Emmy's Best

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Emmy’s Best is a premium pet product brand headquartered in Allen, Texas. They’re guided by the belief that pets are not like family members. Rather, they are family members. This guiding principal has led Emmy’s Best to develop safe and effective products you’d be happy using with your beloved member of the family. Since they believe a product can be both great and affordable, they develop their products with both quality and cost in mind. Emmy’s Best offers a range of products, including Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, Calming Lavender-Scented Pet Odor & Stain Erasers, Anti-Chew Bitter Dog Sprays, and Fresh Peppermint Premium Pet Water Additives. And they’re always looking to expand their offerings with products pet parents want and need. Emmy’s Best was inspired by founder Kevin Rizer’s white Labrador Retriever named—you guessed it—Emmy. When she’s not busy chewing on an Emmy's Best Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treat, Emmy loves chasing tennis balls or frisbees, swimming and napping.