California Home Goods

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California Home Goods has a simple, yet ambitious goal to provide their customers with the best solutions for efficient living. That’s why they dedicated their company to offer customers high-quality products at a great value, and it’s all to make everyday living easier—something that all pet owners need. They are a trusted source for homes and pets alike, and it’s because of their relentless dedication towards great customer support and lifetime quality. And it’s precisely this vision that goes into their selection of products, including their natural bamboo charcoal and multi-purpose mat. Meeting a crucial need for pet owners, the charcoal comes in an air-purifying bag that works as a natural odor remover and air purifier, which is great for dog and cat owners alike. And for pet owners that need to protect their floors against messy spills, the spill-proof mat does just that with an innovative design that can also be used as litter box mat. Whatever the needs, California Home Goods is focused on meeting and surpassing them.