Buddy Valastro Pets

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Buddy Valastro Pets brings a taste of human-inspired bakery treats straight into the eager mouths of hungry pets everywhere. From the celebrity chef Buddy Valastro, who is commonly known as the “Cake Boss” from his hit TV show, this line of pet treats all started with his own dog, Baci. Buddy noticed that their beloved family dog would watch with intent and hunger every time he made goodies for the family. This inspired Buddy to create dog treats with the look and feel of human favorites, but with ingredients that are safe and healthy for pets—and of course they had to be delicious too. Everything is carefully hand-baked in the USA, and it’s all to give pet owners the chance to reward their furry pals with the chef’s most celebrated goodies. They’re made with all-natural ingredients that are free from corn or soy, and full of yummy flavor that will leave dogs begging for more.