Door Buddy

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As with many ingenious inventions, the Door Buddy was born out of necessity. It all began when a mother of two kids and a cat was cooking dinner one night, and realized her nine-month-old was no longer playing with toys on the floor behind her. To her horror, she had made her way to the laundry room where they kept the cat’s litter box. Luckily she got to her child before she helped herself to any litter box “treats,” but it was clear to see she needed a way to keep her child from wandering in there again. The family tried a pet gate for a period, but it was annoying to step over with a pile of laundry in tow, and worst of all, the cat wouldn’t jump over the gate to access the litter box. And with that, the idea for Door Buddy was created, and many prototypes later, the actual product had arrived. An innovative door latch that allows the door to open wide enough to give cats access, it keeps unwanted guests out of the litter box and room, including kids and dogs.