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Chasing Our Tails

Chasing Our Tails opened their doors as a way to provide handmade dog treats to loving pet owners. That was in 2008, and today they have grown into so much more—and it’s all due to their passion for pets, and educating owners to make better choices. Chasing Our Tails believes that all four-legged pals can benefit from better nutrition, and that proper nutrition actually lays the foundation for good health. That’s why they take great care to produce only the best treats, manufacturing everything themselves in their own facility, which is located in Hudson, New Hampshire. They take great pride in their American-made quality, and happy customers can rest assured that all the ingredients are 100% sourced in the USA, packaged in the USA, and tested in the USA. There’s never any third party involved with manufacturing or packing, and it’s all to ensure that deserving dogs are rewarded with only the very best.