Choco Nose

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Choco Nose was inspired by the cuteness of dog’s noses. The “choco” part comes from the fact that most pets have dark or chocolate-colored noses, and the inspiration comes from the idea that touching noses in dog and cat language is a sign of affection—and Choco Nose has nothing but affection for the furry friends! It all started back in 2011, when the Choco Nose founders adopted their rescue Chiweenie named Pancake. Her cheerful energy and friendly personality inspired them to be a happy brand, and this positivity has made a huge impact on their success. And since they only want to use the best products on Pancake, it’s only natural they want the same for their customers and their furry friends as well. That’s why it’s their mission to provide loving pet parents with practical and stylish products, including their amazing no-drip water bottles with the patented leak-proof nozzle.