Animal Planet

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Animal Planet was launched in 1996 by Discovery Communications in cooperation with the British Broadcasting Corporation as a television channel dedicated to all things animal-related. The cable channel, and their recognition, continued to increase as they graduated to other media such as Animal Planet Magazine and eventually launching their own line of pet products in 2009. Animal Planet quickly became one of the fastest-growing pet brands in North America. Today they strive to create the best merchandise to give pets the most comfort and ease while keeping all types of animals in mind with categories carefully developed to ensure quality, safety and success. They have donated more than one and a half million dollars to the R.O.A.R (Reach Out. Act. Respond) charities through the sale of branded products with the goal of making the world a better place for both domestic and wild animals. Looking ahead, Animal Planet will continue to produce quality products for your pets, while trying to save the world one animal at a time.