Better Way

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As the name implies, Better Way flushable cat litter was created to give cat litters a better way to dispose of cat litter. Traditional litter cannot be flushed down the toilet, which means owners have to take a daily trip to the garbage to dispose of waste, or leave it sitting in the garbage can. And since neither solution is particularly desirable, Better Way offered a flushing solution at long last. Designed to form strong clumps in the litter box that are easily scoopable, the clumps then quickly fall apart when flushed, which makes it safe for plumbing. Finally, owners can simply take the waste straight from the litter box to the toilet, which cuts down on mess and odors. Additionally, the litter also contains includes Sanel, which is a natural cat attractant that will entice reluctant kitties to use the litter box, whether it’s a new kitten or older cat that needs retraining. Plus, it’s soft on the paws and tough on odors, making Better Way an all-around great choice.