Catty Stacks

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Catty Stacks came from organic roots, born out of a personal need for some loving cat owners back in December of 2008. Their cats, Tito and Stains, had just moved in, and they were all figuring out how to cohabitate—and it soon became very clear that cats need their own space. After searching online, the Catty Stacks founders were quickly greeted with large, heavy and expensive cat houses and climbing structures that didn’t meet their needs. And as fate would have it, it was at that same time that online holiday shopping resulted in large cardboard boxes being delivered to the house. The cats went nuts! They cut a door in one of the larger boxes, and just like that, the cats had their very first house. They filled them with pillows and old cloths for comfort, and then set about to develop a way to connect the boxes to make various configurations. And so, Catty Stacks was born.