and your cat just straight up urinated outside of the box. I thought this was basic cat owner stuff, but maybe there's some cat newbies here? So, absorbs smell, easy to clean up, what's not to love? I would use this litter even if it wasn't perfect, because it will always be worth avoiding the damage clay and silica litter mining practises do to the environment!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Nadine on Oct 29, 2021

Stinky and Dusty

This is probably some of the worst litter I've used. It's SOOOO dusty, combined with its lack of odor control I can smell it every day even when the box is clean. I tried it out because my favorite brand went out of business. I won't buy this one again.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Stank on Sep 24, 2021

Stank and Dust

Unscented is a mischaracterization here. This litter brings a stink of its own and when mixed cat urine it’s even worse. For the shape of the litter I thought it would be low dust. However it’s just as bad as many granular shaped litter I’ve used or worse. Even when I scoop it wafts dust, not just when I pour. It clumps ok, but when the clumps are still wet they fall apart. Would not recommend this litter!