Back on Track

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Back on Track combines modern technology and traditional Chinese medicine to make products that help people, horses, and dogs achieve a more active and comfortable lifestyle. They know what it takes to keep pets happy and active—from equine pals to furry pups—because healthy, active pets are what pet parents are all about. That’s why they are committed to providing pets and pet parents alike with unique solutions that address the needs of hardworking muscles and joints, including products for joint and muscular comfort, exercise recovery, as well as injury rehabilitation and prevention. Always on the leading edge of manufacturing with the most innovative fabrics with therapeutic properties, their products include healing garments made of Welltex, a unique, ceramic-infused material that naturally delivers soothing warmth to sore, tight muscles. It works by reflecting pets’ own body heat, providing far infrared warmth, a heat wavelength that’s known to soothe sore muscles, release tension, promote blood flow, and help quell inflammation—making it ideal for performance animals, those with joint conditions such as arthritis, or any pet needing a boost of soothing, recovery-boosting warmth. Plus, because they are committed to bringing only the highest quality and durability in their products, every batch is independently inspected and approved for consistency and efficiency.