Mutt Mitt

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Mutt Mitt is designed to take the mess out of a messy situation. A company committed to delivering quality products, their products are born out of listening to the real needs of customers, and what works for them. The Mutt Mitts team is dedicated to acting as one team, with the singular goal of producing products that provide solutions for customers. That’s why they have been the best choice for responsible dog parents everywhere since 1989! As the largest supplier of commercial dog wastes bags, it’s safe to say that Mutt Mitts knows what they are doing. Their products are a superior choice, thanks to a design that is puncture resistant, with a patented two-ply construction. Most notably, the huge bottom pouch forms a “mitt,” making cleanups up cinch. The large capacity is great for almost any sized dog, and they only dispense one at a time so there is never any waste.